[TRANS] 140301 One Great Step Returns - Sungyeol Ending Speech

“Ah, I feel sort of bitter. As of today, it’s really the last of our world tour. While we were out overseas, I had a lot of things to do with the other members and really missed everyone. But since I was able to see you all from this spot like this for two days long, I was so happy. Truth be told, when we were having the world tour, I was a little afraid that you all would leave [my side] and so I worried a lot. I think that it was stupid of me to have worried pointlessly like that. If you all believe in me like you do now and follow me, I, we, will keep on coming back. Thank you. And thank you again. I really do love you.”

fancam by Ever Since | translated by Shawn @ ifntsoo
© ifntsungyeol | please take out with full credit.

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