ifightforwonderland || Event Crashing

Jefferson had shirked off his responsibilities once again. Instead of going to his scheduled lesson with the Duchess on social niceties and manners he had run off to find something to do. Well, anything was better than spending the day with the Duchess when the whole night would be spent at one of the White Queen’s balls, Boring!

He found a large mushroom to lay on. Ablsolem’s mushroom. Seeing as he was cocooning, he didn’t need it anyway. The teen Hatter tipped his hat over his eyes and laid in a nice patch of sun, taking a drag from Absolem’s hookah whenever it suited him. He figured he had forty minutes of smoking and approximately thirty ‘till Adam came back from going out with the hunting party. Everything was working out quite nicely. 

Broken Heart II Open

Chess looked at the ceiling. Her entire body felt numb and cold. She had to deal with it one way or another. “Dammit.” she murmured, rolling onto her side and curling into a ball, her face in her pillow. “I was such an idiot.” she mumbled to herself, standing up and getting dressed into some warm clothes. 

She walked out the door and into the forest, her hands in her jacket pocket and her hood over her head. She walked to her favorite tree and reached up to pull herself up, sitting on the branch. She heard footsteps under neath her and looked. “What?” she asked softly. 

+ ifightforwonderland

Snow was bored and decided to go outside for awhile. She walked out of the castle straight to the courtyard, watching the birds and enjoying the cool breeze, listening as it brushed through the flowers and leaves. As she walked she came to a trail that lead further outside of the castle and decided to venture out. As she walked the trail getting closer to the woods she heard noises and looked back, seeing nothing she shrugged and continued on her way. She entered the forest walking not too far from the trail she sat down near the river, humming and listening to the water flow. After a few minutes the noise she heard surfaced again, Snow looked around cautiously, “Is someone there?” she shouted, “Hello?" 

We Need to Talk || @ifightforwonderland

It had been just over a week since the wedding, and ever since then, things at home had just been going downhill. She’d hardly seen Jack since that day, and it was starting to take a toll on there marriage. This wasn’t what being newly married was suppose to feel like, that she was certain of. So when she got home early from the diner, she decided to make him dinner, along with a.. mostly apologetic chocolate cake.

She missed how things use to be, wanted them to go back to the way they were more then anything. Ruby loved Jack, despite everything that had happened between the two of them, and nothing was going to change that. When she heard the door open, she took a deep breath and bit her lip for a moment “Hey Jack..”

This can't be happening. IIOPEN

After Chess left her mother, she went straight into the forest. She climbed into her tree and stayed there, feeling numb and empty. She had found her mother. She had found her mother, and now felt used. She closed her eyes as the tears trailed down her cheeks, hot and angry. She clutched the limb in her hands and let out a sob before shaking her head. She also then realized she was technically a princess which made her feel even more empty. 

She pulled out her phone and texted the one person who could help her. 

[TEXT] I’m in the woods, please come here. 

Mishaps of Wonderland || Ifightforwonderland

Jefferson awoke, rubbing his eyes and stretching quite like a cat before he got up and padded across the room. Jack was already gone and his bed cold, The pain of his friend becoming a Knight he was alway early to rise and these days it seemed he curled up next to Jefferson less and less.

Grumbling to himself, the Teen put his spectacles on and wandered downstairs to steal some food from the kitchens as aposed to waiting for Duchess to actually serve what would be the midday meal by now.