ifightforwonderland || Event Crashing

Jefferson had shirked off his responsibilities once again. Instead of going to his scheduled lesson with the Duchess on social niceties and manners he had run off to find something to do. Well, anything was better than spending the day with the Duchess when the whole night would be spent at one of the White Queen’s balls, Boring!

He found a large mushroom to lay on. Ablsolem’s mushroom. Seeing as he was cocooning, he didn’t need it anyway. The teen Hatter tipped his hat over his eyes and laid in a nice patch of sun, taking a drag from Absolem’s hookah whenever it suited him. He figured he had forty minutes of smoking and approximately thirty ‘till Adam came back from going out with the hunting party. Everything was working out quite nicely. 

We Need to Talk || @ifightforwonderland

It had been just over a week since the wedding, and ever since then, things at home had just been going downhill. She’d hardly seen Jack since that day, and it was starting to take a toll on there marriage. This wasn’t what being newly married was suppose to feel like, that she was certain of. So when she got home early from the diner, she decided to make him dinner, along with a.. mostly apologetic chocolate cake.

She missed how things use to be, wanted them to go back to the way they were more then anything. Ruby loved Jack, despite everything that had happened between the two of them, and nothing was going to change that. When she heard the door open, she took a deep breath and bit her lip for a moment “Hey Jack..”

Mishaps of Wonderland || Ifightforwonderland

Jefferson awoke, rubbing his eyes and stretching quite like a cat before he got up and padded across the room. Jack was already gone and his bed cold, The pain of his friend becoming a Knight he was alway early to rise and these days it seemed he curled up next to Jefferson less and less.

Grumbling to himself, the Teen put his spectacles on and wandered downstairs to steal some food from the kitchens as aposed to waiting for Duchess to actually serve what would be the midday meal by now.

Relization || Open (to those involved)

Ruby was laying in her shelter that she had built in the forest, unable to actually all asleep after everything went down. She wasn’t use to sleeping alone, or on a cold ground for that matter. The more thoughts that ran through her head about everything, the harder it was to not to cry. She didn’t even care anymore, there was nothing for her to care about. She layed there sobbing for a while, before finally drifting off to sleep. Her dream wasn’t like the others she’d had. Normally they were about Jack, and always ended in him leaving, causing her to wake up crying even more. But this time, it was about that night. Flashbacks of everything that actually happened with Jefferson flooding back. Her eyes shot open, and sat up quickly “SON OF A BITCH!!” She screamed, loud enough that she was almost sure people in Boston could hear her.

ifightforwonderland has me surrounded

Jacqin had been wandering the streets aimlessly when he stumbled upon the White Knight… or rather someone that looked like the White Knight. Had he changed his sigils perhaps? Bah, It didn’t matter.. The lowly card trembled hoping that he wouldn’t be noticed. ‘Stay in the shadows… Maybe he won’t see you and beat you to a pulp for being a treacherous moron.' 

Not again.. || Open

Rubys eyes shot open, almost screaming as she felt a gut wrenching pain radiating from her right shoulder. She vaguely knew it had been the last night of wolfs time in Storybrooke, but parts of the night were hazy. There were a few things she couldn’t remember, and she started to get worried. Until the pain started again, causing her to let out another groan. She looked down and saw the arrow. The same arrow Granny had used to bring her down so many years ago. But she had gained control again… Granny wouldn’t have shot her, this had to have been someone else.

“Help me! Please!” She called out from the middle of the woods, hoping to god someone might be able to hear her.

What's Happened? || ifightforwonderland

Jefferson stood on the ridge, the property line between kingdoms Red and Black. The Knave of hearts standing beside him, holding his hand and they waited. They could see the prince from a mile away. The Knave reached into his pocket and gave the Hatter’s heart a quick squeeze. “You know what to do. Go on now.”

With the command, Jefferson drew his sword, thankful to his Mother for restoring his left arm. He cut a button off of Jack’s shirt as he approached, careful not to touch skin. “You’re on our land,” He hissed, staring his old friend down with unloving, cold eyes.

It's about time || @ifightforwonderland

Ruby was finally home from the hospital, with her arm pretty much healed. It still caused her some pain but she learned to get over it. Granny didn’t want her to work just yet, so she had been staying home most of the time with nothing to do, except play with Rook. She was laying on the couch one day, just waiting for Jack to come home from work, when she got the brilliant idea. She smiled mostly to herself, but made it seem like she was smiling at Rook. She ran around the house fixing things, dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and finally slipping into one of her ‘little’ outfits, that she kept hidden.