A PSA: how to protect yourself from the WannaCry virus

You might have heard about it in the news: there is currently a global computer virus pandemic called WannaCry infecting Windows computers and encrypting all their contents so that they’re unusable. Most antivirus programs already have protections against it now, and the latest version of Windows has patched the exploit that it uses to spread, but just to be safe you should probably update Windows and disable the “Server Message Block” file-sharing protocol that it uses to spread.

Just search “Turn Windows features on or off” in the search bar and it should come up with a list of check boxes. Uncheck the box that says “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support” and click OK. It should then ask you to restart your computer. Do that. Also, run Windows Update and make sure you’re upgraded to the latest version. Again, Microsoft has already patched the flaw, but you need to update to the latest version in order to fix it.

Do this for every Windows computer you own. This is a really, really nasty virus. Stay safe guys.

EDIT: I should probably stress that this should have no impact whatsoever on your computer’s functions. No one uses SMBv1 anymore, mostly because it’s extremely outdated and full of vulnerabilities like the one WannaCry exploits. Deactivating it just means there’s just one less vulnerability. SMBv2 and SMBv3 are pretty important, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just turn SMBv1 off and leave it that way forever.

UPDATE: A software engineer has figured out how to decrypt some computers affected by WannaCry. Luckily, the virus doesn’t scrub all the evidence of the encryption process, so in theory it’s possible for a program to put the encryption key back together from the evidence it leaves and unscramble the computer. You can find the decryption tool here, and a video on how to use it here (it starts with the command line already open; to open the command line just hit start and then search “cmd”). HOWEVER, it will only work if

1) the computer in question hasn’t been rebooted


2) some other process hasn’t overwritten the part of the memory that the virus used to generate the key

So if you or someone you know has been affected, DO NOT REBOOT THE COMPUTER, and DOWNLOAD AND RUN THE DECRYPTION PROGRAM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If the computer has been rebooted since its infection, the program will not work. If some other process has wiped out the evidence, the program will not work. It’s not a perfect fix, but it’s better than shelling out $300 worth of bitcoin to some malicious hacker group somewhere.

The Big Paranatural Conspiracy Theory

aka my brain saw one theory concerning Forge and connected a bUTT TON of dots and i have no real substantial proof of this (yet) but also theres nothing currently proving me wrong so im wrITING IT DOWN SO I CAN YELL IF IM RIGHT

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Can people stop going into the anti-bleach ending and anti-ichihime tag if

1. you like the ending and all of its plot holes

2. you like ichihime

I’m free to post whatever I want to, and I would like to direct your attention to the commenters on my post that are like “You people really need to get over it”

Bruh, why are you in the anti-bleach ending and anti-ichihime tag. GTFO and get a life if you’re going to just sit and wait for something to pop up in those tags and hate on it. Honestly. Why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you in that tag if it triggers you so much? I’m fine with Ichihimes who make their own content and draw their fanart; it’s their ship. But I’m against it when immature and incompetent ichihime fans come over to the anti-ichihime tag to get some attention and approval from us ichirukis. 

A Tale of Devonian Dentures - Drexel STAR 2017

And there we have it. The abstract’s published, the poster’s been debuted, and the new & fancy rainbow Tiktaalik jaw is released into the world at large.

This Thursday, I and a cohort of Drexel students finished up a 10-week paid summer research program and presented our work to faculty, family, and the city. It was pretty nice. But we’ll get back to that ‘cause I need to talk
S T E M  T E T R A P O D S

(This image still didn’t make it onto the final poster, but it got me notes last time so wheeeee)

Jaws are important. They’re especially helpful if you, a fish, want to eat things - regardless if you’re a filter feeder, suction feeder, or bitey feeder. They’re especially important if you want to eat things that live on land, because a lot of the time they have this annoying habit of running away. In light of the vertebrate water-to-land transition, it makes for a very promising research topic.

And people have indeed realized this. The lower jaw has been thoroughly mapped out in taxa such as Eusthenopteron, Panderichthys, and Acanthostega (see Porro et al. 2015a&b, Ahlberg & Clack 1998, and Markey & Marshall 2007, for instance), with implications for osteological development, life history, and feeding behavior. But somehow, in the ten years since its description, nobody bothered to take a thorough look at perhaps one of the most important transitional taxa we currently know of.

So I went “aight then” and did that.

Of course, all the Tiktaalik material is back in Canada, currently held in Ottawa until the territory of Nunavut gets their museum up and running. Thankfully, we have casts - and more importantly, juicy unexplored CT data.

I picked NUFV 109, a left lower jaw most notable for being Really Goddamn Big™ (pictured above). Seriously. Here’s a figure from Daeschler et al 2006 of a different jaw just for comparison, with an equivalent scale bar:

It’s difficult to see on a screen, but very obvious when you compare the two in person.

So I took the 109 CT data and spent around eight weeks squinting at a screen and tracing out each bone in the jaw, individually, for over 4000 slices. Add that to the fact that most of the sutures are infilled with matrix, which is almost exactly the same density as the bone. I’d like to say there was a technique to this. There wasn’t.

That’s slice 1393, roughly near the start of the second coronoid. Red=dentary, turquoise=postspleneal/2nd infradentary, yellow=middle coronoid, gray=prearticular, purple=mostly matrix with some probable bits of Meckelian cartilage scattered around. Although determining the extent of the cartilage was a high priority at the beginning of the summer, it quickly became clear that we would need a helluva lot more time to be able to distinguish it properly from the surrounding matrix. We’ll come back to it soon.

In the end, I emerged from the Academy basement, blinking at the harsh light of the outside world, and threw this technicolor figure up to the firmament:

Anatomical abbreviations for all views: ad, adsymphysial; ar, articular; co1, anterior coronoid; co2, middle coronoid; co3, posterior coronoid; d, dentary; if1, splenial; if2, postsplenial; if3, angular; if4, surangular; mc, Meckelian cartilage; pa, prearticular. Scale bar=5cm

This figure could be directly compared to those published in Porro et al 2015a&b regarding Eusthenopteron and Acanthostega, giving us a good spread along the tree of stem tetrapods.

With that, here are some Cool Notes:

  • The dentary is big. Like, really big. It’s not as prominent in the angle of the final figure, but it extends quite a bit medioventrally down the surface of the jaw. Still not sure of this is a diagnostic feature of T. roseae or if it’s just an example of allometric scaling considering how big this thing is.
  • Porro et al 2015 proposed the presence of a new bone in the Eusthenopteron jaw called the postsymphysial, replacing what is sometimes called the anteroventral process of the prearticular. They hoped that further research would one day be able to shed some light on the presence of this bone in other taxa. However, *insert sudden Aragorn*, that is not this day. The resolution/density isn’t really good enough in the area where the sutures would be to conclusively say one way or the other. For now I’m just calling it part of the prearticular in line with the current consensus, but stay tuned.
  • There’s an extensive presence of scarf joints between the individual bones, particularly between the dentary and the coronoids. This is indicative of a high stress load, which seems to imply it was gripping or biting down onto things. Exciting!

And particularly exciting because this has been speculated in other independent and very recent papers which propose a “terrestrial-style” mode of feeding - particularly MacIver et al 2017, where they find that the eye placement in Tiktaalik is best suited for peering out above the water onto the shorelines, and there’s no real sense in looking where you don’t live unless there’s something up there you want (namely, food).

That’s the abridged version, and the complete presentation was accompanied by an adorable stuffed Tiktaalik originally crafted by @palaeoplushies (#plusheontologists - get on it, everyone). Also, they didn’t give me nearly enough poster space for the figures, so I had to improvise.

That’s right, we went all arts n’ crafts up in this. Pull-out tabs are the future of poster sessions y’all.

Summer’s over, but the work isn’t. Much more of this to come.


  • Ahlberg, P., & Clack, J.A. (1998). Lower jaws, lower tetrapods–a review based on the Devonian genus Acanthostega. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences, 89(1), 11-46.
  • Daeschler, E.B., Shubin, N.H., Jenkins, F.A. (2006). A Devonian tetrapod-like fish and the evolution of the tetrapod body plan. Nature, 440(7085):757–763.
  • MacIver, M. A., Schmitz, L., Mugan, U., Murphey, T. D., & Mobley, C. D. (2017). Massive increase in visual range preceded the origin of terrestrial vertebrates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114(12), E2375-E2384.
  • Markey, M.J., and C.R. Marshall. (2007). Terrestrial-style feeding in a very early aquatic tetrapod: evidence from experimental analysis of suture morphology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104: 7134-7138.
  • Neenan, J.M., Ruta, M., Clack, J.A., Rayfield, E.J. (2014). Feeding biomechanics in Acanthostega and across the fish–tetrapod transition. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 281(1781), 20132689.
  • Porro, L.B., Rayfield, E.J., Clack, J.A. (2015a). Computed tomography, anatomical description and three-dimensional reconstruction of the lower jaw of Eusthenopteron foordi Whiteaves, 1881 from the Upper Devonian of Canada. Palaeontology. 58: 1031-1047.
  • Porro, L.B., Rayfield, E.J., Clack, J.A. (2015b). Descriptive anatomy and three-dimensional reconstruction of the skull of the early tetrapod Acanthostega gunnari Jarvik, 1952. PLOS ONE. 10 (3).

jaynefray  asked:

Between the juvenile fratboy humor, misscomunications between writers-animators-Jeff and inconstancies in RWBY it has been proven beyond doubt MK are shitty writers with self awerness of a brick. I gave them chance after chance cuz they aren 't Monty an it's not easy to learn from someone elses notes but they really aren't trying. They throw episodes out and rush as if1/

World is gonna end if they won’t let RWBY out same year last one finished. They realised from last few volumes that a significant portion of fnmd still treats then as this v small under financed company and will excus everything with they are just starting it’s early into the show Monty’s vision or we need to wait they surely will expand on this later Monty PLANNED ALL since trailers. Or that it is supposed to be like that and we all just hyped ourselves and are too harsh. They know it so they just don’t try since they don’t have to. Fndm will eat up whatever they do

I’m just sad, dude.

Sad. Not even angry. Just sad. 

Miles thought using a homophobic slur was an OK punchline. Michael, who read that line for voiceover, apparently did not object to its use. People read that script for mistakes and none of them- none of them- thought “Hey, yeah, maybe this isn’t alright and we need to think of a better joke.” Matt, Burnie, Miles, Kerry, Gray, and Jordan all sat and read that over and none of them objected to it.

Like, RT can say they’re all for LGBT positivity and whatever but I can’t believe them and I’m just bummed out because I’ve already been outraged.

I could go on but I’m tired and I don’t feel like fighting RT’s casual homophobia and transphobia right now. Besides, there are plenty of people who have already expressed my stance.

Caught in a Lie (M)

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

WARNING: very mature content, smut

Word Count: 5,306

Summary: “you may have been quick with your  hands, but you were no match for his skillful tongue”

@rapgodkimtae​ thank you for the Title seriously it was perfect

In a room full of important nobodies, you roam lightly on your feet but quick with your fingers. Skills you learned over years of practice came into full use tonight.

People, where even their names oozed money and made your palms itch, all gathered in one ballroom. It wasn’t easy finding a way to wiggle into a goldmine like the one laid out in front of you, but with connections, anything could be made possible. Guards surrounded every possible exit and entry, causing the nerves in your stomach to run wild, but at the same time gave an exciting rush that you yearned for.

Chandeliers more beautiful than you had imagined possible hung from the ceiling. You were almost sure that the crystals were no others than pure diamonds and if you stare any longer you’d be blinded. But that would only be one price to pay tonight if you were ever caught, which you had no plans on paying.

With a royal blue dress that hugged your hourglass shape as well as showed off your long toned legs from years of track, there was no running away from the spotlight while circled in a room of mostly men drenched in the color milk. Clearly, you hadn’t gotten the dress code. Men from all angles watched you, almost drooling as you walked by. It almost made a laugh escape your lips from how well of a spell you could cast on men that were almost old enough to be close friends of your father if not older. The youngest person in this room, besides yourself have to be no younger than 25, but that didn’t matter. Many of these people had old money with businesses lined up, meaning the deeper the pockets in their fine pants.

“Care to dance?” A man, you had notice watching you since you entered the place asked. You smiled as approval before taking his hand.

His eyes moved more than his stiff body could manage as the song began to slow. You felt his hand- that had been placed on your back while you both swayed- begin to slide lower resting on your ass. Not that you minded because little did he know your hands had already found what they searched for. A golden Rolex had glistened on his arm since he approached you.

Keyword: had.

Before the both of you could hit the dance floor, you had already snaked the timepiece off of his wrist without him noticing; too captivated by the detail surrounding the top of your strapless dress.

You waited until the song came to a closing end before you pulled away. The poor man looked almost as if tears could fall at any moment if you parted away another inch. But still, you gave a small smile and blew a kiss his way as you sashayed away.

This was only the icebreaker. No more than a minute later was there another approach from another bachelor of the night. It seemed as if tonight turned into a game of cat and mouse, and you weren’t the one chasing. Your friends would laugh in your face if you told them how simple it was to stand there and watch as men would advance toward you- almost begging to get a whiff of your knock-off perfume and engage in your beauty, while your greedy hands found something else shiny and expensive.

You were almost growing bored at how easy these men were making it. No more than batting your eyelashes and they would fall stiffly in front of you. Just as you were about to find a restroom -hopefully with a window- your first easy target, who still hadn’t realized the heavy gold watch missing from his wrist, came crawling back for a second encounter. You’d run, if

1: it wouldn’t raise red flags or,

2: you weren’t wearing these ridiculously high heels.

Just as you turned, ready to walk away, you found yourself being smacked into a wall- or at least it should have been, but since when could walls talk? You took a step back, rubbing the side of your face from the small impact of his shoulder. He quickly turned to face you and any prior insults you had tasted on your tongue, you quickly swallowed down. His sharp jaw line, yet innocent features made you question if he even belonged here. From his pouty and full lips to the way his eyes slightly disappeared as a smile began to pull on the side of his cheeks. his golden blonde hair and the saffire blue suit had you guessing he didn’t get the dress code either. His appearance was charming enough for you to consider him as a prince because of the man before you didn’t seem like any ordinary man at all.

“Sorry baby girl, I didn’t see you,” his velvety smooth voice spoke. You would think the impact of his shoulder caused you to swallow your own voice box from the way you stood there staring speechless into his eyes. He never once flinched to look away and the longer you stood under his gaze, the smaller and shyer you began to feel for the first time tonight, causing you to look away.

Prince Charming tilted his head to the side as he looked over your appearance once more. “I’ll keep an eye out for you,” A small airy chuckle escaped his lips before he walked away leaving his eyes behind on you still.

Maybe staying another five minutes wouldn’t hurt.

You were on fire tonight. You weren’t counting, but you were sure that this would count as the fifth gentlemen tonight who approached you. Gladly, you accepted his offer at a spin on the dance floor. One reason being that the song playing was actually a favorite of yours and the other being you found an interest in the flashy golden ring of his.

You allowed him to intertwine your hands together long enough as he leads the way to the dance floor. The ring wasn’t as easy as any of the other things you’d manage to get your hands on but with the music as a distraction and a lot of effort, you were able to make it slide off as if it were coated in butter. When the song was complete you both quickly thanked each other before parting.

You were more pleased with yourself than you had been all night. After leveling up it seemed with your own handy skills getting the ring, you found yourself sitting at the bar flirting with the cute, tall and handsome bartender while he didn’t hesitate to offer you a free drink. There was no room for a cloudy mind tonight so accepted water instead.

The zippable pockets on the side of your dress were beginning to feel heavy with all the small treasures you hid in them. Only one missing from your pocket that you played with it around your index finger. The ring was too big for your third finger and still loose around your index, but that wouldn’t matter once you’ve turned it to cash later. The heaviness of the gold band, as well as the freshly polished glossy shimmer of the ring, looked even more expensive in the dim lights of the room, satisfying your ego even more from how effortless you made getting what you want to seem.

“You’re messy,” Prince Charming said as he slid smoothly into the seat next to you at the bar, looking straight ahead. You weren’t entirely too sure if you were the one the message was for, being that there were others around so instead you went back to circling the ring around your finger. “How long do you think it’ll be until someone notices something is missing?” He turned in his chair staring completely at you this time. “Or something a little off?”

His words almost made you choke as they caught you completely off guard. There was no denying now that he was, in fact, talking to you. You turned in your chair to face him, his amusement clearly painted on his face while he watched as you lowered your hand out of view as if he hadn’t already seen.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you reply as you moved awkwardly in your chair. That part was sort of true. He spoke so vaguely, but in your gut, you knew his message was clear. Have you been that obvious all night?

He smiled, playing with the small straw in his drink before taking another sip, “You’re right. Try keeping it that way.”

Anyone else would think the both of you were flirting if they watched from behind you while at the bar. But with his smile that didn’t reach his eyes; all you could see was warning signs trapped inside them.

You didn’t know what to do. What could you do? Knowing yourself you were ready to curse him out for  suspecting you of something, even if you had -for a fact- actually done. But who was this guy to begin with? As you examined him more, hoping for a hint of who this mysterious guy was, you found nothing. He didn’t appear to be much older than yourself and yet he fits perfectly in the crowd of wealth.

You didn’t realize how long you must have been staring at him, but with a simply tilted head nod and a perfectly sexy smile that never seemed to leave his amused face, you found yourself ever so quickly getting your shit together and looking in the opposite direction.

Any excuse would be a great choice as long as it got you away from this awkward situation. You found your eyes landing on every part of the room except for on him, looking desperately for a quick exit that your eyes could find. He knew too much and you didn’t know what he was capable of. He could easily spill the beans - or in your case, your jewels- but why hadn’t he?

The more you began looking around the ballroom, the more eyes you noticed placed on your own.  If it hadn’t been for your wariness of the situation, you’d assume the eyes placed upon you now was only the eyes of lust, but you could read a new story behind them.

Guards that hadn’t paid you much mind from the beginning of the night began making their way over in the direction of the bar.  Their narrow eyes fixated on you made you question if, by chance, you were already suspected before the night began.

Panic began to creep up your chest the closer the guards got, causing the small hairs on your neck to rise. There was nowhere to run. It was as if you were being caged in as they circled their way towards you, leaving no leeway for an escape. You found yourself glancing back at the man beside you at the bar who had seemed to warn you of this, but without a flinch he kept his body and eyes fixated forward as if your presence was no longer there.

With a small tap on your shoulder, you found the tallest and most intimidating guard towering over you. You should be scared, but he must be like any other man and as long as you keep your cool without raising any more flags everything would be ok, right?

Pushing your long silky hair behind your ear and off your shoulder, exposing your slender neck and naked shoulder blades in your strapless royal blue dress, you turned in your chair to look him right in the eyes.

“What can I help you fellas with?” you asked as you scanned them over.

The guards didn’t seem fazed by you at all and the more you  noticed this the more uneasy you were feeling .

“Ma’am may I see your party ID.” It didn’t seem like a question at all. The guard almost seemed to be gazing through you as he stood there in front of you with his hand out. You caught your breath in your throat, scared that even breathing could be suspicious in your position, as it was.

You tilted you head tilted your head to the side as you stared up at the guard once more, “didn’t know we needed to bring those.”

Small chuckles could be heard from the guards surrounding you. Maybe that wasn’t the right answer?  The head guard face remained cold as stone with a hint of frustration as he leaned down to your eye level.

“I’m going to need you to come with us,” he said.

You still had a little bit of useless pride and courage left in you, “and if I don’t?”

“See that’s the thing, I wasn’t asking you,” the guard gritted his teeth. With that, the guard grabbed you wrist before pulling you to your feet. You couldn’t help but give one last glance behind you to the man sitting at the bar. Had he only warned you just so when you were caught it wouldn’t have been such a surprise? Still, with one last look, you had hoped for a least a small blink of help but received nothing.

The guards began escorting you away and you were already beginning to accept this as fate. You were a fool to think that such a night could be so easy without any consequences.

“Wait” you heard faintly, causing you as well as the guards to stop in your tracks. The head guard automatically turned around in the direction of the voice. His harsh and dangerous face instantly softened with shock as he bowed almost immediately.

“Sir,” you heard the head guard’s voice shake while you watched the rest of the guards follow his lead. You never seen so much respect displayed and it almost scared you turn around to see who it was for. Faint footsteps could be heard approaching against the marble floor over the faint noise in the background.

You felt a strong arm curled around your waist. Your heart almost jumped out of your chest when you looked up to find prince charming holding you closely to himself. He gave you a quick wink as he noted how tense you were in this predicament.

“She’s mine,” he said with this seductive low tone that almost made you blush. The guard shot his head up, ready to object but then he spoke again, “I think it’s about time we head up to my suite”.

What other choice did you have but to follow his lead? You could feel the guards glaring down your back as your knight of the night lead you out of the ballroom. Even while exiting the room, your mind stayed clouded of the thought of how powerful this man be to have guards clearly older than the both of you respect him so much as they had. At first, you found him disgustingly handsome when you first was in his presence, but maybe his pockets were too.

“Thanks,” you say, moving out of his grasp when you’re both far enough from any guards in your sight. He’d already helped you escape god knows what, so what other reason did need to still be in his arms? “I’ll just be on my way”

“Foolish girl. There are guards surrounding this entire building” he shook his head, “one more step away from me and they’ll be lined up to put you in handcuffs before you could even think about saying ‘I’m innocent’”

You were trapped and he knew it. Without saying another word, he began walking down the hall knowing you were following shortly behind. You found yourself analyzing the way he walking with pride. The way he kept his shoulders held high, never slouching to his practice sensual stroll down the hall kept your eyes glued to him.

“Y'know, usually I get the girl’s name and take her on a few dates before I invite them to my bedroom, but I guess there’s a first for everything right?” He joked as you both began to close in on a hotel room door you assumed was his. The door was bigger than the rest and it left you itching to find out what was inside.

He swiftly unlocked the door with his keycard, entering first as he beckoned you to enter from behind the door. Sliding past him as he held the door open for you, careful not to make more skinship than necessary. The tension was strong in the room you could almost taste it with how hard you could feel his eyes on you. You took a little extra time walking slower down the hallway, knowing damn well he was admiring your ass while you admired the decor of the suite.

It wasn’t often a girl like you was allowed in rooms like this unless you were a maid or something. Cheap motels were used on few occasions but this room was more beautiful than you could have dreamed.

He slid passed you as he took his blazer exposing his button up shirt that showed off you his defined body. All you could think about was what he’d look like without either on. It should have been illegal to look so good and yet it was sexier because he knew.

“You like what you see?” he gave you a subtle wink once he caught you staring as he was folding up the cuffs of his shirt

To keep your eyes from wandering back to him, you began toying with the treasures you almost forgot about that were kept in your pocket. your favorite of them all, being the golden ring, you played with it around your index finger once more.

“Park Jimin” he started, as he walked up behind you. You turned your head, unsure of what he was talking about. “My name is Park Jimin”. You looked at him still analyzing the name that he had given you before nodding your head. Without another word, you went back to playing with the ring that glistened on your finger.

Jimin scuffed in amazement, “Usually when someone tells you their name, they kinda expect to learn yours too”.

“Learning my name would do neither of us good”.

You were right. Just because you now knew his name didn’t make it any more special when clearly he was respected by what seemed like a room full of important people, but your name was a different story. After everything you’ve done tonight, you wouldn’t even give your name willingly even if the guards demanded you give it to them.  

Jimin circled around you, now leaning on the wall in front of you, “So what’s a girl like you doing playing a game dangerous like this?” he said as he swiftly took the ring from your grasp.

“What would you know? You probably had everything handed to you with a silver spoon” you rolled your eyes as you turned away.

At that remark,  he couldn’t help but grin. Everyone only believes what’s appealing to the eye, but just like you, Jimin had a story of his own. How else would he be able to spot you in a place like this?

“It’s not that I can’t get what I want, but the thrill of taking what I want and whenever I want it is just so much more attractive”

“And what do you want right now?”he asked. It was such a dangerous question as your mind instantly thought of what it’d be like to rake your hand over his toned chest. Just the thought caused you to seize your bottom lip between your teeth, biting lightly. You could sense his presence close enough behind you now and it only added to your frustration.

“The same thing that you want,” you say boldly

You could feel him lightly tracing over you dress zipper that lined all the way to your lower back. You tilted your head a little as you felt the warmth of his breath on the back of your neck.

“Be careful of what you say, it may cost you” he purred in your ear.

It almost made chuckle because you could barely remember the cost of the last thing you had bought, but still, you played along.

“Cost me something like what?”

“This.” He  said as he pulled down the zipper ever so slower, expecting you to reject. It wasn’t a surprise to either of you once the dress had fallen to the ground and revealed that all you had under it was a silk thong that matched the color of your dress. You turned around, walking out of your dress just in time to catch him untightening the tie around his neck.

Almost immediately you began to unbutton the useless shirt that did a horrible job at hiding anything underneath it already. Frustrated with how long it was taking, you began to rip it off his chest. Fuck it, he can definitely afford a new one anyways.

Once the shirt was off you couldn’t help but to run your palms over his chest, admiring the work put into keeping his body so perfect. He smoothly lifted you into his arms as you carried you off to the bed without any problem.

You couldn’t help yourself but leave bite marks all over when your lips landed and placed you on the bed. You began kissing down his chest once more as you fought with getting his pants and briefs off, revealing his massive hard on.

You couldn’t look away - it was so thick. Eventually, You reached your hand out to touch it, without his prodding, your eyes widened, surprised at how soft it was, and yet so firm. Jimin groaned when you squeezed him in your hand. You couldn’t even close your fingers around it - it was that thick.

It pulsated in your hand, and you glanced up at him nervously. He merely smiled, guiding your hands up and down his long shaft.

“You did this, you know,” he muttered accusingly, a strained smile on his face as he tried to keep his composure.

The knowledge made you bolder, so you lengthened your strokes. The heat between you legs grew even hotter than before and you couldn’t help but rub your thighs together. Because you couldn’t create much friction, Jimin stopped you.

“Let me,” he said. Pulling your other hand away from his cock, he pressed you down against the bed and trailed his fingers along your jaw and down across your neck. His touch was soft, and you closed your eyes as his hands traveled your body, reveling in how right it felt to have someone else hands touch you. Jimin leaned close as his hand found your breast, cupping it firmly in his hand.

You let out a small whimper, feeling desire building within you like an inferno. Your eyes opened and gazed up at him pleadingly.

Jimin gave you a small daring winked, “It gets better.”

Calloused fingers flicked across your nipple and you gasped. Jimin’s hands were confident and experienced. He rolled your breasts in his hands, tugging on each nipple in turn. It hurt, and yet felt amazing all at once. And then his mouth was on them.

The sudden sensation caused you to moan, and arch your back, rising to meet his lips. Every time his tongue flicked across your nipples, you felt your cunt throbbing for attention. You tried to reach down and rub your clit, but he batted your hand away, moving his body until his knees were between your legs, spreading them wide open.

His expert tongue left your breasts and you whined at the absence. Instead, he flicked his tongue down across your stomach, teeth grazing the most sensitive parts near your hips. You shuddered as the air touched the trail his tongue had left, chilling the warm pattern he was drawing across your body. Rough hands slid beneath your legs and lifted your hips off the bed until your legs were over his shoulders. Surprised, you almost fought him, until you felt the heat of his breath against your heat.

“Jimin, wait-” you began, but your protests turned into moans as his tongue flicked across your shaved pussy and down the narrow slit. He found your clit and sucked it into his mouth, pulling at the small nub until it almost hurt, then releasing it and attacking it with his tongue.

It was too much. Your moans grew louder as you bucked your hips against him, but he held you firmly. It was all too much. You couldn’t take it. You were getting close - so close. Jimin seemed to sense how near you was, and then pulled away, a self-satisfied grin plastered on his face. He moved his lips further down and flicked his tongue across your cunt.

You began to ask for more but the words were stuck in your throat. Instead, you gazed up at him. His eyes met your own, and he smiled again, before sinking his tongue into your warmth.

He groaned, sending a delightful buzz through your sensitive body, “You taste so good.” As if to prove he meant it, he slid his tongue in deeply again.

You couldn’t breathe - it felt so good. His tongue flicked in and out, driving me absolutely crazy with want. You wanted to cum - wanted to let go of the raging storm that had been building within you.

Jimin had other ideas.

As you teetered on the edge of an orgasm, he stopped, letting your hips fall onto the bed. He leaned over you and you felt the tip of his cock, already slick with pre-cum slide down to your soaking pussy. He didn’t ask permission - he didn’t need to. By now, you were already so overcome with wanting you’d have begged him for more if he stopped.

Jimin’s eyes met yours as he pushed the very tip of his cock inside. You could see the sweat on his forehead and he fought for control. He pushed a little further, and you gasped at just how thick it was - and only the tip had made it inside you. You held your breath as his hard dick slid further and further inside of you, stretching your pussy beyond what you even thought was possible. And just when you thought he couldn’t possibly fit in any deeper, he thrust forward, the tip of his cock slamming into the very back of your cunt.

Your heart was beating wildly in your chest, breaths coming in pants, the anticipation building within you until you could barely control yourself. Very slowly, he pulled out until only the tip remained inside. Without him there, You felt empty. Hollow. Incomplete. Where his cock had been had left a void and you wanted more of him.  

Jimin controlled his next few thrusts, keeping them slow and steady, getting you used to his size and girth as your pussy stretched to accommodate him.

“You’re so tight,” he growled in your ear. “Fucking feels amazing.”

“Ahh…” You gasped as he shoved his cock in you again, and again.

The friction was driving you insane. The longer the two of you fucked, the bolder and rougher with you Jimin became. His thrusts were long, powerful strokes that sent you reeling every time your bodies met.

Jimin increased his pace and you knew he was getting close. But by then, so we’re you. He fucked you - hard and deep - so, so deep. Every push rattled your body and sent you spiraling even further into bliss. You wrapped your legs around him as the tension increased, and his hands sought your breasts, eliciting from you a breathless moan.

The way he moved - the way he held you - you arched your back for more and he met your demands with experienced, calculated hands and thrusts. His dick rubbed against your G-spot, and the tension in you  built even higher.

“Oh, fuck,” you squealed as one of his hands moved to your clit.

It was too much - your G-spot, your clit, your nipples - everything was being stimulated all at once, and you just couldn’t take it. His thrusts increased, they became harder, more greedy, and you thought that you might pass out from all the overwhelming sensations.

“I’m… gonna cum,” he grunted, eyes meeting yours.

“Me too.”

The moment you said the words,  your threefold orgasm hit you like a hurricane, overcoming your body and flooding you in waves of pleasure you hadn’t known you could reach. You must have screamed - because Jimin’s hand moved to cover your mouth - but you didn’t care. You rode the waves with abandon, letting it consume you completely. Jimin thrust into you again with a loud groan, and you felt burst upon burst of heat erupt from his cock, filling your pussy with his seed.

Breathless and sweaty, he collapsed on top of you, and the both of you lay unmoving on the bed, Jimin’s softening cock still inside you. Long minutes passed, and you two remained as you were - unwilling to break the silence. Eventually, Jimin sighed, propping himself up on his elbows so he could look at you.

“Are you ok?”

It was one of the oddest questions to ask at a time like this, you could help but laugh but nodded your head, causing him to smile. It wasn’t a cocky smile like the ones he had given you all night, but instead, one that made his eyes effortlessly sparkle. You couldn’t help yourself but noticed how innocent Jimin looked smiling which was a completely different story after what the two of you had just done. There was nothing innocent about his tongue. But even still in this stance, he looked almost like a happy kid in an amusement park.

You felt his gaze on you as well and for some reason, it began to make you shy which only made him chuckled, “If I stay here like this any longer, I can’t guarantee I’ll behave.”

“You and I haven’t exactly been behaving anyway.”

“I mean,” he whispered, eyes glinting with mischief, “that I’m going to fuck you. Again. And again. And again.”

You searched his eyes, trying to decide if he was teasing or if he really meant it. Inside of you still, you felt his cock begin to throb and harden slightly, and You smiled.

“Is that a promise?”

You felt another twitch, and it hardened some more. You wiggled your  hips and closed your eyes as you felt it expand, filling up your cunt until it was completely engorged again. It still amazed you just how big he was when he was hard. And fuck, but it felt so good with him inside me. The heat was building inside you again and you met his gaze, relieved to see a passion in them that mirrored your own.

You knew you pulled this on yourself and you were so ready for it all.

The sun glistening into the suite caused your eyes to blink owlishly as you searched for the body that should have been sleeping next to your own. Still naked under the sheets your mind began to flicker to last night, and boy was it long, you thought.

A small handwritten note rested on on a pillow where Jimin’s head should have been caught your attention as you grabbed for it.

To find your jewels, you must first find me. You have 24 hours❤️ ~ Love Park Jimin

Your eyes instantly searched over the hotel room for any of your stolen belongings and in fact found nothing. Flipping the card over for any clues, you instantly smile.

Damn, you almost got away with it.

A/N: this is my first ever smut I have written and I hoped you guys enjoyed reading it :) there will not be a part two of this so please do not ask but any other feedback and constructive critics will be nice


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARK JIMIN I’m so sorry I sinned on such a holy day 

anonymous asked:

I had a thought about your masterpiece (Hashtags) and what if Alexei dies/divorces Yuri? Obviously Otabek would be there for Yuri and I can't help but imagine that while he'd feel heartbroken for his friend a small dark part of Otabek would see this as an opportunity. Of course dear Beka would be horrified and likely hate himself for thinking that. I'm sure you can imagine the levels of angst going on. What would happen in your mind should Alexei be removed from the picture?

I swear you guys are asking these questions because you’re masochistic or something now. Y'all know these are gonna hurt. 

Anyway! This isn’t something I had thought about very much at all, but on thinking about it I concluded the following:

- Otabek would do his duty as a best friend and help Yuri however he could (eg funeral arrangements or helping him move out, whatever he could do)

- He’d not worry too much about his own feelings to start with, but then he’d probably start doubting why he was even trying to help Yuri in the first place and feel terrible

- Otabek, cautious as ever, would be loathe to say anything to Yuri about his feelings for at least a year, if not longer, for fear of Yuri assuming he was only helping him out as a means to get closer to him/manipulate his feelings 

- Honestly, this means Yuri’s gonna be the one who makes a move because life’s too short to miss chances again and again and again 

- I’m assuming they’ve both retired from competitive skating at this point 

- Yuri would come visit Otabek in Almaty

- Yuri never liked kids much, but hey, Otabek’s one from that one godawful failed relationship is kind of okay 

- Yuri gets introduced as ‘Uncle Yura’

- Kid makes some comment about how he looks like the prince in all the bedtime stories Daddy tells him 

- That pretty much seals the deal tbh

- ????

- Domestic happy Otayuri 

Note: this works If and ONLY IF

1. Alexei is out of the picture permanently

2. They’re both retired, likely in their 30s at this point

3. Otabek hasn’t died of a broken heart before all this

4. Otabek is currently not in a relationship with someone else.

Hello guys! I was recently noticing that my dash is kind of dead at times and I really want to see a larger variety of blogs. It’s kind of soon since my last following spree, but I really want to see other blogs. In order to reblog this:

1. Be a multifandom anime blog, have at least 70% be more than one fandom
2. Have a tagging system
3. Don’t have kpop be your main fandom on your blog (I have a separate blog for that here)


  • boku no hero academia
  • fairy tail
  • d gray man
  • one punch man
  • sports anime
  • seasonal anime
  • hunter x hunter
  • noragami

any anime blog in general is fine though these above are just my main fandoms

1. You make graphics/edits, write, make art
2. Are following me, I am desperate for more mutuals
3. You tag your ships and nsfw
4. It would also be nice if you post some non anime related content such as video games, tv series, voltron, movies, books, etc.

It would be much appreciated if you could reblog this post and signal boost it!

Please mention in the tags which of the above apply to your blog. I will check out all of your blogs and follow the ones that suit my tastes! Please don’t feel bad if I don’t follow your blog you keep doing you!!!!

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Im kind of scared to go to the rowyso concert that i bought tickets to cause my mom wont let me go without her, so shes coming like1!?1!1 what!1?1! If1!1?! They!1?1! Do!1?1! Something1!?1! Inappropriate!1?1!1!1

honestly they probably will do something inappropriate lol I went to an all time low concert with my dad and yanno…. all time low is all time low and my dad was very taken aback every time but I just laughed it off hahaha DONT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH PARENTAL UNIT