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Nickname: ayan (ah-yahn) which is also basically my real name idk i dont have any nicknames but i do want to be called “a” because i heard beyonce call alicia “a” in this one song they did together called “put it in a love song” and alicia was like ayo b and beyonce was like what up a?

Gender: female

Zodiac Sign: leo

Height: 5′10 i think???

Hogwarts House:  gryffindor

Favourite Colour: pink : )

Time Right Now: 12:22 am

Average Hours of Sleep: i never sleep lmao

Lucky Number: 7

Last Thing I Googled: cinderella and the four knights ! its a good kdrama watch it 

Blankets I Sleep With: one 

Favourite Bands: fave kpop bands: seventeen obvi, monsta x, and knk i dont really listen to many american bands but for solo artists lately ive been listening to j. cole 

Dream Trip: ive always wanted to go to hawaii tbh

Wearing Right Now: hoodie and a dress

Age of Blog: this blog is hella new

Following: 284

Posts: 967

What I Post About: mainly kpop and memes 

When Did My Blog Reach Its Peak: two weeks ago i think ?

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Personal Trivia Thingy.

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countries i’ve lived in: God, too many to list. If you seriously want the whole list just leave me an ask.

favorite fandom: SPN. No question.

languages i speak: English, minor Russian, Spanish, french, minor German, a little Italian, a little Greek (yeah, I know), Welsh, Gaelic, fandom.

favorite film of 2015: Crimson peak probably

last article i read: the history of Eric Kripke

shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here:

Breakfast in America - Supertramp
Hedwig’s theme - Harry Potter
What’s the matter - milo Greene

last thing you bought online:

Some canvas paper

any phobias or fears?:

Aerosol cans, prawns (more of a hatred)

how would your friends describe you:

Loud, reckless, un-self preserving, protective

how would your enemies describe you:


who would you take a bullet for?:

Anybody who didn’t deserve the gun pointed at them.

if you had money to spare what would you buy first:

A social life

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Nickname: JJong, yeah I know that’s a long story

Gender: Girl

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 169 cm WAIT LET ME GOOGLE THE OTHER WAY 5′5 (?????) I have no idea

Hogwarts House: I actually have no idea, I did the test three times and I got Hufflepuff, then Gryffindor and then Ravenclaw :^) you can’t put me in a box

Favourite Colour: Black

Time Right Now: 22:44 OR OH WAIT 10:44pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 or 12, there’s no in between

Lucky Number: I don’t believe in lucky numbers but I like 20

Last Thing I Googled: “169cm in feet” ahaha

Blankets I Sleep With: Right now 1 but usually 3

Favourite Bands: SHINee

Dream Trip: Jerusalem 

Wearing Right Now: Blue night vest with pink shorts that have cats on them

Age of Blog: I have no clue, maybe 4 (??)

Following: 830

Posts: 27,173

What I Post About: SHINee and things I randomly see and like

When Did My Blog Reach Its Peak: Never (?) ahaha

URL: spiceytaemin but I have no explanation for that, it’s not even spicy, I really don’t know ahaha

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Personal Trivia Tag Game pt. 5

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countries i’ve lived in:

Only America

favorite fandom: 

Supernatural, since that’s the only one i’m apart of really

languages i speak:

favorite film of 2015:
I don’t really remember any of the movies I watched that came out last year.. Hmm maybe Crimson Peak?

last article i read:
Something about a local accident that happened

shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here:
From the playlist I was listening to earlier. Man in the wilderness // Styx, Night moves // Bob Seger, Sister Christian // Jensen Ackles

last thing you bought online:
Some SPN merch

any phobias or fears?:
Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, whales, fireworks, lots more

how would your friends describe you:
Shy, quiet, smart, good listener

how would your enemies describe you:
I don’t think I have any lol

who would you take a bullet for?:
My parents, my animals even

if you had money to spare what would you buy first:

Depending on how much $, some new clothes. Or a new (to me) car

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The Mall of America was amazing. Imagine the perfect mall then make it better. It has everything. Then it adds some more things.

Shops? Sure, double of some. Food? Sure, anything you like. Parking? Free. Amusement parks? Okay, let’s put a roller coaster, water ride, zip line and a half dozen others. Aquarium? Why not. Hotel? Well of course you need one.

I’ve never had so much fun shopping in my life. I’d take a vacation just to shop here.


Big Watermelon Wolves :> !!

Little by little they come to say hi ! The first wolf feels better now and even have a big smile at the end =) 

Watermelon’s sport :>

The little one can’t stop !!!!! 

I put the French way to write numbers from one to nine ! You can see that the six is the same as the English one but the Pronunciation is a little different :

 in French, we say six like “Sis” not saying the “x”.

Also Wolf in french is Loup and Watermelon is Pastèque ^^ 

This photo inspired me a lot, I can imagine a forest full of wolves with watermelons with them =D 

I hope that you will remember the numbers with those animations ^^ 

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hey you said you'd pull out receipts for Rowaelin being abusive. If you don't mind I'd like to see them pls I'd like to see the proof. Personally, I don't find anything abusive about the ship... I'd like to see your reasoning.

well put on your reading glasses girlies because i’ve brought the receipts so let’s get ready to read!

1. doesn’t matter what she said, he still shouldn’t have laid a hand on her so don’t come at me trying to justify this 

2.  and this is the man y’all love, the one that threatens to whip her knowing what her treatment in the slave mines was…okay let’s continue because the read is not done just yet!

3. he bit her knowing that biting is a sexual act for the fae and it was without her consent…do i even need to explain how wrong this is and none of you rowaelin stans better come in my askbox trying to justify this because you can’t. next!

4. this declaration of love, i’m swooning #otpgoals let’s not forget that he’s saying this to someone he knows is clearly depressed 😍

5. lol if this doesn’t let you know what his behaviour is doing to her

6. all she wanted was to try and be friends with him (which she shouldn’t have even attempted because he’s trash and a waste of time) and this is how your man rowrat treats her. still don’t see how y’all ship this

7. everyone else can see what he is doing to her but you guys can’t??? tragic.

these were just the quick receipts i’ve gathered from HOF, but don’t forget he is still an asshole in QOS and this ship came out of fucking nowhere and should go back because who asked. anyways loving aelin but shipping her with this toxic mess, can’t relate. 

and this brings us to the end of the toxic rowaelin read ✌️

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I'm a waitress at a diner type place, and i end up with several customers that say a bible passage, "God will help you!", or "I'll pray for you!" as a form of a tip. I'm sorry but unless god can come into my house with bags of money, he's not going to fix my problems. I'm not making 7.25 an hour like others are. I get paid 2.13 an hour. The wage I make pretty much covers my rent and electric/water bill. Tips pay my phone bill and pay for food so I can eat.

If prayers were actually currency we’d all be poorer because I highly doubt these cheap fucks are actually praying for anyone except themselves. They’d be better off just putting 0 since that’s essentially what it is and they just want to look like they’re not an asshole by giving the lie of prayer. -Abby


here is my original song i wrote about the foxhole court series (are y’all suprised i’m too obsessed) ft. my cat running through the video trying to play guitar and then laying on my lyric sheets

also i have been nursing a cold so my voice is not where i would like it to be but i want to get some feedback to what people think so there!

lyrics below the cut!!

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Maya, this night out is reminding me of when you were speculating months ago about how Douis came to be and you said it was unnecessarily rough to put him into a second stunt on top of the first. As glad as I am he's gotten some distance in babygate, it feels like between that, D, and the stalkers... they've always got him performing. I guess I don't really have a question, it just looks exhausting to do this hand-holding each time when it more and more makes them look like miserable strangers.

Oh, I remember, anon, and I totally stand by that, still now. 

As I said, I don’t pretend I have half a clue about what they do, why and how, I don’t have answers most of the time, but I know what isn’t what. And I really really don’t think Danielle was brought in as a scapegoat from babygate by the Azoffs or whoever is supposedly out there to help Louis. Has her presence possibly been used by them, and possibly going to be used again in the future, as a tool in the narrative that should free Louis? Yeah. Was she deliberately called in to be of help to Louis’s situation (while obviously been offered some profit on her part)? In my opinion absolutely not. Unless we’re here discussing the possibility of Louis willingly choosing this. Which I’m not. 

It’s enough to see whose projects she’s been attached to, what events she’s followed Louis to and the MO through which she was introduced. It’s also very likely that her original contract contemplated very different terms and limits, but the “she’s there to keep Briana away and let him live better” excuse has stopped making sense more than 6 months ago, if you ask me. 

Submission from anon

I thought I’d send you this for your entertainment ;) Hope you feel better soon! 

Okay, she would do it slowly. This was not a plaster you just rip off, this was something she had to approach carefully, she knew that much.

Mary Winchester was not a stupid woman and she knew her husband long enough. John was not a bad man, or unkind, or close minded. He just… he just needed time to adjust to new things. My god, had he been offended when she had bought a hybrid car! Nothing like that in his garage! But after a while even he had to admit that it was very silent and probably better for the environment than the muscle cars he collected.

But this was different. This was not a car she just bought and put in front of their house for him to get used to. This was her child, who would actually care if John glared at him for weeks every time he walked by.

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Better Watch That Mouth

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you’d feel like writing a Crowley x Reader where reader is turned on by seeing demons flash their eyes.

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (please be safe), explicit language

Word Count: 4438

There was enough tension in your mind and body to bring you to your knees, but you kept walking through Hell’s hallways, two demons at your side. Your wrists were bound by iron cuffs, their weight making your very bones ache. So, you got in a bit of trouble. Demon trouble. You were just establishing yourself as an experienced hunter until you fell into one of Crowley’s traps, putting you in the current bad situation. “Oh, come on, guys. I’m sure Crowley is way too busy to see me,” you tried to coax your way out of being brought to Crowley for your intended punishment for slicing and dicing your way through his supply of minions.

“Shut it,” one of the demons snapped, smacking his hand against the back of your head.

You stumbled forward a bit from the sharp blow, your eyes immediately narrowing in anger. “Try that again and I’ll rip your-”

“There you are. I was starting to worry that she had staked you two idiots to the wall and escaped,” a familiar voice broke through your threat, forcing three pairs of eyes onto the approaching King of Hell. He stopped a few feet in front of you, a daring look within those hazel eyes. “Y/N, wish we were meeting under different circumstances, but you insist on pissing me off,” Crowley murmured, blinking once to flash those crimson eyes of his, an angered warning in the action. He blinked once more, and the normal hazel coloring returned.

Something stirred within you at the sight of those demonic eyes, heat flaring beneath the surface. There was something about that brief switch in appearance that made your breath hitch, a certain energy churning in the pit of your stomach. However, with it being the King of Hell in front of you, you forced that sudden feeling of arousal away and focused on trying to save your ass from damnation. “I’m just doing my job, like you do yours. So, if you minded your own business we wouldn’t have this problem,” you mouthed off right to his face, expressing a look of defiance. Maybe pissing him off even more wasn’t the best way to ensure your escape, but it did amuse you to no end.

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things you said under the stars and in the grass

“Remind me again, why are we doing this?” Damon wiggled around, kicking at the end of his sleeping bag. “We have a house with beds and heat and–” He slapped at his cheek. “No mosquitoes!” 

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “It’s for the experience. We never do normal things. We’re always hunting down the latest bad guy and just trying to survive the week.” 

“So, we rent a nice cabin with a fireplace and and a bear skin rug. We don’t sleep on the ground.” 

“Stop whining. Look, we’re here until Sunday. Maybe if you’d put up the tent like I asked…” 

“Right because a thin layer of nylon between me and the ground would definitely make this better.” 

“We had an air mattress, but somebody didn’t bring the air pump!” 

“I’m hearing a lot of blame here, Bonnie. But we wouldn’t be out here at all if it wasn’t for you.” 

“All I wanted was for us to have a nice, normal experience. You didn’t complain when we were having s’mores or skinny dipping in the lake.“

“Yes, and now I’m in a sleeping bag, alone, cold and getting eaten alive.”

“If I knew you were going to complain this much, I would’ve invited Caroline instead. She wouldn’t have forgotten anything!”

“Yeah, but everything you did would be according to her camping itinerary. You need me around for spontaneity!”

“Spontaneously go to sleep then.” 

He sighed, long and loud, and Bonnie glared up at the star littered sky. This was not how this was supposed to go, at all. But there was no changing it, at least not tonight. Maybe she’d cut their trip short and head home tomorrow. But there was no way she was getting out of this sleeping bag. 

Five full minutes passed before he whispered, “Bonnie?”

She ignored him. 


A rustling noise followed and then– bump

Damon rolled himself over until he was pressed right up against her, bundled up to his shoulders in sleeping bag. He stared at the side of her face, and then shuffled even closer and rubbed his nose against her cheek. “I suck. I’ll set the tent up in the morning and if I have to blow up the air mattress with my own two lungs, I will.” 

She bit her lip to keep from smiling. “You do suck. I wanted this to be fun.” 

“And it is, mostly. I was a big fan of the skinny-dipping part…” 

She rolled her eyes. “Uh-huh.”

“Forgive me?” 


He grinned. “What are the chances we can zip these sleeping bags together…?

Bonnie laughed and turned to. “Fifty-fifty.” 

“Yeah?” He ducked his head down and pressed a kiss to her neck. “What can I do to increase my odds?” 

She smiled. “You’ll figure something out…”  

pandowl  asked:

I was surprised to hear you hate a lot of your art! Every piece you have uploaded here has been gorgeous! All your characters have such natural anatomy and poses, like they have been photographed without their knowing. The unguarded expressions and faces that have a wonderful mix of realism and cartoonishness are always a delight. It really gives your artwork an intimate vibe. Thank you for sharing it with us! I hope your electricity stops being tripped and you feel better soon (づ◡﹏◡)づ

What you see is what i can just about bear to look at on my page. Some of them i like, I can appreciate when I do a pic and it turns out good. most i tolerate.

These are a few of my folders

I missed circling some but yeah vast majority are gross to me

I’d like to rework some but I’m nto motivate to do it a lot of the time

The circled ones are the ones ive put online. There’s many more folders of art. I do like aspects of some of these but I dislike too much of them to feel comfortable putting them online.

You’re very kind though and it means the world to me to have this reassurance when i feel so crap about my art. Gonna post some now as a thank you.

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Okay so. I am in pain. Major cramps hate being a female oh my god. Took my prescribed pain meds and they didn't work WOW THANKS MEDS. Could I get a he'd anon of what the Paladins + Coran and Matt would do for their s/o when they in this kind of situation (maybe it will put my mind off the pain..)

I feel your pain! I went through the same thing last week and I literally couldn’t even write! I hope these make you feel better, sorry I couldn’t get to them earlier!


  • He literally treats you like royalty, if you ever need anything at all he’s going to get it for you. He’ll probably already know what you’re going to need, so expect a tray of chocolates, a heating pad, and plenty of water by your bedside.
  • If you’re in a lot of pain then he will sit with you and hand you the heating pad in order to help ease the pain. He will also mention taking some painkillers or other medication afterwards so that it doesn’t come back as strong.
  • You’re going to get his jacket literally the entire week. If you ever get really emotional then he zips it up all the way to cover your face and that sometimes cheers you up. Also, it smells like him so it will most likely calm you down a bit. He will also be your shoulder to cry on if it ever comes to that.


  • He’s not quite sure what to do at first but he want to help because you’re obviously in pain. He will carry you to his room where he can keep an eye on you in case the cramps start up again. He will ask you what you need so many times, but if you’re in too much pain to answer then he’ll start playing with your hair to give you something else to focus on.
  • He lets you cling to him during particularly bad cramps and he will also just hold you if you need him to. He won’t say much because he’s not sure what to say, but he won’t leave your side no matter how restless he gets.
  • He will strongly urge you to take medicine, if you don’t or it doesn’t work then you’re going to be babied the entire time, not that it’s a bad thing, then you just get to rest while he takes care of everything you need to do so that you can rest and get your strength back.


  • He absolutely hates seeing you in pain and he will try to do anything he can to help you. If you’re having a certain craving or just want some chocolate then he’ll get it for you right away, you won’t have to wait long for anything as long as Hunk is taking care of you.
  • He insists that you rest to that you’re not exhausting yourself or having to take breaks from the pain. He tries to stay with you most of the time and he will always come right back if you need him.
  • He makes sure that your medicine either has a good flavor or not much of one so that it doesn’t upset your stomach. He wants to make sure that you’re completely comfortable the entire time and will cuddle with you any chance he gets.


  • She knows exactly what you’re going through and knows the best ways to help. She’s going to make sure that you’re away from others when you have bad cramps so that you don’t feel so overcrowded.
  • There is always a heating pad around at all times, but she makes sure that you don’t overuse it, it wouldn’t be fun to have burns on top of cramps. She  also will cuddle with you if you get upset or knows when to leave you alone for a little while if you’re angry.
  • She will cuddle with you and makes sure that you’re always in a comfortable position in which it’s easy to curl up from. She won’t judge you for most of your actions during this time and doesn’t mind it if you randomly want to cuddle with her.


  • He will literally cater to your every need. He will carry you anywhere you need to go and get you everything you need even if your cramps aren’t that bad at the time. He feels so bad that you’re in pain and he will try everything he can to help.
  • He will use his hand as a heating pad if you ask nicely, which is wonderful because he will massage where it hurts and it helps with the pain so much. He takes so much time out of his schedule in order to check up on you and make sure you’re comfortable.
  • He’s seen you doubled over in pain before because of cramps and he doesn’t want to see it again so he’s going to make you take some form of medicine. If it doesn’t end up working or if you outright refuse then he’s going to stay right by your side during the worst moments.


  • He’s not quite sure what to do with periods because Altean’s don’t have the exact same thing. He tries to help the best he can though and he’s willing to learn for the next time.
  • If you ask for anything he won’t ask why until he gets back with it so that you don’t have to go longer in pain. He will get you the best Altean medicine he can give you so your cramps will almost go away.
  • If for some reason the medicine doesn’t work then he will stay by your side and will wait for the pain to subside. He won’t ramble as much as he usually does because he realizes that you might want to rest some. He makes sure that you’re comfy and that he’s always nearby if you need anything.


  • He feels you physical pain emotionally. It hurts him so much to see you in pain and he tries his best to comfort you anyway he can. He gives you the best comfort food you could ask for everything is light on your stomach and so you never have to worry about getting sick on top of it.
  • He will take you out stargazing if you can’t sleep at night because of the pain. He wants to take your mind off things and even if that doesn’t work then the night breeze may still feel really good.
  • He will feed you your medicine as if the spoon is a space ship if you refuse taking it yourself. You can’t help but laugh and he uses that to his advantage. He won’t leave until it takes affect and even then he will never be gone for long,

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I don't know which thought belongs to you. But it doesn't matter, the matter is that now that u have showed clearly frisk is not a boy or a girl, so people had better not describe them neither him or her when sending an"ask" or discuss them in public to show respect for the author and the work, right?But still have a small question: Which one you prefer? If the former is okay, could some people draw frisk as a girl/a boy considering certain drawing demands? Hope these words would not offend u.

It’s like both, but the second option suits better, actually !

Thank you very much for understanding, sweetheart ;u; It’s really nice of you supporting the cause like this <3 

Oh love, don’t worry, I don’t get offended easily !
For the little question, I prefer none of these choices. I’d like to explain why but my brain doesn’t seem to want and start finding the right words to put on my feelings, I’m quite confused, sorry OTL
People can draw Frisk feminine, or masculine, whatever they want since gender doesn’t equal sex, so you can basically give Frisk an infinity of possibilities !