ifeverymomentwaslikethis replied to your postI did not realise How much easier those ballerina…

Lolol! We call them pirouettes,(My TC’s bad terminology), if you cross your legs back and forth or spring spilts if you just jump and open your legs and switch… I have them in my reel and slip jig haha

omg you call them pirouettes? That doesn’t even make sense! :P Well I mean it does because it’s a ballet word but, um, a pirouette is a turn… 

Yeah mine just look icky and I have to get them better 

making-itup-aswego asked:

Try REALLY turning your feet out in the air. I have the same problem with clicks. I tend to have them turned out until when I'm supposed to make the noise, then I straighten them. Also start with little little little low clicks to work on making the noice =)

Thanks! I will try harder with those things.

(I also need to stop being scared of my feet and bring them close enough together to hit :P)