Snow White: Scene Five

Snow White played by @sirussly

The Evil Queen played by @egdramaqueen

Snow White: ~Some day we’ll meet again, and away to his castle we’ll go. To be happy forever, I know~

*From the shadows of the forest, The Queen emerges. Snow White gasps, and the Queen chuckles; sinister*

Queen: Are the little men not here?

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What you REALLY should say to characters at the Disney parks!

There’s a post floating around listing things to say to the characters at the Disney parks, and having worked in the parks, I’d actually say a lot of those are bad conversation starters. Compliment the princesses on their dresses? Ask Tigger if he’s a boy or a girl? Show Eeyore your muscles? No, no, no.

Here are some ACTUAL conversation starters if you want to have some fun character interactions! These are just the princesses, if people like these/use them then I’ll make another post with more characters.

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softplum  asked:

ambrosia, dahlia, winona

ambrosia was just answered 🌹

Dahlia: zodiac?
• i’m a scorpio i forgot all my other rising whatevers but lottie knows them all so if u wanna know just ask her ajvsbd

Winona: favorite quote?
• “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” - carl sagan

Omgcp characters as things I've done

bitty: My sister bought apples and told me to make a pie she could take to visit her friends but she was a bitch about it so I didn’t peel the apples before baking them. (I mean it still tasted fine, but less fine than it would have if I had peeled the apples 😎)

jack: I was showing someone my cool new bra a bought and someone else said “woah, you’re so pretty, I wish I had your body.” My only response was to hum and say “body snatchers.” (I panicked okay?)


holster: My family and I binge watched both seasons of The 100 in one weekend. Like we literally didn’t leave the house the entire weekend. I think we ordered in for four meals. It was really weird…

lardo: Saw someone had scratched “fuck my ass” into the elevator in the building I live in. Looked at it for a couple seconds, then nodded and said; “Hmm. Nice.” I’m pretty sure the other dude in the elevator thought I was insane.

shitty: Went to a drag show and bitched out a girl who was trying to dance on the stage during one of the performances. I only did the minor league bitching though. The Queen performing TORE HER APART. This girl literally went outside and watched the rest of the performance through the window. It was the best experience of my life.

nursey: Went to my school’s football stadium at 2am on Nov 1st (it was still Halloween to me, I hadn’t gone to sleep yet) so I could stargaze but it was cloudy so I just did cartwheels across the turf for a couple minutes then laid down and gossiped with my friends. (Technically it’s illegal to be in there after dark but whoops oh well.)

dex: Had to drag my friend out of a party because someone dared her to chug an entire flask of tequila, so of course she had to. (I also had to talk her out of playing flip cup with shots.)

chowder: Showed up to a college party with two dozen doughnuts and a half gallon of chocolate milk. Later had to puke because I drank a half gallon of chocolate milk.

tango: In the middle of dinner I turned and looked at one of my friends and asked him; “So what exactly is the Gay Agenda?” (he’s gay)

whiskey: Spent my first month of college friend-less and started talking to a grave stone for some guy named Rudolf every time I passed it. I eventually made friends but Rudolf is still number one in my heart. The real MVP.

kent: was late to class because I didn’t want to leave my friend’s apartment because her cat is so wonderful and fluffy and I missed my cat and I was just sad :((((( The instructor of the class was less than forgiving.

tater: Spent an hour in Walmart trying to decide whether I wanted to buy a Pig onesie or a bunny onesie. (I bought the pig)