Ifa / Orisa

                      Below is a very brief description of some of the Orisa

                                        (Force of Nature…Archetypes)


ESU…the Orisa energy matrix of opportunities, the energy that carries and delivers the Ase (A-shay…Life Force). The one Orisa which opens and closes all rituals & ceremonies. The Trickster…opens and closes doorways and pathways on multiple levels…even the pathways of consciousness. Messenger, delivers our prayers and offerings to its proper destination.

OGUN…Orisa of all metals, warrior, energy of dynamic focused movement, action. The Clearing of obstacles, restructuring, redefining.

OCHOSI…Orisa of the Hunt, the energy that exemplifies the most direct path to ones goals. Symbolic of the road map, the ability to project your thoughts, words and action out into space. Energy that can develop keener senses, moving forward. Moving through space, hitting your target. Removal of entrapments.

OBATALA…Orisa of Clarity, Creative Source, Light / Thought made manifest. Fatherhood, Tranquility, Patience, Intelligence, Power of the Mind…energy to work with for contemplation, meditation, logic. A cool refreshing energy.

SANGO...Orisa of Stragety, Commerce, Owner of Fire. Having the Gift of Gab, Passion, Courage, Male Fertility.

YEMAYA…Essence of Motherhood, Family, Compassion, Nuturing. Energy of Expansion, Versatility. Element of Water.

OLOKUN…Orisa of Wealth, Conception, Ancestral Connection, Depth of the Oceans. Energy that connects with the subconscious mind. Grounding energy.

OYA…Orisa of the Wind, Owner of the Marketplace, Female Warrioir, Fearless. Creates Change and Transformation. Sudden abrupt changes, chaotic at times.

OSUN (Oshun)Orisa Energy of Joy, Attraction and Sweetness. Relationships, Wealth, Reproduction, The Arts.

EGBE…Astral Companions, Support System. Spiritual Protection, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Success. 

IBEJI…Orisa representing Twins, joy of children, abundance, balance. 

ORI… Orisa representing the Head, Inner Consciousness, Personal Destiny. The element which contains each individual’s Spiritual Contract.

ORUNMILA (IFA)…Orisa of Divination and Healing. Wisdom, Mouthpiece of all Orisa Energy. Witness to all Creation.