You know, I got clipped by a car one day. I got clipped by a car! There is a sequence where I’m chasing someone through the streets and I run out of an alley into an incoming traffic. I run through, and one car stops and I’m supposed to keep running. The next car’s supposed to stop. And this next car just didn’t get the memo, and just kept going… Clipped my knees. We got it on film. I hope it ends up on DVD.


I will never do anything that appalls anyone. I will never do anything that anyone’s surprised by. If they like me, they already bought into me as a person. My music is intended for young adults. I write songs about real shit: about being sad, wanting to have sex, being confused, someone hurting you, wanting to feel wanted, and wanting to feel used. If I am who I am, I’m provocative, candid, and androgynous; there’s nothing I can do that will make any fan think, “I didn’t expect that from her”. I can’t get in trouble. No one can dig anything up on me, because I put it all out there.