Show Me Love 2

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Sometimes friends help with one’s romantic dilemmas.  Sometimes, they’re just assholes about it.

Warnings: StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Language (you all know me by now, I mean c’mon), sexual tension, shitty bro talk (I’m bad at it because I’m not a dude, go figure ;P), shitty text images

A/N: Have some Bucky POV!  Also, my love for making Natasha the sassy best friend knows no fucking bounds. I apologize that I couldn’t generate a group text image, but Wanda only texts a couple of times, and I figured they were easy enough to gather that they were hers (She did what??? and anything about Vision lol) Let’s play a game called spot Lena’s crack-ships! ❤️

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“ ‘I think a woman like you deserves to be worshiped’?”  Steve mocked with uproarious laughter as he handed Bucky a beer. “What the hell?”

“Jesus, man I don’t know!  It just slipped out!”

“That is by far the cheesiest line you’ve ever used.  Sam agrees from his stool at the side of the pool table.

“I don’t know, do you remember the line he used on his last girl?” Steve questions as he lines up his shot.  The three of them usually came here on Monday nights to blow off the beginning of the week steam, seeing as they didn’t have any classes to teach on Tuesdays and could sleep in as late as they needed with no repercussions.

“How could I forget? Good ole’ Dot.” Sam muses and Bucky crinkles his nose.

“Dot was a bitch, man.” Shrugging, Sam puts both hands on his pool cue to support his weight as he leans forward, fixing the brunette with a knowing look.

“True, but you’ve never really had good taste in women.  Dot’s a bitch, this chick’s your student-”

“Oh, come on! She’s a Grad student! Mid-twenties at least, give me a break.”  Bucky’s teeth grind.  He never should’ve told these clowns.  But he couldn’t get the image of Y/N on her knees in front of him out of his head.

“Yeah, sure.”  Sam chuckled, bringing his bottle up to his lips. “Cradle robber.”

“Oh what, cuz I’m the only one who’s been attracted to their student, right?”  Bucky’s eyes roll, knowing for a fact they were going to deny it.

“Yes.” The two men chirped in unison, deadpanning their friend. He snorts, taking his own shot, sinking two balls at once.

“Like hell!  Steve, you couldn’t wait until Sharon graduated so you could get in her pants!”  The blonde blushes slightly, raising his hand to rub at the heat collecting at the back of his skull as he blushes.

“Well…yes.  But I waited! Can you imagine what Stark would’ve done if he found out!”

“What do you mean ‘found out’?” Bucky huffs, throwing his arms in the air.
“You’re engaged!”

“It’s been three years since she graduated, he doesn’t have to know.”

“Do my ears deceive me, or is innocent little Stevie keeping a secret from the President?”  Sam chuckles, standing to shrug out of his leather jacket.

“We’re talking about Bucky here, not me!”  Steve huffs, desperately trying to side step out of the spotlight that has been swung from his best friend to him.

“You’re both full of shit because I know for a fact you’re attracted to Romanoff.” Bucky jabs his finger toward a blank-faced Sam.  He merely smirks.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’ve caught you staring.”

“Like you haven’t done it yourself?” Smug bastard thinks he has him.  But he doesn’t, because -

“No, he’s too busy staring at Y/N.” Steve chuckles, taking the words right out of Bucky’s own mind. 

“Suck my dick, Rogers.”

“You sure you wouldn’t rather Y/N do that?” Sam adds on and suddenly Bucky is very tired of being ganged up on.  His lip curls lazily as the Steve and Sam fist bump.

“Look, I never said I would do anything.  I just…she’s smart, y’know?  Insanely.  She’s always engaged in my lectures, always digging up tidbits of her own to tell me after class.  She really cares. And she’s funny, charming, and quick.  Gives Natasha a run for her money, and we all know how sarcastic she is.”  The two men grunt in agreement.  Every professor on campus knew Natasha Romanoff and how she could talk through an entire lecture. Quick little vixen could distract an unwitting teacher for the whole hour if she wanted, and yet somehow made all A’s.  “Not many I know can do that. Doesn’t hurt that she’s stunning.”  He murmurs the last bit, not nearly quietly enough. 

And his friends are smirking at him, big as you please.

“Alright, spit it out.” Bucky sighs.

“Dude.  She wants you too.”  He cocks an eyebrow at Sam’s observation, hoping he doesn’t give his sudden, bubbling excitement away.

“What gives you that idea?”  Yeah, play it cool.  They’ll never know.

“How many people do you know that are as obsessed with war studies as you are?  Hell, how many women do you know like that?  No one would stay after every class to talk to someone as boring as you unless they wanted…” Sam reaches up with a loosely clenched fist and presses his tongue against his cheek in an incredibly obscene gesture before he shrugs.

“So she’s into old farts?”

“Watch it, Rogers, I’m only a year older than you.”

“So does that make me the most eligible Bachelor?” Sam asks, tucking his arms behind his head with a smile.

“That would imply that anyone wants you, man.” Bucky snaps back with a smile, and for once the smaller man remains quiet.  Finishing off his beer, Buck heads to the bar and grabs yet another.  

Tomorrow was going to be a late morning.

You’re just settling in from getting ready to relax for the night, the stress of the day weighing heavily on your shoulders when your phone chirps near your crossed legs on the bed beside you a few moments after you sit down.   Wanda’s name lights up the screen, and with a swipe of your thumb, you’re met with way too many emojis.

You roll your eyes at Natasha’s response and for a moment seriously consider deleting the group texts altogether.

You’re scowling as you type your own responses, rapping against the wall behind your headboard.

Natasha knocks back twice.

It was silent for a few moments and you took the time to open your laptop and type in a search in google.

After a few minutes, you reach for your phone again.


Rolling your eyes, you set your phone down again and return to the search engine you’ve got pulled up.  Clicking on the first link you find, you settle under your covers and bring your laptop up on your lap.

The first is an article, featuring several photos, and different sources on the myth of The Howling Commandos.

“Sexy.”  Natasha’s voice pulls you out several minutes later, referring to the pore strip on your nose and the messy bun your hair is thrown up into.  You instantly snap the laptop shut.  Her eyes narrow suspiciously.  “What the hell were you doing?”

“Nothing.” The stank face you receive lets you know she doesn’t buy it.  Not one bit.

“You’re googling what Dr. Barnes was fangirling over this afternoon, aren’t you?”

“No.” You answered all too quickly.

“No?  Then you wouldn’t have a problem showing me, then?”

“Well, I -”

“Oh my god, Y/N!  You totally were!”  She groans, plopping onto the foot of the bed. 

“So what if I was?  I thought it sounded interesting.”  You shrug simply, opening the browser once more.

“You only thought that because Dr. Barnes finds it interesting.  There are easier ways into a man’s pants, you know?” Red eyebrows wiggle suggestively as Nat shakes her chest at you.

“Yes, I know.  Can I at least try my way, for once?”  You groan, running a hand down your face.

“Whatever you say, babe.  Just don’t come crying to me when you’re single forever and a crazy cat lady.”

“You know you’d be right there beside me, right?”  She snorts unattractively at your jab but nods none the less.

“Yeah, probably.”

Beside you, your phone chimes while Natasha’s vibrates in her pocket.

The two of you giggle loudly, bidding each other a goodnight as Natasha rises to return to her own room.

“Y/N and Bucky sittin’ in a tree,” The pillow you throw is dodged easily, caught, then thrown back at you.  “F-U-C-K-I-N-G!”  She finishes singing as you recover from being pelted in the face from the pillow.

“Goodnight, bitch!”  You call affectionately.

“Night, slut!”

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Minecraft + Magic

I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft recently and it’s really got me thinking on/about it being used as a sort of like an altar/e-shrine that one could use if they were still a hidden witch or even a beginner witch.

When playing I know that most players enjoy building a home so I figured why not build a home with rooms of worship inside it? Each room would then be dedicated to a god/dess and then i would go out into the world looking for the devotional items or things that would symbolize that god/dess. 

Inside the game there are many potential representations
Torches - Candles
Lava - Fire Element
Rivers/Lakes/Waterfalls/Oceans - Water Element
Dirt - Earth Element
Feathers - Wind Element


There’s so much potential for Magical workings in this game. Seriously guys go check it out or try it for yourselves~

I’ll try to take pictures of my house to show you what i mean, hopefully it’ll work… Anyways talk to me about it! What are your thoughts?

ok but like…..i can’t imagine being Aloy after learning what she did inside the mountain. what her mind is going through and what she must be feeling. and then having to come out of the mountain and have all the Nora worship her after they mocked and hated her all her life. And THEN still have to listen to their ignorant words about “All-Mother” and the “Goddess” and the “Anointed”. like… having learned all this knowledge and not having one single friend to share it with except a dude you only speak through your Focus once in a while and has no care for your feelings because he’s just using you to find out more about what the hell happened to the world. and she can’t share it with anyone else anyway because these people have lived all their lives worshiping an imaginary goddess and basing their lives around it so how do you even begin to tell them what you just learned????

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hey! Im a new witch, and i was windering if its ok to worship a deity from a video game? i wanted to worship Kynareth from TES. Also, if it is ok, what sort of offering would wok?

It is totally okay! This is actually a thing in existence already. I briefly worshiped Sotha Sil myself.

Welcome to the world of pop culture paganism my friend! :D

I have some posts for you to look over:

[Pop-Culture Paganism and God Theory]

[What You Need to Know about Pop Culture Magick]

As for what sort of offerings, you’re gonna wanna dig into the in-game lore for Kynareth. Sadly I don’t recall much about Kynareth at this time, but Bethesda is crazy about the amount of mythology and stuff that they actually put into their game series - like, go through the books that they have within game. There’s a site I think that has all that stuff - [here]. And [this] is the page for Kynareth. :D [This site] also has a lot of lore and stuff, you may want to search through “Kynareth” there and see what you can find.

If anyone else works with any TES pop culture deities, particularly Kynareth, please chime in!

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"remember how tton taught us the importance of prepping for anal sex by making the player massage and stretch a giant sphincter" dafuq 0.o May I ask for context, or is it NOT going to make it any better?

OOOOOH MY DEAR IT’S SO NOT GOING TO MAKE IT BETTER. warning: quotes from the game have graphic descriptions of vore hentai

so, there’s a plot-point in the game where you have to get inside of a giant  sphincter. like, i’m not kidding? It’s literally what happens. let me give you some quotes

“You get to work massaging the muscles, and you see some of the tensions ease from them. The contraction slackens. You force your arms inside, massaging and pulling. The muscles distend as you tug and push.“

and while you do that, tentacle-monsters spawn around and then the cultists who worship the thing you’re currently fisting appear and yell at you for “defiling their god”. And like, they are not wrong, you know?  

and then you get to the vore with tentacles 

“As you step closer, Bloom-tongues surround you, drawing you in a wet, nauseating embrace. Though they seem solid and corporeal, they somehow pass through your flesh, thrusting into your head, your limbs and your guts, igniting prickly, hot-cold sensations all over your body” 

You know, as much as the fandom and the games seem to go on and on about the Dalish elves being wrong about their gods, wrong about the Evanuris, worshipping false deities, evil monsters, completely depraved evil demons of darkness, and whatever else have you. All I can say now is:


The Evanuris won.

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Sorry, Solas. You won the battle, but you lost the war. That would be the war for the hearts and minds of the elven people, by the way. When it came right down to it, the surviving portion of the People chose to remember and honor the Evanuris. They were the ones stories were handed down about, they were the ones remembered as protectors. The ones who were beloved, cherished, and loved by the common people. Enough so that their religion survived, their names were passed down through history, and their legend took on new meaning.

History is written by the victors and all that jazz.

Does it matter what really happened? To some people probably, but I think the will of the modern Dalish elves gets forgotten and discarded. They get treated like foolish children who don’t understand anything, and that’s almost a direct quote from several sources. And yes, they have come a long way from where they were. But, I think that sells the whole situation short. In the end, their Elvhen ancestors knew what they were doing. The Dalish themselves kept choosing to return to their legends, preserving them as best they could despite the constant push to destroy their culture and their identity. They hang onto these scraps of cultural identity, trying to repair them as best they can. Maybe the Evanuris were monsters, but they mattered to the Elvhen people. You don’t get remembered in history, really, if you didn’t do something to earn it. Especially not history that we can suppose is this old and lost to time. It’s not just that they were gods to their people, they had to be beloved by them. Whatever Solas says about the “plebs” and immature children believing in fairy tales, the fact of the matter is the Evanuris mattered. They might have been feared, but they were also loved. Societies like this are in large part consensual on some level. I think it does the People a disservice to take the “ignorant” and “foolish” lines from Solas purely at face value.

More than that, if we go even by our #1 Fan Felassan, Fen’Harel… wasn’t really that great anyway.

So, they “vilified” the Dread Wolf, but their stories are actually a fairly accurate if simplified version of what happened. It’s just the other side. It honestly leads me to believe that (whatever else Weekes wants to say about Solas’ appeal) he really wasn’t that popular with a large swath of the Elvhen people. His view of events didn’t survive, he’s remembered only as a tormenter of modern Dalish and destroyer of their world. He’s a boogeyman at worst and chaotic neutral at best. Seen as selfish and cruel, laughing at the misery he causes.

If any group in the setting seems to worship him, it’s the Chantry. Oh the irony. Still, he would be the “Maker” of the modern world. Whether or not Mythal is Andraste, though, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

In my heart, I sort of know the Evanuris are going to get the short side of the genocidal maniac stick. The narrative is gearing up to support his actions as Good Man Does Terrible Things to Combat Greater Evil or Evil Fights Greater Evil. We’ve already got Solas insisting Andruil practiced what I will just guess is human/elven sacrifice. Falon’din filled oceans with blood in the pursuit of his own narcissim. Mythal was a goddess of vengeance (but did nothing wrong to anyone ever except maybe start a war with the Titans and made the best of a bad situation then got murdered). However, I will say that Solas’ motivation for starting a war with the others was because the murdered Mythal and that’s by his own words. If anything, when we see him again in Trespasser, that’s mostly what makes them monsters to him.

They became gods by being victorious in war, became honored, and then people began worshiping them as they accumulated more power. It’s telling to me also that he views the Qun as slavery, just as much if not more so as the slavery in Tevinter. Slavery to an ideal is the same as slavery that results in actual physical bondage. Which begs the question of which kind did the Elves practice? In spirit and ideal? In physical? Both? It’s unclear.

I dunno. I’d like to think that there’s a lot more to this story than just the surface layer, but I also don’t have much confidence in Bioware actually telling it.

I do think it’s funny when you get right down to it though. I don’t believe the Dalish are stupid, immature children. I don’t believe they are worshiping “false gods” or that their entire religion is fake. It doesn’t really matter what the “true” story is. It’s legit as any other religion in Thedas because all it really takes to have a religion is faith. It doesn’t matter what the Evanuris really were, they’ve become a way that the Dalish use to explain their culture, a symbol of what they’ve lost, what they’ve recovered, and what they’ve made for themselves in a world that wants to destroy them. They take pride in it, and rightly so. Meanings and symbols change over time.

And I found the handling of elven lore in Inquisition frustrating to say the least. I don’t want the Dalish to be totally wrong. I don’t think they deserve that and I don’t think any narrative should be celebrated for shitting on their marginalized groups, especially ones that are coded to fulfill the Jewish/Roma position in our current medieval/renaissance/post-modern slurry that is modern Thedas.

I dislike it immensely is what I’m saying. I know where it’s most likely going from where it’s already gone and I don’t like it.

  • Gigwise: Blur's Damon Albarn recently said, "Look at music now. Does it say anything? Young artists talk about themselves, not what’s happening out there. It’s the selfie generation." How do you feel about that?
  • Mitski: What is this 'music now' that he’s referring to? What better, more altruistic musical era is he comparing ours to? His own? When 'Song 2' came out (a megalith of mindful lyricism, to be sure) the top five Billboard songs of the year were 'Something About the Way You Look Tonight' by Elton John, 'Foolish Games' by Jewel, 'I’ll Be Missing You' by then-Puff Daddy, my karaoke staple 'Un-break My Heart' by Toni Braxton, and 'Can’t Hold Me Down,' again by Puff Daddy. I just wiki’d that knowing what I’d get – wonderful classics that are about people’s feelings.
  • Artists young and old have and always will talk about themselves. But you know what? Young artists talking about themselves can be the most political thing done today, and is something a lot of them couldn’t have done before, or at least not to an audience. Now that music has been greatly democratized by the internet, young artists, non-cis male artists, artists of color, artists who even a decade ago wouldn’t have been given a voice by the few controlling the airwaves, are starting to find bigger platforms to talk about their previously silenced personal histories.
  • They can reach out to and unite with other people like them, and maybe even create change through their art. All Albarn sees are younger people talking about things their own generation is facing, and he doesn’t understand them, or doesn’t see those issues as important, so he deems them unimportant altogether.
  • That doesn’t seem very evolved. That seems like a stereotypical wealthy, white man only considering his own concerns as important, his own perspective as legitimate. I would suggest he go to a Downtown Boys show, if they ever play near wherever he’s living, and see if he’s still of the same mind by the end of their set.

Damn. I really love Destiny even as it is now, but I also reaaaally want what the original game was supposed to be. Story-wise and mechanic wise.

-The Traveler is evil.

He uses the vex to create alternate universes. Cripples them, then approaches them as a Savior to feed off of the inhabitant’s worship. After that universe is drained, it repeats this.

Guardians did wield The [evil] Traveler’s light as a weapon, as we do now.
The Crow was among them. But he was realizing what The Traveler really was and left the Light.
You aid him in unveiling the truth, and in the end, enter The Traveler’s vessel to kill it.

Mechanic-wise, we were supposed to have smarter AI’s. Like, imagine the Fallen moving around walls, like in the intro, but that being their norm, and they know what they’re doing, and aren’t limited to staying within an area.
Dynamic weather. You’d see other people’s characters ships and their drop-in animations. You could explore more maps, like Chicago and Detroit. Better loot drops from killing small bosses (like Thunderlord). Skill trees for weapons.

Here is another video with some scenes that were cut-out, and a good peak of some of these old menus and mechanics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLlvm2ercoU

I want all of this. I figure we’ll probably at least be getting more maps, like Chicago in the future.
Sorry Bungie for Activision being so crappy to you.

I wish I didn’t have to worry about politics. I really wish that. But life isn’t that simple. Your entire life depends upon the political views of the people who govern you. That’s why I am an anti-feminist. Dont be mistaken though, I am totally pro-equality. Feminism isn’t about equality. I know what Wikipedia definitions will tell you but that isn’t what actually feminism is about, and most of us know it. And that kinda proves my point about politics. Why is Wikipedia still worships feminist con-artists like Anita Sarkeesian and demonizes Gamergate as a hate movement? Because feminists control most of the political game of the west. The authoritarian left, telling us how to keep our legs (manspreading), how to talk (mansplaining), banning free speech (intolerance of criticism against feminism, Islam, etc) and what not. This needs to stop. From where I stand, MGTOW is the only way out.

Request: Juice and the vibrator

Request: Your old man Juice bought a vibrator controlled by a remote and you go out, you are wearing the vibrator while he has the remote and has too much fun with that.

[Hi everyone, how are you today?

Sorry for the title, you already know I’m terrible with titles LOL. I had so much fun writing this…I hope you like it

Enjoy! Love you all, thank you so much for the support, you are amazing!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: Smut

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Never, in your life, you had imagine to have a better old man than Juice. He was sweet, respectful, worship you every moment and was a great lover too. His image of the sweetest Son or the computer geek was accurate, but only you knew how he could be when you were alone.

You had done a few games during you time dating and you had added a new variety of sex toys to your knowledge. Now it was Valentine’s Day and you were anxious for what he had planned for you.


You were at home, getting ready for the party at the clubhouse and Juice was coming to pick you up. You chose a red dress and high heels, not the best outfit to ride in his bike, but you wanted to be sexy for him.

You had just finished your makeup when you heard him opening the door. His keys hit the table and Juice called out.

“Baby?”, his voice was getting closer, he was walking to meet you.

“In the bedroom!”, you said.

Soon Juice was at the door, handsome as ever with his bright smile and a bag in his hands. You turned around for him to see your outfit. He walked towards you, putting his hands on your hips.

“You look amazing!”, he said, kissing you. “Just one thing is missing”

“What?”, you looked at him, suspicious.

“This”, he raised the bag. You picked it up and opened. Inside there was some kind of lingerie and what looked like to be a remote control. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“What is this Juice?”, you asked, looking at the black lace thong.

“A remote controlled vibrator”, he grinned. “I want you to wear it tonight”

“No way!”, you laughed. “This is great Juice, but I’m not wear…”

“Yes you are”, he pulled you closer, his lips inches for yours. “I’m having the remote and you will be with the thong”

“Juice…”, you swallowed. Why he had to be that hot when he was up to a game? It was irresistible.

“Come on darling”, he said. “Put it on”

Juice stepped back to watch you. Without a choice, you took off your panties and put on the thong. It didn’t change nothing, it was imperceptible.

“Gorgeous”, he smiled. “Let’s go”

Praying to stay alive until the end of the night, you grabbed your purse and followed Juice outside.


The clubhouse was looking amazing; Gemma got the crow eaters crazy about the decoration. Everybody was there and as soon as you walked in Lyla pulled you to a corner to talk. You looked over your shoulder to Juice and he grinned, walking slowly to the bar to meet his brothers.

It took a while for Juice started the torture, but you missed what Lyla was talking as soon as you felt a little vibration on your core. It was subtle; you took a deep breath and kept talking.

Minutes later you got involved into a pool game with Tig and Chibs, you were doing your best, but was surprise by the vibration increasing. You put your hand on the table and took a deep breath.

“Are you okay lass?”, Chibs tried to reach your arm to steady you, but you recovered pretty quickly.

“Yes!”, you said. “Just a little dizzy, I don’t know”

“Dizzy?”, Tig laughed. “Uh oh, Juicy boy knocked you up?”

“No!”, you said and they laughed. “For Christ’s sake! You are evil!”

You gave up the game, ignoring their protests and walked towards the bar where Juice was talking with Bobby and Jax.

“Hi darling”, Jax said kissing your cheek.

“Hi Jax”, you said. You smiled to Juice and he put his arm around your waist. You were trying to see the remote control, but you couldn’t find it.

“Don’t even think about it”, Juice whispered in your ear. You rolled your eyes to him and asked for a beer.

After some time talking, you got used to the little vibration, you were getting wet, but not as close to cum as you though you would. Gemma dragged you to help her with something and for a moment, the vibration was gone. Soon it returned, stronger than before, you had to hold on to the sink not to fall.

“Are you okay honey?”, Gemma asked.

“Yes”, you said. “I didn’t eat anything”

“Oh I had some snacks prepared”, she said. “Help me put some of these on the bar and you can sit and eat”

“Thank you”, you held the plate, carefully walking to the bar. Juice was still drinking and talking to Jax, but his eyes followed your moves. You sat by the bar again, this time away from him. Juice got up and walked towards you.

“Feeling good?”, he asked, leaning to kiss your neck. A shiver ran down your spine, by his kiss and the vibrator between your legs.

“Having fun?”, you asked.

“Yes”, he laughed. “I bet you are wet. Have you cum yet?”

“No”, you hissed.

“I want you to go back to the kitchen”, he said. “Stay in there until the vibration stops”

“Juice…”, you started.

“Go”, he said serious.

You did what he told. Nobody was in the kitchen and you pretended to be doing the dishes. Soon you felt the vibration increase. You held on the sink and gave careful steps until the wall, out from anyone sight. You tried to stay up, but your legs were trembling, bringing your body to the floor. You closed your eyes, feeling the vibration ran through your entire body. Pressing your tights together, you resist through the sweet torture, until your orgasm was gone. The vibration stopped after a while and you stayed there catching your breath. Steps were coming to the kitchen and you was only able to kneel before Gemma walks in again.

“Y/n?”, she said. “Are you sick?”

“No”, you laughed and showed her your phone. “I let this fall while I was helping you”

“Those phones”, she said. “Can you help me a little more?”

“Sure”, you said.


Juice was giving you a break and you were able to enjoy the party a little, dancing with the girls and playing pool, after the vibration returned. This time he put it in a strong intensity since the beginning and you made it outside the club just in time for the start of another orgasm.

Trying to look fine, you walked towards the office, hoping to hide there for a few minutes. You felt on the couch as the vibration was gone, maybe you were too far for Juice to keep playing.

“Baby?”, you heard his voice at the door, not so long after.

“Oh Jesus!”, you cursed as he opened the door and entered the room. “Give me a break!”

“I thought you were liking it”, he smiled.

“I was”, you said sarcastically.

“Oh no”, he grinned. “Don’t be a smart ass”

You looked at him taking the remote control from his pocket and turned it in maximum. You back arched on the couch and you pressed your thighs together, trying not to fall on the floor.

“Juice”, you moaned. He sat next to you and kissed your neck while a powerful orgasm ran down your spine.

“How many times did you come this night?”, he asked.

“This…is…the…third”, you said breathless.

“Yes”, he mumbled. You saw him looking at your cleavage and lick his lips. “Take off the thong”

You did what he told, pushing your dress up your body as Juice knelt in front of you. He took the thong from your hands and sniffed on them, making your jaw hang open. He put it aside and spread your legs.

“You are so wet baby”, he said, leaning forward and licking your core. You were sensitive and his touch turned you on immediately. Juice got up and unbuckled his belt. You sat on the couch and dragged his pants down his legs. He was hard, proudly erect in front of you. “I loved this night. We should this more often.”

You looked up to him and took his member in your mouth. Juice moaned and his fingers tangled on your hair. You licked and sucked until he was groaning, then you got up. Putting aside the things on the office’s desk, you got up on it, opening your legs as an invitation for him.

Juice smiled devilishly and wrapped your legs around his waist. He pushed inside you slowly; he set this pace, slowly making love to you. You were sit on the table, your arms around his neck and your mouth biting his shoulder, closer to another orgasm.

“Please Juice”, you begged. “More”

He held you firmly, his strong grip on your hips and thrusted harder. You let out a loud moan, tightening around him. Juice mumbled against your neck, calming down after found his release inside you.

“Should we come back to the party?”, he said kissing you gently.

“I’m tired”, you said, almost closing your eyes.

“Okay”, he smiled and started to help you to get dressed again. “Let’s go my baby girl, let’s go home play with your other sex toys”

You held strongly in his arms walking outside the office, not knowing if you should curse or thank for your wonderful and teaser old man. 

morrowindy  asked:

tes asks: 3,8,10,22 !!!

3: Morrowind. (obvious answer I know) It’s a game that really makes you question the truth and have to delve deeper within stories and motives to see who’s right. But in the end you kinda realize nobody was all that great, everyone was flawed, ALMSIVI, Nerevar, the Dwemer, Dagoth Ur. Its atmosphere is really cool, I like the foreign, hostile atmosphere and story too. You really feel like you have to work towards being recognized and accepted. 

8: Hmm, I’m not very big on religion and worship, so if I had to I’d probably go with Malacath since he seems like a cool dude. But I’d probably just be like the dwemer and devote myself only to science.

10: My usual playstyle is a mage/thief type. Magic is fun and I like being sneaky, but usually this ends up dissolving into HIT THEM UNTIL THEY DIE kinda playstyle.

22: Oh dear god what did you unleash. Okay I have OC’s for each game, but my favorites are my Hero of Kvatch Rayn and his kinda story arc with an Thalmor in Skyrim named Saurdion and how he kinda won’t leave him alone because he wants to know what happened in the great war and whether or not Martins statue still stands. While Saurdion has to kinda process trauma and grief from the great war and neither can leave this possession until their issues are worked out. I have so many more you don’t even know.

anonymous asked:

Lady N I don't know if you've been asked this before, but what do you think Mankar Camoran's race is Altmer or Bosmer?

I think Mankar Camoran perfectly highlights how “race” as it’s presented in the game is a really inaccurate concept. When we pick a race in game, it’s mostly coding for appearance (and gameplay modifiers). There’s a separate “race” for vampires and old people, for example. Mankar was an Altmer in game because someone decided that no one would take a Bosmer seriously as the main villain. 

When we pick a race in lore, it’s coding for appearance, culture, and/or place of origin. Saying that someone is a Bosmer typically means that they are short elf, that they related bosmeri cultural customs in some way, and that they are from Valenwood. One could be a short elf (a bosmer in game terms), but be a Breton as far as culture is concerned (worship those gods, celebrate those holidays, relate to that history, etc.) - you could even be both those things while also being a Cyrodil by accident of birth. 

(Personally, I’d love to divorce looks and background in character creation. Allow the player to pick between several appearance templates to start - Elf, Human, Khajiit, etc. and then let them define their background and the related attributes. It’d really unlock roleplaying and gameplay possibilities. Want to play a Redguard sorcerer from Black Marsh? Or an Altmeri barbarian from Orsinium? Encouraged by design.) 

Mankar and his entire family is Bosmeri by culture and by origin, so I’d say that he’s Bosmeri despite his appearance. He looks Altmeri because of his genetics - likely there was just enough Altmeri blood in the family that it just came through. Either that or he looks Altmeri because he willed it in his pacts with Dagon or his explorations of metaphysics. 

Dear religious nuts

I have seen some worries over the years about pokémon being “evil” and “the devil’s game”. I’m sorry, have you heard of a ouija board? You don’t say anything about that but come hell or high water you’re gonna protest a game that was made by a guy who just wanted people to have fun and get out? “Those pokémon use magic to blah blah blah”. No, since it is FICTIONAL, those pokémon use their natural abilities. Ya know who uses magic? Me. You know who I worship? Not the devil, thats for damn sure. I worship Jesus. But guess what I’m gonna still play. Pokémon heifers. Thats what.

jesus in the desert
  • jesus: oh my dad i'm so hungry why am i out in the desert
  • satan: *pops out of nowhere* hey hey hey if you're really the son of god turn these stones into bread bc that's pretty fuckin cool
  • jesus: what fuck no i feed off the word of god
  • satan: alright how about if you worship me then all of this land could be yours
  • jesus: no dude fuck off i only worship my dad
  • satan: i'll trade you a giratina
  • jesus: oh shit you have one??? ehhhhh i don't know,,,
  • god: *a thunderstorm forms and god is zapped next to jesus* okay son but did satan catch an arceus
  • jesus: h oLY SHIT I WANT AN ARCEUS