anonymous asked:

hello! this might be a bit of a bother to ask i'm really sorry but do u know of the other member blogs that are like yours?

It’s no bother at all. 
I’m sorry, I might have forgotten some of them so heads up are welcomed! 

Sunggyu ☛ ifntgyu, ifnt0428
Dongwoo ☛ inspiritddwwonlydongwoo, springdongwoosatyr-ic (inactive)
Woohyun ☛ woohyunbiased, ifntwh (inactive)
Hoya ☛ ifnthoya, fuckyeahhoya (inactive), havado (inactive)
Sungyeol ☛ fyeahlsy, ifnt0827 (inactive), ifntsungyeol (inactive)
Sungjong ☛ ifntjjong 
OT7 ☛ fyeah-infinite, ifntfashion, fyinfinite (inactive), aeternum (inactive)