Watching a hockey game.

In Torts gifs.

You have lost your last two games and you really need this win. The team starts out with turnovers in the neutral zone that gives the other team some great shot chances. You know this is going to be a long game:

But then of course they score 2 minutes later:

The fourth line gets put out:

But that leads to a bad boarding call. 2 minutes in the box:

And just as the second PK unit is about to kill off the penalty, they break down and other team scores their second goal:

The 1st period is over and your friend asks what your team’s standing is in the division:

2nd period starts and your team starts skating better. Finishing checks, tape to tape passes and taking shots:

FINALLY your team scores:

A little bit later, your captain gets high sticked, but the refs don’t see it:

During the TV timeout, your coach gives them an earful, but ultimately the ref doesn’t care:

This fires everyone up and what do ya know, you score your second goal:

The 2nd period ends and during the intermission Mike Milbury says something bad about your team:

3rd period starts off amazing. Shots on net, creating traffic in front of the net and then boom, you score:

But there’s a huddle of refs and it looks like it’s going to be reviewed:

Toronto rules a no goal. Distinct kicking motion:

3rd period gets down to the wire and the other team scores on a breakaway:

End of 3rd period. 3-2 final score:

You check twitter and all you see is people trolling your team and it pisses you off:

But it’s pointless to fight back, because you are outnumbered:

On to the next game: