weirdbat  asked:

Spongebob, because we should not forget the children's shows :3

  • Favorite character:
Gary. That mofo knows whats up. I also have a soft spot for that guy that always announces “MAH LEG!” when a disaster occurs 
  • Character I would sleep with 
I think David Hasselhof was in the spongebob movie…… having said that, I would sleep with the squid
  • Character I would be good friends with 
Patrick. My starfish homie. We’d just sleep and eat all day. Maybe scrapbook about our many adventures with food :’) it would be great
  • Least favorite character 
From my current perspective, Mrs. Puff
Because I am horrified to do my driver’s test and am probably gonna end up like mr. square pants - on my 100th try - and causing my teacher to blow up
although my driving teacher hopefully wont be a fish
  • Favorite episode -
The one where they play in that stadium, everyone turns proper rockstar
me and my mom bonded over that eppy
  • Favorite season 
Pretty much the early ones are golden
  • Favorite relationship 
Sponge and Starfish bffs fo lyfe
they parented an illegitimate clam together - soulmates~

  • Least favorite relationship 
big nose bro needs a spoonful of joy
also, clarinet lessons