i just rewatched the first season of in the flesh and i can’t help thinking of that in psych and i will never write these in full but

shawn died age 25 doing something heroic and cop like even though he’s just a civilian and madeline blames henry and henry blames himself and gus spends a lot of time sobbing in the bathroom at work. then the rising happens and shawn goes home and stumbles across gus while he’s still rabid and gus thinks that shawn’s going to kill him but shawn ends up just touching his face and after a moment he quotes shaun of the dead because he’s an ASSHOLE and he like lol i hit up a farm and ate a couple sheep brains on the way here im good. and shawn convinces gus to help him develop a neurotoxin to take the place of brains and to help him round everyone up and gus really doesn’t want to because having his own personal army of the undead is terrifying but shawn is his best friend and kind of alive again and he can’t help but say yes. so shawn and gus run around avoiding the cops and capturing all the undead as quick as they can so they dont hurt anyone. and the police track them down, henry included, because after his son died he had to throw himself back into police work or die himself, and when they bust down the doors to this warehouse it’s to gus and shanw leading a couple hundred undead in a literal kumbaya chant and this is how henry realizes his son is sort of alive again and shawn just goes “hi dad! pls don’t shoot my friends” and no one is prepared for these self aware perfectly polite zombies staring at them and they excel in zombie rehab and henry is so grateful to have his son back that he honestly doesn’t care about much else. shawn still consults on cases, and eventually they even get a zombie officer from miami, a very nice woman called juliet who died in a shooting accident. and shawn and juliet are fast friends and lassiter pretends he’s not incredibly jealous because his weird obsession with shawn kind of stutters and haults when he thinks of the physical side of it because no matter how many people he meets who are very happy in their zombie relationships his brain kind of shuts down whenever he thinks of touching cold flesh and no heartbeat, and he shouldn’t deny juliet and shawn the happiness they’d find in each other. but then one day shawn starts getting sick and acting weird and they don’t know if he’s going rabid or dying but tbh they amount to the same thing. then it turns out shawn isn’t dying he’s LIVING and the first time lassie grabs shawn and his skin is warm to the touch he hauls him in and kisses him, and shawn’s the first but not the last to become alive again


i just really love the image of gus coming back as a zombie and his job legally having to let it go and his family grateful to have him back but still uncomfortable and wary but then gus has SHAWN who instead of trying to pretend he’s alive just does nothing but make zombie jokes and gets him a mug decorated with brains as a joke and gus is religious about his cover up and contacts to make him look normal and one day there’s a case or something and shawn bursts into his room to drag him away and gus panics because he looks undead and tries to cover himself with his blanket and shawn has a serious moment and very gently tugs it away and tells gus that he doesn’t need to wear that crap, dead or alive he’s still his best friend and gus can’t cry anymore but if he could he would and then shawn’s serous moment is over and he goes back to wining and tugging at gus to get up already