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I had a dream that you were mine…

In quel momento, TUTTO, era perfetto. 

E per la prima volta, dopo tanto tempo, sono riuscita ad immaginare un futuro in cui ero felice.
Che bella può essere la vita.
E so che lo pensavi anche tu.
Volevo che facessi esattamente quello che stavi facendo. 

Poi non so perchè, la mia testa ha iniziato a viaggiare, pensavo a tutti gli altri ragazzi … E sono tutti diventati te. 

Una parte di me diceva, ti prego non andartene e l ‘altra parte non voleva vederti mai più.
E tu te ne sei andato. Come ti avevo chiesto. 

Perchè te ne sei andato? 
E’ stata la scelta peggiore. E poi è andata ancora peggio.
ClayCasco, il tuo nome non appartiene a questa lista, ma dovevi esserci perchè io potessi raccontare la mia storia. Per poter spiegare perchè ho fatto quel che ho fatto.


TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY; Hannah Baker [S1, Ep. 11]

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anonymous asked:

Do you take request for writing? If you do I would like to ask a wincest based in the "red meat" where Dean finds out what that fucker did to Sam before Sam call him.

“I’m sorry. You saved our lives and” Michelle stopped, her heart leaping in her chest, and her stomach sinking with guilt.

She loved Corbin, with all of her heart, but what he did to Sam was unforgivable. Sam was dead, and here Dean was, suffering.

Her eyes filled with tears as she starred at Dean, her lips quivering as she tried to push out the truth, to tell him what really happened.

“It wasn’t natural” She managed, her eyes locking on to Dean’s.

He stared at her, his heart pounding in his chest, his head feeling as if it weighed as mush as a feather. Had he heard her right?

“What?” He asked, his hands gripping the hospital bed as he waited for an answer.

Michelle took a deep breath, her body shaking, the feeling of guilt slowly began to weigh less.

“Corbin told me he did what he had to do, to keep us safe cause he knew you’d never leave your brother,” Dean’s eyes widened,”as long as he was alive”

Dean sat on the hospital bed in complete shock, his emerald eyes tinged with pink, half filled with tears. His hands gripped the bed even tighter, his knuckles turning white.

Sam was dead, not because he failed to keep him alive from the gunshot. It was because of Corbin, who decided that their lives were more valuable then Sam’s.

“Where is he?” Dean asked, his voice calm, and filled with rage.

He would make sure Corbin payed for what he did to Sam, for killing his baby brother. When he was finished with him, Corbin will have wished he died cause of the werewolves.


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