You’ve begun to develop superintelligence. After you’ve invented countless revolutionary technologies and integrated them into yourself you’re about to transcend humanity, but you want to leave one final message behind while people are still even able to comprehend your existence.

So we’re just never gonna see the full version of the Stay choreography, huh? 👀

du er ikke alene
translation: you are not alone

isak is holding even like he never wants to leave him ever again. he is genuinely worried about him. he wants to reassure even that he will love him no matter what. he wants to make even feel loved. he wants to kiss his guilt away.

Having a Crush on Newt Scamander Would Include . . .

A/N This is my first would include let me know if you would like more! Also this is not really having a crush on him but it kinda works still?

- If you met before when the movie takes place: 

   -Probably meeting during his Hogwarts days, possibly on the train 

   -There’s a 99% chance you fell for him within .005 seconds (because who wouldn’t?)

   -As the years went by, you kept warning him about Leta (to which he kept ignoring you)

   -trying as hard as you can not to say “I told you so” when he gets expelled

   -Wanting to leave with him when he gets expelled, but him refusing saying it wasn’t your fault and that you needed to finish your education 

   -You saying it wasn’t his fault either

   -You two sending letters back and forth profusely

   -Oml can you imagine coming back on the express from your last year at Hogwarts and seeing Newt waiting for you at the station 

   -Not leaving his side since then

   -Taking care of his animals with him and going to new York with him 

   -Probably telling him then as well it was literally such a bad idea and him being like fuk da police 

   -Acting married for appearances which makes both of you blush 

   -Low Key through out the “whole ordeal” you’re just like hands off my man Tina (and omg can you imagine Queenie giggling after hearing you think that)

- If you met during when the movie takes place:

   -Ok so for this to work you would probably have to be the third Goldstein sister

   -And in that case you probs were like who da fuck is that cinnamon roll, when Tina brings him home

   -When he shows you his animals (with Jacob/Tina and Queenie depending on what your preference is) you’re in awe and he’s probably in awe bout’ you

   -Queenie shipping you like crazy

   -Sticking around Newt after Grindelwald bc he’s a cutie and really you don’t want to say good bye yet (and low key don’t want to say goodbye to Niffler, Pickett, etc.)

   -Giving him the idea to give Jacob the eggs?

A/N #2 Oh my lord that was bad, I would’ve gone on longer but it would have been wayyyyyyyyyyy to long

anonymous asked:

I'm so shocked and devastated by the news about Jay, but I know it probably hits closer to home for you so I just wanted to pop in real quick and say I hope you're alright, and maybe finding comfort in all of us banding together in support. Take care

thank you very much for this message, anon.  it does hit really close to home for me, and i’m sure a lot of other people, too.  I’m doing okay.  

for me, one of the hardest truths about losing someone is laid out so plainly in louis’s wonderful song:

The sun goes down and it comes back up
The world it turns, no matter what

it’s not fair its not fair it’s not fair.  And you keep reaching for someone and missing them and you know you have to carry on without them and you want to refuse. but there you are.    

I’m so sorry this happened and so sad.  

how much do you want to bet even has been waiting his whole life to hear someone say you’re not alone and actually believe it?

how much do you want to bet that when he told isak that he should leave, that he was just going to hurt isak, he expected isak to agree?

how much do you want to bet that even never saw isak coming?

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We don't need to get over anything Magen... we can ship TnT and still be critical of it when we see something that's not quite right, and some of the candids certainly raised red flags. Just cause we point out how they may have staged some shots doesn't mean we're saying they were a showmance. We know for a fact celebs stage pics all the time and Taylor has done so herself (like the candids with Jake in NYC)

That was Paula being Paula. I am positive taylor didn’t come up with that by herself. Also nothing screamed red flag. Let’s look at Taylor’s past boyfriends. Harry and Taylor couldn’t go out together because of the insane press. Jake was insane when it came to the press. Calvin didn’t want to leave his house. Then you have tom who is so tired of hiding his gfs i.e. Elizabeth Olsen and Taylor was probably sick of hiding too so you get a perfect storm and then bam they are like fuck it lets go to Europe and be as disgustingly happy as we can be.

Yinae's Rare Ball Exchange!! (DAY 8)

Today’s RBE is a Minior Special!!

Every Minior is in a different Rare Ball!


-Love Ball Red Core Minior (Adamant)

-Level Ball Orange Core Minior (Timid)

-Fast Ball Yellow Core Minior (Impish)

-Friend Ball Green Core Minior (Hasty)

-Lure Ball Light Blue Core Minior (Adamant)

-Moon Ball Blue Core Minior (Naive)

-Heavy Ball Purple Core Minior (Jolly)

-Beast Ball Blue Core Minior (Modest)

Pokemon Information

-IVs are random among all of them.

-There are 7 of each.

-IVs are marked accordingly.


-Pick out what you want, and leave me your IGN and trade preference (GTS or Direct)

-What will you offer in return? I’m looking for the following (if you have none of these, we’ll arrange something):

1: Other Rare Ball Pokemon
2: Pokemon with their Hidden Ability
3: Pokemon with Egg Moves
4: Ledyba (For those who don’t have any of the above three)

-If you request to do the trades via GTS, DO NOT DEPOSIT UNTIL I ANSWER YOUR ASK.This is to lower the chances of you getting sniped and me getting swamped. That, and sometimes I’m either in the middle of doing something else or haven’t made it home yet. If you do deposit before I answer your ask, I will skip you.

-Because technically, the only Pokemon available is Minior, you will need to specify for the color(s) you want.


We have a special Pokemon for the Raffle today!!

It’s a 5IV Moon Ball Shiny Minior!! I hatched three of them last night getting the Miniors for today, and I made a promise after hatching the second one that if I hatched a third one, I would raffle it to someone.

Everyone who participates in today’s exchange will given a number and be entered to win!!

First place gets the 5IV Moon Ball Shiny Minior. It is holding a Gold Bottle Cap. Nature is Naive.

Second place gets a 6IV Moon Ball HA/EM Sandshrew. It is holding a Bottle Cap. It’s nature is Adamant and the Egg Moves are Night Slash and Icicle Crash.

Third place gets a 6IV Friend Ball Sandygast. It is holding a Big Nugget. It’s nature is Modest and has the Egg Move Amnesia.

All three of the Raffle Pokemon are nicknamable, so if you win, you get to name them!!

With all that out of the way, happy trading!!

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@the anon who said you were "bringing Jumin down": What the actual fuck? Isn't it up to Jumin to determine who the fuck he wants to be with? He chose Saeran, you obviously jealous cunt. Leave them alone. Let them be happy together, fucknut.

Yeah, fuck nut.

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I'm looking for an original story focusing on two men, one I'm pretty sure went by Jazz. They meet in an alley, where Jazz attempts to mug the other man but ends up going home with him. It continues in a "Im annoyed by you but I dont want you to leave" kind-of way. Also distinctly remember a movie night scene, and one of the character's favorite move is Tremors.

You’re thinking of Songs You Know by Heart by Dr. Noh – which was part of a shousetsu bang bang anthology :) 

yumiko-chan  asked:

Hiya! I was gonna send you a message but it won't let me for whatever reason. Anyway, it's really sad to see you want to leave the fandom. I, too, had a bit of drama spark up just the other day but we got it all fixed up. And I think everyone's good now. Anyway, I was wondering, if you really wanted to leave, would you think about leaving the blog in my care? I've been wanting to do an RP blog but everyone had already had them. Anyway, if you don't feel comfortable, that's entirely fine.

Not exactly no. No offense.
But since I’m not fully leaving and it is a DIRECT sideblog conencted to my MAIN BLOG (plus I have massive issues with leaving things in people’s care) I’ll probably just have it there for when I choose to go through it.

That and it’s also a very personal reminder to me.

I hope you understand and I really mean no offense.

As a precaution, I’ll just keep it.

Also! You can literally create a sideblog and create an ask blog. I already had an ask oda Nobunaga blog before the other one was created.
The Art of Escapism - Part III




So this lil series was inspired by the music video to Sleep on the Floor by the Lumineers. Great song. Recommend. 

send requests xxx

Triggers - n o p e

Word Count - 900

‘I have only just got you and now you want to go and leave me?’ Spencer shouted, standing up and running his hands through his hair.

‘Spence- listen-’ You started.

‘Y/N, you have nearly just been killed! I had to watch you lay in a hospital bed, wondering if I would ever get the chance to tell you that I wanted you back. I can’t lose you again.’ He interrupted, pacing around the room.

‘I know I can’t ask you to come with me, it’s too much of a sacrifice.’ You began. ‘But I can’t stay here, like this. I feel trapped, Spence. All I see is skyscrapers and corpses, every day. So much so that I have forgotten that, life can be beautiful. I have lost myself somewhere along the way, and I feel like I am just existing, with no purpose. I’ve lost that spark, and that energy, that used to make me… well me. I want to feel free again. Do you understand? And don’t for one second think that this is easy for me. You are the one thing in my life that makes me feel something, anything. But I have to do this, I just have to get out of here.’

By this point tears were streaming down your cheeks.

Spencer took in a deep breath. ‘When will you be back?’ He asked, his voice wobbling.

‘Spence… I don’t think I will.’ You were still shaking.

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The Gay Guru.

@nerdkru prompted me.  This turned out nothing like the original prompt, but it was still a lot of fun.

Winn loved working for the DEO.  Sometimes he worried that he wasn’t as capable as some of the agents, but he knew he was able to make a difference here.  Even if that difference was just helping Alex out of a tight spot.  

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..are yall stupid? people saying Tony Stark is in every marvel movie …. He’s been in Iron Man movies (SHOCK) in avengers movies (WOW) and In Civil War which …dont get me started…why did they even make civil war a cap movie when its an iron man/captain america story but whateva…. and dont shit on tony in civil ar just because his character was waaaaay wellwritten than steve’s or anyone elses -_- and now people are angry about him being in spidey movie? i mean…seriously? what did you want? for him to find peter and then just to leave him like that? with no help? leaving teenager to face all these villains bu himself? and dont get me started on how “he brought petr to civil war”…if you are mad about that you should be happy that he didn’t leave him after and how he is trying to protect him and everything he says in trailer is TRUE !!!

and PEOPLE HATING ON RDJ? SRSLY? are you dumb? aftr everything that he’s done for his castmates? and yall acting like he does this on purpose…it’s not like marvel begs him to play in these movies oh no….it’s not like they had to ask chris to ask rdj to play in civil war…not at all….give me a break…. dont have time for ur bullshit….

tumblr was my favorite social media..thingy….(sorry for my english ddddd)  but now….its full of haters…sometimes I wonder what it would be like - if there were infos? rightnext to our names/blog names…what would I find? allyall haters are probably kids…but no..maybe….i dont even know man…sometimes some post pops up about rdj being racist and how he’ll have a bigger roll than zendaya and blah blah blah and i get a feeling that whoever wrote this is actually some privileged white arschloch….. 

whatever….. aint nobody got time for our bullshit..im just gonna enjoy Spidey movie cuz it looks great…and im even more interested in it now that I know I’ll see more than just glimpses of tony (especialy now that i realised that they wont drown him in angst YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS) 

peace out (and haters fuck off you pitiful bunch)

Don't wait for me

I do not beleive I will be worth your time
I am not saying im worthless I am beautiful I believe I am a queen. But if there is someone better than me please go to them
I am not sure what I can give
Friends if there’s someone better please do not stay because of me do not let me hold you back. Go for it it’ll be ok I’ll learn to make it on my own.
Um idk what to call you but if someone comes along go love them. I promised you something but don’t want to hold you back. Be free love the one who wont leave . I mean look at me im finding someone I can’t even contact . I may not be worth your time but if you do find someone better go for it and if it does turn out I will be right here friends to hold you I will always be right here.

anonymous asked:

Me and this girl I work with have kinda been seeing each other. She's told me she loves me and my feelings for her are getting stronger everytime I see her. She has fiancé that is a guy. She says she's gonna leave him but she's scared. What do I do?

You’re not gonna like my answer, but this is the thing: she’s way too committed to her fiance to leave you. Chances are, he might already be in on it too. At least, that’s what it seems like. I don’t see this type of thing having a happy ending. If you really want her to leave her boyfriend, the best thing that you can probably do is see another woman at the same time as her. It will stir the pot of jealousy and make her realize that you have value with others. But my ethical advice would be to date another girl and leave her or date another girl at the same time. 

I’m probably gonna get chewed out for this, but if she’s engaged to him, chances are she’s not leaving him. 

“He must have known I’d want to leave you.”
“No, he must have known you would always want to come back.”
-J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)

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