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Camp camp su au where Gwen, David and Jasper are gems and Max is a human/gem hybrid

the only one i like is jasper ajdlbajlf

max is korenrupine, david is spessartite, jasper is morrisonite jasper, and gwen is violet scapolite

Masrur from Sinbad no Bouken ch 143 colored (ft. Sharrkan)

((Original art by Yoshifumi Ohtera and scan from @/sinbad-ai))

I told myself I wouldn’t do anymore but there were ones done for the others and I hadn’t seen one for Masrur yet so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




7.5.16+3:30pm // journal unfiltered + comments behind each spread! // wanted to show you guys what my bujo spreads look like with no filters/editing involved. i feel like this would give you a better perspective of the colors and washi tapes i’m using. just click for a bigger view and for commentary. :D