Thanks to sharlottiemclean for nominating me! It was unexpected but it’s cool so yeah!

1) Andrew or Dre are what people sometimes call me, other times they just call me André but change the feeling of the pronunciation.

2) Dark brown, like a cup of coffee without any milk or cream on it.

3) Black-ish/chestnut. I keep it short most of the time so it just looks black

4) I’m obsessed with the saxophone since I was 12 and have played in jazz bands, orchestras, big bands, marching bands, and batucadas. Even so, I don’t have a favorite music genre. I accept them as they are! 

5) My favorite color has to be that tone between turquoise and jade.

6) There’s a beach close to where I live called Los Tubos. I love that place.

7) Favorite celebrity…? I think I’d have to say Morgan Freeman!


9) Favori- ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I can’t JUST pick ONE song! There’s at least TWENTY that I love! But the first ones that come to mind are either Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park or The Afterman by Coheed and Cambria.

10) Either the Eragon series or A Series of Unfortunate Events

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