The Grape Juice Trick

In our bird clubs we go to, there are many good tricks and information we learn there. I have learned this particular trick from one of the bird club’s president. He learned it from someone else, who learned it from someone else.

The Grape Juice Trick is to help teach your bird how to take medicine from a syringe. Currently, we have a hedgehog who is sick, and we’re having to give her medicine 2 times a day, so I thought this would be worth sharing with birblr.

(The info is under the cut)

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It’s getting harder to only want to stain the bath red with roses but I don’t have my razors anymore.
I planted them in a garden because I was promised they’d help it grow.
Because breaking open skin doesn’t fix the roots of my problems, and crimson rain doesn’t make rainbows in the end, it only makes scars.
It’s doesn’t help to think that I couldn’t bury my spade and pitchfork too,
But I don’t know what else to do because I promised you, but I thought you were promising me too.
I thought you understood, and maybe you did but your mind got lost in the grape vines, and I think you’ve forgotten it all.
The only reason I don’t go out and dig up the flowers that have grown over my blades is because I know I would get an infection if I did.
And I’m really sorry that it’s not for you and it’s not for myself.

something-to-pass-the-time  asked:

Boys I'm going out shopping, do you need me to pick anything up? I might bring some cupcakes home too, any suggestions?

“Can you get goobers? Strawberry though. I don’t want them if they I let have grape”

“We’re kinda low on milk”

“Some fruit would be cool. Strawberries are in season, right? We should go strawberry picking”

(Matt, Ben, Kylo)