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(nervous trans anon returns) Hey everybody who's saying stuff like "oh Jeremy's leaving the fandom" or "He's just gonna draw like 2 things and he'll be done" listen, so what? If it makes Jere happy, that's what matters, right? Do you think saying these things will make him WANT to do more? Because if you ask me, I don't think so. I'd feel pretty bad if people were saying these kind of things to me and doubting me so much. (1/4)

Please understand that Jere’s gonna do what Jere’s gonna do and if it makes /HIM/ happy then that should be enough. Comparing him to others who are clearly WAY WORSE is a huge no no also, people do that to me and it makes me feel like shit. So come on, take this in a mature way. I guess yes the FNAFdom is pretty dead, but even if it was 100% alive Jeremy would still have every right to leave. (2/4)
You can be in multiple fandoms at once, it’s not impossible. And if a fandom just doesn’t cater to your interests anymore you can leave if you please. It’s like this: when you’re a kid you’ll like stuff like Dora the explorer. When you’re older you probably won’t like it anymore and you’ll go for something new. It’s the exact same with fandoms. (¾)
And think of it like this, if Jere does happen to leave, who says it has to end there? Make your own ideas, create your own stories, contribute to the AU(s) Jeremy has created, hell, create your own AUs and just don’t stop creating until you WANT to stop. Do what makes you happy, so long you’re not hurting anyone, okay?  Sorry that was long as fuck hhA (4/4)


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Hello! Can I get a ship, please? I'm a 5'6" bundle of sarcasm and lame puns, but on the surface I'm often thought to be intimidating due to my resting bitch face. ESFP. I have a high tolerance to bs and hardly lose my temper, but when I do, it's pretty bad. I'm a pretty good listener, but not the best at offering comfort. Am mature when need be. My hobbies include anything to do with literature and the arts. I'd risk looking dumb to make people I care about smile. Thank you! Love this blog!! <3

I ship you with…Seungkwan!

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Okay so you seem like pretty opposite types of people, but hear me out. He talks a lot. We all know this. Someone with a lot of patience and listening skills is honestly so important for him, and he’d really appreciate you. But if he did manage to somehow push your buttons just right and make you get angry, it’d probably be good to put him in his place a little. 

He’d love it when you acted silly to try and make him feel better when he’s down, so his favorite kind of date would be going with you the mall and running from store to store trying on crazy outfits and goofing around. It’d just be a blast whenever you were together, though, no matter what you were doing.

- Marcy ♡

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how does that lyric degrade her... ur reaching...

“I made that bitch famous” lol idk about you but to me that’s a pretty degrading thing to say right there. Listen, like I said before, if you’re gonna come for my opinions at least let your name stand behind them. You don’t get to chose what does and doesn’t make me uncomfortable and I’m not gonna sit back and let people tell me what happened was justifiable. On either side tbh.

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It makes me sad that Ariana's promo is so bad, because people just know her for being a bitchy pop-diva who makes mainstream pop music, and doesn't bother to listen to her other music (you know, the good music). Like over half of the comments on the into you mv were about donutgate and her looking like a 12 year-old, like do some promo!!!! Make people know that she actually has incredible songs!!!!

:/ she’s gotta get herself a better PR team to show off her good bits (and a better hair stylist/make up stylist/ lyricist/ manager/ etc for the same reasons). I’m pretty sure what you’re talking about is publicity/ reputation issues which is the PR people. You’re so right that she needs a great push in that department because they’re definitely sleeping on the job.

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oh, please please please don't cut. i know that in the moment it seems like the best thing but it isn't. I am sending you all of the hugs and love in the universe right now. Your blog has become a safe space for me because it shows me that I'm not alone in my questioning of pretty much everything. I admire you so much because you've come out to people and I cannot fathom what that was like because I'm too fucking scared. basically, just wanted to send you a little love note. Please stay safe. xx

i already did :( but i feel a little better now. i’m listening to I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by MCR on repeat and i’m gonna make a little art thing of the song’s title. but like…i just feel kinda shitty right now and idek why. imma play the sims for a bit; i’ve got a whole family’s lives planned out and i need to make it happen. i should post screenshots, actually…

anyway, i’m doing a bit better, and while the coping mechanism i used isn’t the healthiest, fact is, it works. i’m kinda upset bc i’d been clean for like three months now. but shit happens, i guess, and i’m kinda in a nihilistic mood anyway.

idk i just feel like shit and i need to kinda distract myself rather than keep thinking about it. so imma go draw emo shit and play the sims and listen to my chemical romance.