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20 facts of meh (@kpxpdrawings)
1. I cant really sing actually.. My voice changes a lot if i sing diff songs
2. I am 20 in September 😭😭😭
3. An #ExoL .. SmTown artists ae baes
4. Malaysian
5. People said I looked chinese a bit but trust me .. Chinese blood in me probably only 0.09%
6. Kpoppers
7. I am doing fanfics of Exo Kai
8. Kai is not my bias in exo .. It’s D.O and Chanyeol
9. My bffs are @natsukiezume, hafiz , ifwat amd few more (trust me .. I have male frens more than female frens)
10. I wanna watch #PitchPerfect2
11. I love movies
12. I love eating … I am fat anyway ..
13. I love camping
14. I hate studying .. I hate studying … But still I’m in college … (Kill me please)
15. I will be on my last semester in college this june .. Will be a graduate !!!!
16. I can only cook fried rice and pancakes
17. I love to sleep.. I can sleep anywhere i want
18. I’m a single child (yehet to boring life …)
19. I looked a bit cold and arrogant from the outside but yet… I am friendly once you have known me well ^^
20. Read all above ..
Lol … #kpopchallenge #kpop
Gonna delete later …

Kelas hari Khamis. Afnan, Danisy, Huzayl, Afif, Rafique, Azfar, Zharfan, Ifwat, Ammar. Iman tak datang. Semua anak murid kelas hari ni lelaki. Brutal semua ni. Ustazah pun terpaksa double brutal. Tapi ada ja yang baik haluih muluih. Hat dengaq cakap, sejuk hati memandang. InshaaAllah, semoga semua jadi anak soleh. Aameen. #AnakMuridUstazahAwin