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My Snowbarry heart

The one thing I realised about The Flash is that, I love every possible dynamic they introduce or hint at! Like I love this show so much because there’s not a thing about it that I hate. I know there’s a blood fued between Snowbarry and Westallen but I cried during that proposal because it was so beautiful and Iris’s tears this episode totally broke my heart. All the characters & relationships in the past and present that this show delved in were such a treat to enjoy that it’s impossible to pick a favourite. But there’s something about Snowbarry that I try so hard to resist it but everytime they have a ship bait scene, I have butterflies in my stomach.

It’s hinted time and time again that it might never happen and I normally try to stay away from ships where the best thing you can get is ship baiting scenes. And until yesterday I thought I had it under control, it was just a casual ship & maybe I’m over it but they went ahead and did this:

I don’t know whenever these two have a meaningful scene, it’s so charged! There’s this beautiful melancholy that drapes these two characters, maybe it’s the chemistry between the actors, but it’s impossible for me to not fantasise about “What Ifs”. I watched this scene and I instantly needed a fanfiction!

This ship will be my reckoning but the heart wants what the heart wants I guess! Ugh, I am never going to get over this ship no matter how hard I try! Any fanfic suggestions related to the scene?

160705 iFeng Entertainment - Exclusive interview with Zhang Yixing

Highly anticipated by fans and audiences, The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates) has at last started broadcasting. The drama, adapted from author Xu Lei (NanPaiSanShu)’s novel by the same name, is the prequel to the Lost Tomb/Grave Robbers’ Chronicles and assembled Zhang Yixing, William Chan, Zhao Liying and other young actors. In the drama, Zhang Yixing plays Er Yuehong, a top tier handsome man from 1930s Changsha. He was born into a family with Chinese opera traditions and performed famous roles in Huaguxi (lit. Flower Drum Play is a form of Chinese opera originating in the Hunan province). He sang opera by day, robbed graves by night.

After the drama’s press conference, iFeng Entertainment conducted a brief and relaxed interview with Zhang Yixing. When asked about this role’s challenges, Zhang Yixing admitted the role for him was a “subversion.”

On the day of the conference, when describing how he interpreted Er Yuehong and (his wife) Yatou’s emotional scenes, he reported that “all emotional scenes were thanks to his imagination”. When this topic was brought up again during the interview, Zhang Yixing’s little secretary (Zhang Yixing studio staff, whom Zhang Yixing affectionately calls ‘little secretary’) became a great ‘help’ and shouted, "The Go Fighting ge-ges aren’t worried about his emotional scenes. They are worried the most about his emotional world!” and even revealed…

Q & A with iFeng:

If I were born in Er Yuehong’s time, “I will definitely become a DJ”

iFeng Entertainment (IFE): Were you interested in the Lost Tomb novels before? Have you read them?

Zhang Yixing (ZYX): I was interested. When I was in Korea the Lost Tombs was a hot topic. I wanted to read them but couldn’t find them.

IFE:  Er Yuehong, The Mystic Nine’s character than you play in the drama, does he sing Peking Opera or Huaguxi?

ZYX: Actually he sings Peking opera. He’s from Hunan Changsha so he grew up singing Huaguxi.

IFE: As a Hunan Changsha person, your accent happens to fits the role?

ZYX: This time it’s dubbed. Whether or not to use voice actor or dub myself was a big dilemma for me. I hope everyone focus on the interpretation of this role and that it will give everyone a different feel.

IFE: When Xu Lei was being interviewed, he used the phrase “gently warm” to describe your role. Do you think you fit that phrase?

ZYX: He hasn’t said that to me personally and I haven’t seen the drama, just some cuts. So I wouldn’t know what kind of effect actually comes out in the end and what kind of feeling I convey to the audience. NanPaiSanShu’s evaluation, for me, is a high evaluation.

IFE: If you have to describe your role, what kind of phrase will you use to describe it?

ZYX: I can’t think of highly literary vocabularies like Xu Lei. I’d say 3 things. The first one is perfect. The second is love his wife. The third is tragedy.

IFE: Do you think this “perfect” quality is similar to yourself?

ZYX: I don’t think there’s a perfect person in the world. You see how great we are on stage but off stage there are maybe aspects that are unknown to you. If everyone saw us when we’re off offstage, maybe you won’t like this type. Everyone sees different sides but all together it becomes three-dimensional. Adding on your own imagination and you have the synthesis of this man, Zhang Yixing.  If a perfect man were to be born into this world, I feel there would be an unbalance and that it can’t form an ecosystem. Any ecosystem certainly has balance and equilibrium, so there can’t be an absolutely perfect person.

IFE: In the drama Er Yuehong is a famous opera singer. You also know how to sing, dance and compose. If you were born in that era, would you choose his profession?

ZYX: No, I would definitely be a DJ. (IFE Entertainment: That era doesn’t have records?) There were vinyl records in the early Republic era.

IFE: Then how would you DJ? (The reporter and Zhang Yixing’s little secretary both have our surprised face on)

ZYX: Technology benefits humankind. Does everyone remember that game on stage? (Note: he is referring the virtual reality game played during the press conference) It shows that even during that time, if someone has the resolve and say I can definitely make this kind of machine, who knows I believe he can do it! For example programming, if you study it, I think you can do it. Nothing is impossible as long as you try it.

“Being an actor is a subversion for me.”

IFE: The first time you saw yourself as a dan opera singer, were you scared?

Note: dan (旦) refers to any female roles in Peking opera. In early history of Peking opera, these roles were played by men.  

ZYX: Actually a little bit. I looked like a demon.

IFE: Why can’t you accept this type of styling? We all think it’s very beautiful…

ZYX: I don’t really know what criteria you you to decide this as beautiful? You duang (onomatopoeia word for sudden loud noise) change my face into all white, when originally my asian skin is pretty good but you get me a white face and draw my eyes this big. My god, it’s really scary. After I take off the makeup, I see that I actually look this way and I’m happier.

IFE: The biggest challenge for this role, is it the singing scenes, or the emotional scenes, or the grave robbing scenes?

ZYX: The challenge isn’t just one or two specific points.  For me, everything is a challenge. For me, being an actor has been subversive.”

IFE: Why is it a ‘subversion’?

ZYX: Because you have to get out of your comfort zone, get out of Zhang Yixing’s everyday habits and get into another person’s habits. In the TV drama, when you show these living habits, do you exaggerate them or minimize them? Or should you do it according to your own way? These are the things an actor has to think about. When I’m doing other types of work I don’t need to contemplate this much. In Go Fighting, just being myself is fine.

IFE: Is the role of Er Yuehong far from your own personality?

ZYX: No, his emotions are similar to mine, very faithful and that is I hope there is only one person (referring to Yatou). But otherwise we are not the same. (IFE: such as?) Living habits. Whenever I talk everyone laughs hahaha.

“Show Luo is the best good looking when it comes to cross dressing, except his legs are a bit stocky.”

IFE: Does your sense of humour have any connections with Go Fighting?

ZYX: As long as I can open my mouth and talk, I usually bring out a sense of humor. From debuting to now, when I watch previous interviews, I talked when I could talk, but maybe at that time the focus wasn’t on me.

IFE: Then you didn’t get opportunities to showcase yourself?

ZYX: It’s not like that. There were indeed opportunities to showcase, but everyone’s focus point wasn’t there. Now everyone can slowly, from different focal points, from different views, see a lot of things and discover a different three dimensional being. Putting, piecing together each person’s concepts and ideas of  Zhang Yixing, and maybe turn into a three-dimensional Zhang Yixing. Maybe then that person (me) is more attractive to everyone.

IFE: You call Huang Lei “shifu (master)” and Sun Honglei is part of “Hongxing ship”, what’s your evaluation of the two?

ZYX: They are really like my life mentors. Shifu’s IQ is what I mainly marvel about. Honglei-ge is a very strict, serious, earnest big brother when it comes to scripts. My impression of Sun Honglei is an adorably mischievous and handsome man. I think this is a very good analysis.

IFE: There is a particularly common and overused question. If they both fell into the river and you can only save one…

ZYX: That’s very simple. I’ll call someone to save both of them together. (IFE: if there’s no time to call for someone.) No need, there’ll be someone there.

IFE: Is it Huang Bo?

ZYX: Yes, maybe it’s because when you asked me this question, Huang Bo ge was answered the same question over there. We looked right at each other and gave each other a knowing smile and nod. I (would save) Honglei ge. Huang bo ge (would save) shifu.

IFE: When Huang Bo was interviewed earlier, he said you are the prettiest when it came to cross dressing.

ZYX: The prettiest is Xiaozhu ge. He really is, other than that his legs are a bit stocky, a lot stocky.

“Gege always try to introduce me to a potential partner, ‘Yixing, this girl isn’t bad. She suits you’”

IFE: Speaking of emotional scenes in the Mystic Nine, do you and Yatou have any intimate scenes?

ZYX: No.

IFE: Not even a hug?

ZYX: Of course there are still hug type of things.

IFE: The Go Fighting episode with Lin Chiling, you were very awkward even with the fake kiss scene…

ZYX: Goddess ah! People my age, born after the 90s, it’s that simple. Lin Chiling is a person who is especially goddess level!

IFE: Women don’t really understand this mental state from you men.

ZYX: If all of a sudden they want you to film an intimate scene with Tony Leung (famous Hong Kong movie star) and want you to suddenly kiss him, can you do it?

Little secretary chimes in and says she can do it!

ZYX: (helplessly) ok, anyway that’s roughly what I’m trying to say. Whether you can do it or not do it in that situation, just think about those cameras set up there, how would you do it? You can’t do it, really can’t do it. Everyone in that situation really can’t do it even if there are no cameras. Take away the cameras and you still can’t do. It’s my first time meeting her. I can’t accept that when you meet someone for the first time, without even talking to them, you all of a sudden kiss them. I just can’t do it. Whoever can do it should do it. I really can’t.

IFE: Is Sun Honglei most worried about your emotional scenes? Has he given you some guidance?

Little secretary ‘chimes in’ again: He (Sun Honglei) is not worried about his (Yixing) emotional scenes but worried about his emotional being!

ZYX: every time ge ge try to introduce me to potential partners. They say this one is good, this one is good!

IFE: They really introduced you to someone?

ZYX: It’s just talk, play talk.

IFE: Are they female celebrities in the entertainment circle?

ZYX: For instance, they read some news and say this one’s not bad.

Little secretary: They read this one’s studious, this and that. They’re really joking around.

IFE: Would you listen at the time? Would you really take a look?

ZY: Who wouldn’t take a look! Ge-ges say, ‘Look Yixing how is this one?’ If I don’t look? How would that be possible?’

IFE: Did you ever get serious?

ZYX: The person they wanted to introduce me to also isn’t serious! Ai-yo-wei. You need to see what tone of voice the ge-ges are using? What kind of form and manners they want to introduce you? We are just in the car and they say 'oh, Yixing, this girl is not bad. She’d suits you’. So I say 'ah thank you.’

IFE: From season 1 to season 2 of Go Fighting, you went from little sheep to the level of little fox. What experiences can you talk about?

ZYX: I reflected the tremendous transition the generation born after the 90s go through before and after entering society. While previously, these changes may have been undertaken by people born after the 80s and 70s. Maybe the post 90s kid can accept changes faster and learn faster than th post 80s or post 70s. I believe that everyone born after the 90s, if given a chance to learn on this type of program, they will all make themselves grow and go through some dramatic changes. And these changes, be it for their workplace, be it for themselves are all going to help and elevate them.

IFE: Of the impacts these old foxes gave you, what is your biggest changing point?

ZYX: Learning. It’s learning. You need to try learn everything. If you don’t understand it then you don’t understand it. If you know it you know it. If you don’t know it you don’t know it.