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I totally saw randomly last night some post about someone who worked at modest and said it was a forced leave from management. And that he was no longer working at modest because of some shady stuff going on. They were tweet caps. I saw it and tried to reblog it but it wouldn't let me? Ifk if it was deleted or something. Was that just something fake going around?

its fake, a troll account. 

If You Knew || Liley

Ever since their parents found out they were dating Logan and Riley had a hard time finding time to be alone together, whether it be just to cuddle and watch movies or to actually be with each other physically, it was hard and definitely missed. Smiling as he walked up to the door at his boyfriends house, Logan knocked on it happily excited to see the other male like he always was. Grinning even wider when it opened Logan’s eyes lit up at the sight of Riley, beautiful as ever. “Hey.”

Ashton’s hand looks normal-sized on Luke’s shoulder and Luke likes being quiet around new people and Ashton like being loud and friendly and Ashton probably gets Luke to try new things all the time and Luke always keeps Ashton in a good mood and helps him not blow things out of proportion when he’s annoyed or grumpy and they probably fit really well in a cuddle together with Ashton’s big arms wrapped around Luke and Luke clinging to Ashton even though he could probably be the big spoon

If bitches start talking shit about Demi, because of Niall, i will flip motherfucking shit. Demi has been through so much, and deserves a good guy. SO say something, i will motherfucking cut you.