//You know, now that I think about it, I’m actually rather grateful Next Level Games went with the outdated Indian stereotype of “mystic magic man in a turban” for Great Tiger rather than actual modern-ish stereotypes of Indians. Call center operator? Tech expert? An unflattering womanizer? Always worshiping cows? Rides an elephant as a vehicle? No thank you.

Clearly they should make him a Bollywood stereotype considering he’s from Mumbai–well, they kind of did with the TD victory animation. Well, that’s what I’m going for, at least. Bollywood is so fun to make fun of.

Tag 10 people you’d like to know better!

I was tagged by @chokemewithjaehyunschoker, thanks girl! I liked our little chat last time :)

Gender: Female
Relationship status: worshipping God of the Sun and Extraness, serving the King of Bluff and Random Friendships, Jackson Wang. 
Sign: Libra. If you know what that means, that’s what i am. (so cryptic wtf)
Pets: I have a delightful little kitty that loves me but pukes on my couch for sports
Wake up/sleep time: I’m an evening/night person so i usually stay up until like 2-3am , but my parents never let me sleep in and wake me around 9:30. (sleeping in for me means until like 1pm…) lol same though i need to change this before college starts again…
Lemonade/sweat tea: depends on whether it’s self-made, organic lemonade…then yes lemonade
Dogs or cats: i don’t have to answer that one since it’s a trick question
Coke or pepsi: uhh…no sugary things pls
Day or night: Night i guess?
Make up or natural: Make up! Though i’m trying not to wear any for a while to let my skin breathe and hopefully get it unblemished. so far it’s working :)
Smile or eyes: FUCK THIS IS HARD but i’m going for smile!! WAIT! EYE SMILE??
Light or dark hair: why are you doing this to meeee. I swoon for both, it depends on what suits the guy the most ;) for myself: LIGHT HAIR
Intelligence or attraction: uhm…attraction?
Chapstick or lipstick: lipstick is pretty but chapstick is more practical and better for my lips so i’m going for chapstick
Last song I listened to: Whalien by BTS, though Child in Time from Deep Purple is playing now lol
First language: Dutch :))))

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alex-plays-games  asked:

I'm really trying to get my Youtube channel moving forward. I'm willing to put in every ounce of effort I can, but is there a spirit or deity that I can call on to help guide me? Some spirit/deity of success or motivation?

Sorry, I don’t personally worship deities at this point, and I don’t know that much about them. But there are lots of online guides to deities, where you can look them up and what they usually respond to.

What would you like to accomplish with your youtube channel? Popularity? Money? Educational pursuits? Loyal viewership?

I’d recommend looking at online guides, or at tumblr posts (there are probably tons) about deities, and figuring out which fits your needs the best.

a-radioactive-platypus  asked:

28, 31, 32, 57, 59

28. If you could live anywhere in the world here would it be? And why?

I would live at Camp Gilead. hahahaha

It’s the best place on earth that’s why. Christian people, fun activities, thought provoking speakers, great food, friendly competition, sincere enthusiastic worship. I miss camp so much :’/

31. answered!

32. What’s your favorite shade in the rainbow?

what a strange way to ask my favorite color

light blue I guess

57. Tell me a story about the first person you think of who’s name starts with a T

I guess I don’t know very many people whose name starts with a T!

But there was one girl at my old school, her name was Taryn, I was in a drawing class with her. The assignment given to all the girls in her grade (she was like 14 I was 17) was to make a picture for like “world peace day” or something like that so the prompt was “whatever world peace means to you”, all the girls in that grade were doing it, my sister drew a picture of people holding hands etc.

Taryn drew a picture of the earth, with a red colored cross symbol over it. She worked on it for weeks and one week she had come back and the cross had suddenly appeared in the image. I thought it was great. The teacher… didn’t.

She was like “oh…” all disappointed and so I was like watching like what is the problem here bc this teacher never has a problem with anyone’s art.

And she’s just like “Well see the thing is we’re trying to include the whole world here you know, not just people in America? Like you could put a whole bunch of religious symbols on it, you know, including that one, but not like, just that one.”

Poor Taryn of course never dreamed in a million years this would be a criticism. She burst into tears immediately. Now the teacher wasn’t actually mean or anything so when she saw this of course she backed right up and apologized and told her she could draw whatever she wanted. If that hadn’t happened I was prepared to jump right off my seat and defend her because I was bloody pissed. But I tried to offer Taryn some consolation by passing her a note. Because I know what she was trying to say, that Jesus is for the whole world.

59. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

Well it’s hard for me to know, because objectively, I don’t really know how things are received. So I don’t really know who I helped out in the biggest way. I could maybe say the most expensive birthday present I’ve ever given someone. But not the “nicest” thing. *head scratch*

Get to know me game!

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  2. FAVOURITE FANDOM → Supernatural!!
  4. FAVORITE FILM OF 2015 → Star Wars Ep VII- there weren’t a lot of movies I really loved last year.
  5. LAST ARTICLE YOU READ → About censorship on Twitter for Verified account users versus normal users, whether it’s right, and if it’s a violation of amendment rights.
  6. SHUFFLE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY AND PUT YOUR FIRST THREE SONGS HERE → “Ruins of Madain Sari” Final Fantasy IX ost, “Breathe” on WOW Worship 2001, “Carol of the Bells” by trans Siberian Orchestra
  8. ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS? → Being lost or in open water
  10. HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU → Nothing I would remember, I’m sure.
  12. IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST? → Pay off our house, since it’s the only debt we have right now.


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