iFunny | Art / Photography theft in the Jacksepticeye community

This is a semi completed list of URLs along with the codes for their art that is NOT supposed to be shared on this shit of a website. @makoriie & I spent a good 4 hours or so compiling all of this and we still didn’t get everything listed (We’re both gonna check back tomorrow and try and dig deeper in to the archives)

Below is a list of everyone by username followed by the specific URL code that is needed to view the picture (ifunny.co/fun/[followed by the code here] to view the picture)

We both also found one of each of ours; so I personally want to say fuck you to whomever reposted my commission; that was NOT yours to post.

I highly suggest that anyone within the community to GO to this site and report these links for copyright, because this isn’t tolerated. If you make GIFs, if you make ANY type of art, or make any videos; PLEASE go to this site and check to see if your stuff is here.

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