ify radio tour

Yepp, so here’s the ranty post about The Wanted/the radio tour.

I swear the lads aren’t all THAT fussed about us. No one seems to be. They barely seemed to say anything about being here or anything. They were the same last year. They didn’t stop for the Newcastle fans last year and they made TONNES of posts saying sorry to them and everything. They never stopped for us at Clyde 1, and we didn’t get a thing. This year, they didn’t seem that fussed about being in Scotland, well there were barely any tweets about it but when they eventually got to Newcastle.. ‘great to be back! Newcastle fans are craaaaaaazy!’ …. 'Out in force and loud as fuck!’ Erm, we were told not to scream or we wouldn’t be able to see them. There’s barely anything ever said about us. I swear no one ever likes us. Same with K2K, they’re barely ever back (they’ve been twice, despite promising more.) Honestly, is there something wrong with Scottish people/fans or something..?