Tackling the Flag Pole

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Summary: Steve pops a boner (no smut, just awkwardness).

Everything that could go wrong on this mission, had. The intel was so bad, it’d have been kinder to send you in blind. You looked over at Steve and noticed even he was starting to look tired. As if feeling your eyes on him, he faced you with a reassuring smile, not seeing the missile that was being aimed at him. 

“STEVE!” You bolted toward him, reaching him just in time for the thing to miss you both and hit the wall behind you. You tackled him, and seeing pieces of the building about to fall on both of you, he yelled for you to curl up and covered as much of you as he could with his shield. 

“Are you ok?” he asked when the dust settled. 

“I think so. What about you?” You had a little room under the rubble to lift your head enough to see him. 

“Yeah, thanks to you,” he smiled gratefully. 

“But no thanks to me, we’re trapped now.” You wiggled your body, trying to feel out how much room you had. You didn’t hear Steve’s breath catch. “Maybe I should try to get up.” 

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first move - ginny/mike -1/1

prompt: “I’m not even sorry.”

“You kissed me.”

Mike blinked at her and snapped the gum between his teeth. Truth be told, having this conversation in the locker room wasn’t the best idea, but they didn’t get much choice given he’d kissed her exactly two feet in front of his cubby. A lesser— possibly smarter— man might’ve found a way to redirect this conversation. That man was not Mike.

Stubborn as ever, he nodded, short and sharp. “Yeah. Yeah, I did.”

Ginny stared up at him, her brow furrowed. “That wasn’t… You can’t just kiss me when we’re arguing. That’s not how this works.”

“I didn’t kiss you because we were arguing. You wanna hear you were right? You were right.”

“Thank you. But, that doesn’t let you off the hook.”

“Jesus, all right.” He rolled his eyes to the ceiling. “I kissed you because…”

She stared at him impatiently and tipped her head. “Because?

He frowned. “Because I wanted to. All right, Baker?”

“Is that supposed to be a better excuse?”

He scoffed a laugh and cast his gaze away. “Wasn’t aware I was comin’ up with excuses. You wanted a reason, I gave you one.”

“Maybe I wanted a better one, Old Man.” 

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So the transformation device for the second Rider has been added to… the cast page of TV Asahi’s sight. That Rider’s name has been of some debate. 

クローズ / Kurōzu

At first, I and several others went directly to Close. Which seemed like an odd name. Others went with Claws, because that kinda makes sense in the dragon motif. If you wanna get technical, that spelling could also be Clothes or Crows, but those are extremely out of place. 

The file name for this image, however, is Cross. So that’s… an interesting take. Cross would more likely be spelled “Kurosu” but some words do end up having multiple spellings, so… shrug? 

With Blood Stalk’s name causing plenty debate as is, I feel the need to tell people to just WAIT until this Rider debuts, because TV Asahi will immediately give you a direct answer on the name spelling. 

anonymous asked:

You're writing is to die for btw. Your characterization of both frank and karen is so on point. You write them so elegantly! I have a Kastle prompt for you. Karen gets attacked and before Frank can get to her she stabs her attacker but before he dies frank shoots him in the face so later when karen is having a panic attack franks like "technically I killed him" as he patches her up or something

(Alkshdflk thank you!!) ANGST. ALERT. But that’s kind of expected from the prompt, isn’t it? Lol. Hope this works for you! <3

The blood won’t wash off.

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Club Confusion Pt. 13

Part 12 

Word Count: 1,529

A/N: Okay, I am so freaking sorry about the wait, and also, I’m sure there is like a million screw ups. I need sleep my dudes 

Tags: @wrestlingnoob @dorkyvillain @thegenericluchadora @laziestgirlintheworld @reigns420 @villainsqueendom @alexahood21 @bolieve-that @kingslayers-angel @phenomenal-forearm @vipervenomisgoodforyou @i-ship-it-okay @karleedaniels27 @rebelfleur22 @g0lden-sunset @originalbish98

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Something that makes me laugh is how the number of Kent Parson’s canonical appearances shrinks the more somebody dislikes him.

So the way it seemed to me when I joined fandom last year was, he was in three episodes (five pages, face or words in 18 panels if you wanna get technical) and a bunch of extras but people would say “He’s only been in three comics!”

Then it was “he’s only in three pages!”

Now (after he’s shown up in two more episodes, and been mentioned in three others) people are like “WHY does ANYBODY care about him, he was only in  t h r e e   p a n e l s”

CHECK IN NEXT MONTH, when people will claim that Kent Parson has only appeared in background scenes and has no relevance to the narrative at all!

Lets talk about Jonerys everyone

The main complaint with this ship is the incest and when I was 14 I would have been like “Ew gross!” because anything fictional that fell out of the realm of what my christian parents said was normal, I hated.

As I got older, my horizons for fiction widened and I became more accepting of stories. I accepted what was considered a norm in a fictional universe. The fact is, Targaryens are written in the Game of Thrones universe as inbreeders to keep the bloodline pure. They are known for doing this. So, even if you take away the fact that they don’t know they’re related, it’s normal for people in their house to be together in this way. You may not like it but that is the universe these characters are existing in. In fact, it’s highly possible that Jon will be able to give Dany a child BECAUSE he is also Targaryen. Bloodlines, dude. Targaryens are a weird bunch.

This brings up another point people make: Jaime and Cersei. “How can you like Jon and Dany and not Jaime and Cersei?” Because it’s a totally different situation? Lannisters are not known to inbreed for purity reasons. Jaime and Cersei knew they were related and grew up together. Siblings are, if you wanna get technical, closer incestually than an Aunt and a Nephew. Not to mention, their relationship is abusive and terrible as well.

If you’re still crying “It still doesnt matter! It’s icky incest!” All I have to say is: You’re watching a show that featured incest more than once before Jonerys and talked about incest in the Targaryen family and…you’re surprised this happened? Really? Why? This show is not known for catering to our perception of normality. Plus a man and woman who are written as last of their house and you expect the writer not to save the existence of the bloodline? Come on.

So, to sum up, it makes sense in the universe the writer has created and no one made you watch a show with incest in it. Calm the fuck down y'all. Damn.


Someone asked me to sculpt @zarla-s ‘s Handplates edition Sans and Papyrus…well, WDG-1 S and WDG-2 P, if you wanna get technical about it. WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY GROW UP TO BE.  but yeah…mitten hand chibis was the best I can do. I am not leveled up enough to sculpt tiny bones.

(I should be saying this on all of my posts, but I DO TAKE REQUESTS if anyone likes what I do!  Feel free to shoot me an ask!)

Wedge - Chapter 6

Summary: After being unsatisfied with their lives, Dipper and Mabel move back to Gravity Falls to reopen the Mystery Shack, and something scary and new starts bubbling under the surface. But the sudden appearance of a third party throws even their sibling relationship into chaos.

[Chp 1] [Chp 2] [Chp 3] [Chp 4] [Chp 5] [Chp 7]


Chapter 6 – Substitution

The thick tension that had characterized his and Tyrone’s first week and a half all but collapsed after their heart-to-heart. A lot of the pieces were still on the floor, causing the occasional trip and stumble, but it wasn’t so hard anymore, to look each other in the face, to stay in the same room, to work together.

It was easy for Dipper to see the benefits. They really did work twice as fast when they split up tasks properly, since they never really had to refer to one another for clarification. They could consolidate their separate efforts quickly, knowing exactly how to explain and summarize to each other as productively as possible. Dipper was a force to be reckoned with when he had a copy of himself to back him up.

It wasn’t something he was unaware of. He had doubled up on Dippers in the past to get things done (decupled, if you wanna get technical), and up until he had to destroy them all it hadn’t gone TERRIBLY. He’d gone way overboard, and his goal at the time was at best misguided and at worst manipulative, but for a brief few minutes he had managed to work together with himself to accomplish something.

Not that he hadn’t learned his lesson. Dipper could be his own worst enemy sometimes, even when there was one of him, and the wisdom of age had clued him into just how ethically dicey it had been to create a full 10 other existences based on himself. In some ways, that had contributed to his discomfort around his full-powder clone.

But Tyrone, this Tyrone, was different. The potency of the powder this time around gave him something the copier clones never had, but to explain what that something was exactly was beyond his capabilities. Dipper just understood it as this crystal clear clarity that Tyrone was more Dipper than any other Dipper clone had been.

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Sso needs to stop giving such conflicting responses about the wild horse glitch. I’ve heard of two instances where people were told by support it was ok that they use it, and now the Instagram team got mad at people for it???

Either give a concrete no answer to EVERYONE or don’t complain when some people use it while ignoring others. It’s just bad communication, and makes them look bad as a company.

Sso can’t take action based on a social media post either way, if I wanted to I could make my Instagram say I was lea or Allie but I’m not either of them. Like if I put my bio as one of their names would sso ban them? That would cause lots of people to imitate just to get those they have a grudge with banned. And even if they get my name if I choose to not list my server in my bio how do they know what region I’m in? Usernames can be reused in different regions, my UK account has the same name as my main NA one. Plus, Instagram photos are usually edited. How do they know people didn’t edit the rider out? I’ve seen it done. So if they attempt to ban because of an Instagram post, they could ban the wrong person over a photo that’s actually edited and not from the wild glitch

If you wanna get REALLY technical, the wild glitch isn’t even a glitch, but I won’t go there right now.

anonymous asked:

Again, nothing special. 3 down, 12 to go. Still no sweaty palms, bc 12 more. It's human nature to feel for someone; unless you wanna get technical w/what constitutes as emotional cheating, did she cheat or thought of cheating? Appreciate her honesty. This style reminds me of Superman: she says "wishing the flowers were from you" & in BTD she said she let the roses die. Difference is, as far as we know, Tom never hurt her(if this is about Tom. What's his eye color?) Was she bored w/Calvin?

When you’re me and you hear three songs that don’t interest you, and those are the first three she wanted out there in the world, it’s really time to sweat.  

Modern paranormal/mythology AU tho.

Like, Greed’s a demon, particularly one that specializes in making & trading deals, but he’s kinda bad at his job because he always ends up pointing out the flaws in said deals without meaning to. Like “are you honestly sure you wanna sell your soul? I’m just sayin’, it seems kinda extreme considering you’re just trying to find a partner.” He’s honestly probably the most chill devil you could find. Like, instead of following the herd like his siblings & trying to cause as much chaos & destruction as possible, he’s just kinda hanging out & doing his own thing. (He runs a bar for his fellow paranormal creatures & stuff, but it’s more kind of a safe haven than anything else.)

And Ling (also Mei, Coulomb, and really all of his siblings if you wanna get technical) comes from a long line of very powerful, very talented magic users, and don’t get me wrong, while he’s completely all ‘let me use these powers to gain status and stuff in my family’, he’s also that guy that’s like ‘wow, do you think I could summon a whole Taco Bell if I tried hard enough?’ He sometimes does odd jobs for money with his magic, and one day he has a client that asks him to help them summon a demon but he kinda messes up some of the chant & summons Greed accidentally instead of the demon he was supposed to call on.

So basically Greed gets pulled to this random apartment while he’s in the middle of showering or getting cereal or something, and Ling’s just like “oops, sorry. (btw you’re cute, wow.)” And long story short, he ends up “accidentally” summoning him quite a few more times before Greed just gives him his number.

And when they finally start dating, Ling’s entirely expecting Greed to be this dangerous, all-powerful guy with little to no morals. But nope, he ends up being this nerd that fawns over baby werewolves & thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to set his ringtone as 'Sympathy for the Devil.’ And Greed, having heard plenty about Ling’s clan, is more than wary of the guy who could potentially snap his fingers and raise hell, but Ling’s sitting there freaking quoting Gandalf before using spells & pointing out inaccuracies in Wicked. And they’ll sometimes go on jobs together to sort out paranormal issues. Like, whoops there’s a haunting down the street, let’s take care of it, or hey there’s a new coven of vampires in town causing trouble, let’s stop them. And Ling makes a shit ton of cheesy puns when he’s with Greed. Like it’s constant. He’s just walking around like “wow, Greed, you’re hot as hell” or pointing out weird things like “hey, Greed, what the devil is that?” And Greed’s just sitting there contemplating how he got himself into this.

And their friends are literally wondering how they got so unlucky that these nerds got together & now they have to deal with all their dumb jokes.