So this is 27. I always say my birthday isn’t a big deal but it was really cool to have everyone here singing to me. And all the things my love @_flantastico_ did for me today and does every day, it made it all so special ❤️🎂❤️ #happybirthdaytome #ifeelsoold (at Bellflower, California)

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Feeling 22 and super old

It happened. I got called out for trying to act younger than my age and for being that embasrassing older sister who tries to be “cool”.

My siblings who are both in high school gave me the death glare when I used the word “swag” in front of their friends who came to my house for prom. Lol, since when was swag a term only teenagers use?!

When I asked my sister why it was not okay for me to use “swag”
her response: “you’re so basic” followed by an eyeroll.

Please enlighten me with an explanation of what has happened to our youth.

God i feel so old.