It’s yummy.

But I got some to drink during movie party night and even though I drank it like three hours ago, I am still humming along talking a mile a minute and shouting at everything. My dad is like “who gave you caffeine?” I DID. I keep forgetting how much I can react to it.

Class was fun. I wish Alisa was in all my classes. Everyone else brought their kids, and they were probably quieter than me and Alisa. But everyone else was talking, too. It was fun. At one point, some guy in the documentary started singing a song about cattle and it sounded like he said “and I bathe in their poo” and then, like, twelve minutes later, Alisa passed me a note saying that and I cracked up.

I had to take notes and answer certain questions, so I did, but under “extra commentary” I was really sarcastic and like dedicated a portion to talk about one gentleman’s tie. 

We bought chocolate pudding and at ate that. And then some guy brought candy and Pringles. And then we got off early so we went back to my house and ate dinner and then sat there for like, an hour, talking about horrible fan fiction and now RACHEL IF YOU DON’T STOP I WILL DISOWN YOU. STEVE ISN’T A TERRIBLE SHOT. CLINT ISN’T RUSSIAN. I’LL WOUND YOU.