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Hello! Once you get this share 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favourite followers :3 Have a nice day :D

Hey thanks
Umm idk
1) I love the outdoors
2) I'ma sucker for history especial quirky facts
3) I find answering these things extremely difficult but i like them it’s fun I guess and Ifinding out I’m apparently one of someone’s favourite followers is always cool :D
4) Snakes freak me right out like they can all burn in a fiery pit hell for all I care
5) I know for a fact dogs are the best

Thank you :D

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Thank you so much!!!! Just one more question - where can Ifind Matt's snapchat? I'm trying to find it but i just can't find it :'( can you send a link? again thank you <3

You’re welcome, glad I could help! You can just add Matt on Snapchat, his username is mottbonnott


If you wnt 2 C more vines Ifind enjoyable, feel free to follow me there. End of service announcement.

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Hey! So I find that when I'm on my period ifind it harder to workout Because I start to feel dizzy sometimes and I can't do things for as long as I usually can .. Do you know why this is? I was wondering if it had something to do with im a vegetarian and maybe amnt getting enough iron?

Hey! Make sure you’re fueled up with lots of water always! I feel like pure shit during my workouts whenever I’m on my period as well, so that parts normal. For the dizziness just make sure you always have water in you and make sure your eating a proper diet, as I don’t know how your iron level is. If anyone else has some advice, reply! :) x