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Mother Knows Best

Title: Mother Knows Best
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, Mary
Summary: Ticklish!Dean, Ticklish!Sam; Dean is too awkward around Mary so she decided to loosen him up a bit with motherly tickles. Dean reminds her that she has another son who never received those.

Original Prompt: You could maybe do something with Mary? Like in season 12, during the bit where she’s actually kinda acting like a mum? Maybe Dean’s stressed, or sad, or just acting like a dick so she remembers how ticklish he was when he was little and tickles him, and then Sam walks in on it and Dean tells Mary that she should find out where all Sam’s tickle spots are to make up for not being able to find out when they were young? And obviously Dean ends up helping Mary tickle Sam because he’s a shit

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