What a day.

Ifest. was. so. tiring. but it was so much fun! :D

met lots of kids and y'know. PEP-TALK THEM. LOL. 

but today this morning while i was directing and organizing each performance and telling them when to go and where. I MET PAPAJUMBA FOR THE SECOND TIME OF MY LIFE. nbd. actually YES BIG DEAL.

LOL. last year i met him briefly at some violin event LOL.

THIS year, i actually got to talk to him and we had like. THE BEST CONVERSATION EVER. LOL. AND HE ACTUALLY REMEMBERS ME FROM LAST YEAR OMG.

actually it was more like. “How’s Clements” “TIRING.” but aside from talking about Clements, it was amazing talking with him. LOL. i could feel the jealously of other people burning on my face. LOLOL. so. that wasn’t fun. xD
but. anyways. Ifest was amazing. SO GOING NEXT YEAR. YEAAHH BUDDY. 

@ifest_911 passed thru tonight. Aqua lives on.
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Was stressful and amazing and frustrating and wonderful and insane and brilliant all at once. BUT IFEST WAS A HUGE SUCCESS AND WE RAISED A TON OF MONEY HUZZAH!! My love to Boris, my beautiful, lovely cohost, who kept me calm and sane all night. A brief shout out to everyone who came out and watched Boris and I embarrass ourselves by attempting to Dougie (which I recently learned is pronounced Doug-ie and not Doog-ie whoops thank god I wasn’t holding a mic when I said that). THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the Japanese Relief Fund, but really. Who wouldn’t pay three dollars to watch that adorable Shaolin girl perform again?

Thank you again to everyone who came out and supported us! Not gonna lie, it was kinda SUPERAMAZINGLYCOOL to be cheered on because I was all “I HAVE FRIENDS WHOO HOO!!!”