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Today we’re replaying our interview with comic Marc Maron. In the interview they discuss comedy, fear, anxiety, dread, and his mother: 

“My mother is kind of compulsively vigilant about her weight. That is a nice way to say a functioning anorexic. She’s very proud of her weight. She weighs 116 pounds, and I once wrote a piece for a cooking magazine that said she weighed 119 pounds, and it was as if I had misrepresented her entire life. … Maybe within the last five years she kind of came up to me and goes, ‘Look, Marc, I got to be honest with you: I don’t know if I could love you if you were fat.’ You know, and this was recently. …

"And then the other time, maybe three years ago, she sits me down — we were making Thanksgiving dinner down there — and she goes, 'Marc, you know when you were a baby, I don’t think I knew how to love you.’ And I’m like, 'All right, well there’s a missing piece to the puzzle. I guess I can cancel my therapy now.’”

Illustration by Annee Schwank found on Pinterest

calorful  asked:

Did you know that Randl's voiceactor has a podcast? (Called "WTF podcast") Every time I listen to it I just imagine Randl speaking (and swearing!)

Yup, Marc Maron also has a great show on IFC called “Maron”which you can watch on Netflix. He also has some stand-up specials there as well.