I’m I’m healing and as a tank you insist on pulling a whole area at one time, I’m not going out of my way to keep you alive.

-Syn: As a healer main, I firmly believe it is your responsibility to do exactly that, go out of your way to keep them alive. If in the event they choose to ignore your pleas for less pulls, then you may make this decision. Refer to the guide to healing in MMO’s, you signed up for this.

Sehun | Oh Sehun

One Day

You attend your sister’s wedding with your boyfriend Sehun - along with his group members - and you begin to think about your future.

Fortunately Intoxicated

A very drunk Sehun comes to say something very important and over due to you.

Truth or Dare (M)

You’re playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with your best friend Sehun and he’s determined to get you to admit that you like him

A While Now

You are EXO’s stylist noona and the boys are constantly trying to hint Sehun’s huge crush on you

Practically Perfect

Your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you…

Every Step of the Way

You find out a life changing decision and you’re not sure how your boyfriend Sehun will react, so you try to keep it to yourself. But his oblivion doesn’t last long.

Just Hold Me

(University AU)Sehun gets back from a long day of classes and all he wants to do is come to your dorm room and cuddle.

New Butterflies

(High School AU) You are in a detention with your best friend Sehun - who actually decided to show up to one for the first time - and things seem a little different whilst shelving the books.

Confession Confusion  

(High School AU) You are determined to find out who Sehun likes even though you have feelings for him yourself.

Possessive Trait

(High School AU) You are grouped up with Jongdae and Baekhyun during Chemistry and Sehun can’t help but feel a little neglected *cough* Jealous *cough* when you hang out with the boys 

No Promises  

(High School AU) The popular Sehun asks for help with homework and gets your number and ends up falling for you as he spends time with you in classes

Overlooked Efforts

(Harry Potter AU) You claim to be not jealous of Sehun’s new study accomplice, deciding to make him jealous in revenge. Well that ends well…

Game Day

(Harry Potter AU) The star player of Slytherin -who also happens to be your boyfriend- is intently waiting for you to watch him at his Quiditch game, but you’re unsure whether to go or not.

Not -so-Secret Date

I let out a little giggle as he looked up at me flashing me that charming smile of his. I began running my fingers through his scalp as he continued to watch me with pure adoration in his eyes

Because I Love You

Maybe a highly appreciative boyfriend is something we all deserve, I’m just really lucky I have one…

Tree Topper

“I wish we could stay like this forever Y/N” He seriously sighed into my neck, as I reached down and ran my fingers through his soft locks, nodding in agreement.

Pin Me Down

“Come on Y/N, I was actually hoping for some competition” He cockily smirked, hovering over me as I rolled my eyes for the billionth time during the fight.

Tracing Patterns

I let a small smile take over my lips before slowly turning in his arms, which still didn’t stop his subconscious actions.

Hold me Close

I let out a little sigh before removing my hand, and finally looking up at his bare upper-half, just to flash him a tired smile before shutting my eyes again.

Unwind (M)

He sighed a little in content, and I continued to play with his locks in the attempt of relieving some of the stress from the day.

Leave a Mark (M)

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I tucked my head into the crook of his neck and let out a little sigh.

Something New

I cut off his pointless rambling as I placed my small hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss to reassure him of my happiness

Surprise Arrivals

I couldn’t help but marvel at her hopes of seeing him so soon. Missing him was one of the hardest things for her, yet she fought through it like the strong girl Sehun and I raised her to be.

Sunrise Serenity (M)

 I lightly leaned my back against his bare chest as he placed his head snugly into the crook of my neck, and I continued to now quietly hum the words.

Shut Up and Kiss Me (M)

I pulled away unwillingly and giggled as he leant his head back up trying to follow my lips; raising my eyebrow at the smug smirk plastered onto his face.

Last First Kiss

From his luscious lips, down to his perfectly jawline in addition to his long - single mole adorned - neck, which were all tied together by his beautiful milky white skin; complimenting his sharp features almost too perfectly.

Kiss Under the Stars (M)

My heart gently fluttered when I felt him lowering his body a bit to rest his head on my shoulder, taking me by surprise as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck.

Jealous Drive (M)

I shook my head at him before deciding to walk back to the comfort of the bar, but he was quick to grab my wrist and pull me to his front. “Dance with me” He brought his soft lips to my ear.

Fun in the Sun

As soon as you gave up and decided to wait for him at the shore, you felt a pair of hands grab your hips delicately and all you could do was let out a shriek at the top of your lungs in surprise.

Baby Steps - Daddy Daughter Day - Morning Routine

New dad Sehun is more than a little nervous and hesitant of his father skills, so you have to reassure him of how great of a dad he is.

Walking Away - Always Be the One

Letting you go seemed to be one of the worst decisions Sehun had made, but would you be willing to forgive him if he tried winning you back?

Stone Cold - Happiness in You (ft Kim Jongin)

Jongin is excited to introduce you to his new girlfriend, being completely oblivious of the fact that you have feelings for him. But there is only person keeping you emotionally stable through this, and it happens to be your friend Oh Sehun.

Don’t Say You Love Me (ft Park Chanyeol) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ||

Your singleness becomes a bother to your brother like best friends Baekhyun and Junmyeon. This results in them setting out to find you your so-called soul mate, without consulting you of course. But will they both decide to agree on the same guy to be your perfect match?

Embarrassed, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Lin is a fan of the Reader, who sees Hamilton with the insistence of her friend.

Words: 1122

Author’s Note: I was supposed to post a Daveed fic today but I was too tired to write it so I’ll let you guys have this fic I wrote a little while ago and have been saving! Day 4 done, 3 more to go!

Warnings: Cursing? I usually curse in a fic, so probably cursing.

It had started innocently enough - a friend had recommended the album to you, you usually trusted her judgement, so you listened to it in your spare time.

Not that you had much spare time, but it basically consumed it.

You insisted on having it on full blast whenever you could - during photo shoots, while in hair or makeup, whenever you were walking around on set. Someone was bound to say something about it.

After nearly a month of the Hamilton album playing as constant background noise, you decided to fully dive in and see the show.

The alternate was announced to be playing Alexander Hamilton for your night. You allowed yourself a second of disappointment before he took the stage. He was phenomenal, and the voice you had heard for a month was pushed away.

You frantically started following them all on any social media during intermission. You were invited backstage after the performance, where you gushed over anyone and everyone you saw.

You practically hung off of Phillipa Soo - who insisted you call her Pippa - for as long as you could. Javier Munoz, who was your Hamilton, boasted about performing for you.

“Lin will be jealous.” He promised while posing for a picture, “He’s such fan of your work!” You were given a quick tour and ushered to the ‘Hamilton’. Pippa whispered the word ominously, but it simply turned out to be a cardboard cutout of the real Hamilton, which acted as a guestbook for celebrities.

You were quickly handed a pen by your friend, who already had her phone out to take pictures. You thought for a second before quickly scribbling:


Thank you for sharing your gifts and your story.


What the fuck did I just watch?

Everyone around you laughed as you posed next to it. Jonathan, who played the King, called dibs on sending the picture to Lin. His phone dinged within seconds, he read the text quickly before letting out one loud laugh, offering it to you.

Lin, 9:59pm:

I’m on my way. Give me 10 minutes. NOBODY SAY ANYTHING EMBARRASSING.

Oooh, what dirt do you have on him?” You winked, joking. Jonathan immediately dived into stories off the top of his head, all while ushering you to his and Lin’s dressing room.

“You can’t tell anyone.” He whispered, just as the door swung open, Lin stumbling in.

He took a second to compose himself before attempting a casual lean against the door frame.

“What’s up?” His voice came out nervous and squeaky. He immediately cleared his throat, his cheeks burning a dangerously adorable red.

“That’s my queue.” Jonathan sent you one last smile before taking his leave, patting Lin once on the back for encouragement. The sudden force made him stumble forward, nearly making him trip into you.

“Hi.” He said, breathless.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

“Totally.” He squeaked, “Not to sound super creepy or anything, but I watch you every week.” His eyes widened when he realized what he said, “Your show, I mean! I watch your show every week.” He let out a grunt of embarrassment before flopping himself onto the couch in exhaustion, “I’m dumb.” He grumbled.

“If it makes you feel any better; when I met Tom Hanks I told him I dreamed about him.” Lin shot up, happy to share in your embarrassment, “I meant to say that I dreamed to be like him. I’m pretty sure there’s a restraining order out there somewhere. Good thing I didn’t tell him about all the lurking I do in his bushes.” You winked.

Lin giggled, happy you were just as comfortable making a fool of yourself as he was.

You parted with each other’s numbers, and a promise to keep in touch whenever either or you did something unbearably embarrassing.

You texted everyday. It started simple enough.

You’d send a picture of a magazine cover you happened to walk by on your morning coffee run with the message, “That’s you!”

He’d send a picture of himself watching your show with the message, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?”

Eventually, your relationship became rather public. Random sightings of the two of you out to lunch together. You returned to the show to see him perform, he’d visit you on set. You started tweeting each other and people quickly began commenting.

You started getting questions about him in interviews, always theorizing just how friendly you were to each other.

“We’re friends, I’m a big fan of his.” You’d answer.

As time went on, the questions died down, but the thought never did: ‘Why aren’t you dating?’

You spent a week convincing yourself to march right up to his door, do something to show your interest, and march away with your head held high. You eagerly waited for the end of the week, when you knew he would have the day off.

You sat, lingering in the cab outside his house.

“Are you going to go in or…” Your driver trailed off, pointing to the meter, which was slowly increasing your fare.

“Sorry.” You handed him the appropriate amount with a hefty tip before forcing yourself out of the cab. The screeching of his tires down the road confirmed there was no turning back now.

The climb from the sidewalk to his front door felt longer than usual. You took a deep breath before knocking confidently three times. Your confidence quickly died down as you heard him shuffle to the door.

It swung open, revealing him in pajamas, hair a mess, eyes tired.

“Lin I-” Before you could get farther, he rushed forward, pressing his lips desperately to yours. You immediately reciprocated as he tugged you inside, slamming the door closed and backing you into it.

You pulled back with a gash, completely and utterly dumbstruck.

“Right. Well.” You stumbled, searching for any coherent thought to break the silence, “Thank you.” You finally settled on.

“You’re welcome?” He teased, glancing back down at your lips, wanting nothing more than to continue what he had started.

“You’re the worst.” You whined from embarrassment, refusing to meet his eyes. Your eyes glanced around the room before settling on his bedroom door. He followed your line of sight, gulping when he realized what was on your mind.

You smirked when you saw him falter. Knowing you still had an edge over him, you quickly stripped yourself of your jacket, draping it over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, you’re already dressed for bed.” You took a few steps in the direction of his room, “It’s only fair that I am too.” You made work of your dress, sauntering over to his room. He sprung into action, quickly dragging you to bed.

“If you insist.”

lumeha a réagi à votre billet “Lol @ ichiruki shippers believing this cover means something regarding…”

… what makes me go “???” is that generally, if you get excited that two characters are next to each other, you are shipping secondary characters and / or it’s a rarepair (which generally don’t have a lot of interactions in canon even when it’s one based on canon and not crackshipping ?)

I really try to keep you out of this whole shipping war mess because you’re one of the last “ true neutral” bleach fans BUT … 

Ichiruki literally had become a crack ship . I mean before 686 they hadn’t interracted for 4 years . Of course seeing them stand next to each other would make the ichiruki shippers happy because they didn’t even have scraps for their ships for so long . Having them standing next to each other is a fucking revolution to them . 

Dating Johnny would include:

- “be there or be square, and nobody wants to be square”
- “johnny stfu”
- lots! of! hugs!
- he’s the type to squeeze you when you guys hug
- sometimes you’re like “ew get off me” and sometimes you’ll melt into the hug
- y'all i’m already crying i loVE JOHNNY. SM LET HIM DEBUT
- him towering over you (unless you’re tall then you guys can both be giants 2gether <3 )
- “lol you’re so short”
- “fuck you johnny”
- “fuck you? ok if you insist babe ;))))”
- “no johnny what the heck”
- sorry y'all
- traveling around the world together because it’s on your bucket lists!!!
- like you guys travel to a different country every two or three months
- picnic dates
- which leads to food fights
- which leads to make out sessions
- is that weird or does that happen
- fashion evaluation
- “what are you wearing- no take that off right now”
- “i’m not taking off this jacket now lets go”
- “i refuse to go out with you wearing that”
- “i guess i’m getting pizza by myself”
- “wait no i’m coming”
- i’m joking he’ll think you’re beautiful/handsome in anything that you wear
- hugs you while you guys are sleeping
- just imagining that makes me wa nna cry the thirst for johnny is re a l
- at home movie dates
- watching horror movies and commenting on everything
- “yellow and green together? what was she thinking”
- “istg if you don’t stfu i will shove popcorn down your throat”
- his contact name is “jhonny” just because
- him pulling lyric pranks on you
- and you doing the same to him
- him sending snapchats telling you what he’s doing every second
- “so i’m now heading to the gym and i kinda wish you were with me because i miss your face anyways-”
- putting his hair into ponytails or braids
- him braiding/playing with your hair
- pillow talks
- “sometimes i wonder why you’re dating me, but then i realize i am johnny seo aka the greatest person alive so then i stop questioning myself”
- “i can’t with you sometimes babe”
- ok but seriously-
- when you guys have pillow talks it’s a time for both of you to be vulnerable and you guys talk about your feelings and just get super deep
- or you guys have a discussion about why mice are attracted to the scent of cheese or why the color blue is called the color blue

overall dating johnny would be one hell of a ride since he seems like such a spontaneous guy. he’s more of the type to have a “friend-type” of relationship when it comes to dating, since he’s more of a chill and laid back type of person, but there will be times where he does show affection and you learn to cherish those moments just like the other moments you have with him.

Heat Of The Moment

[Summary]: You get tipsy and spend an amazing night with Steve Rogers

[Warning]: Some swearing and drinking

[Pairing]: Steve x reader

Tagging: @mangosoldier @buckysberrie @bovaria @just-call-me-mrs-captain @that-sokovian-bastard

A/N: I was inspired by @mangosoldier‘s “Accidents Happen” for this. Thanks Jessie :) And this is the first one I’ve wrote that has alcohol mentioned, so go easy on me for I’m not one that really drinks.  Feedback is appreciated!

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

It had been a long time since you had a boyfriend, let alone actually went out on a date.

Your friend kept insisting that you come with her to these parties she was always invited to but you knew it would lead to the wrong thing; too much drinking and a one-night stand with someone.

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Connor McDavid #1.3

Hi guys! As requested, this is the last part of the original Connor McDavid drabble. Part 1 and Part 2.

Word count:1,161


You looked at Connor, ex-boyfriend extraordinaire, who was driving you to the airport, “What?”

“What did you think?” He just got out of a win via an intense over time game and he was asking for your opinion, like he always did when he was still playing for the Eerie Otters… and you were still together.

Refusing to fall back into old patterns, you shrugged, “it’s a hockey game, Connor.”

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taegi. ikea assembly.


“Like fuck it’s done,” Yoongi challenges him, a metallic clinking sound punctuating his words. “I have 13 leftover screws in my hand.”

“Well, it’s assembled, so I don’t know what more you want,” Taehyung sighs, tossing away the assembly instructions, which he had been using as a sweat rag. 

“I want to be able to sit on that chair without busting my ass.”

“Well be my fucking guest,” Taehyung gestures to the chair.

“You first,” Yoongi insists. 

Taehyung hesitates for a moment, eyes darting nervously to the screws in Yoongi’s hand. “Fine!” he agrees after a moment. There is a tentative creaking sound as Taehyung slowly, carefully lowers his weight onto the chair. He pauses for a moment, making sure that he is steady before breaking out into a smile. “See? No problem.”

“Lift up your legs,” Yoongi challenges. 

“What?” Taehyung gawks, going pale.

“You’re supporting your weight with your legs. Lift them  up.”

Taehyung scoffs, eyes betraying his uncertainty. “Why would that fucking m-Arrhghhggfuck-”

Eye of the Beholder - Chapter 3

Hello m’dears.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated anything (except for a KH oneshot in ‘All These Lives’ for OQ Celebration Day last month which you should totally check out) but there’s been a lot of stuff that I’m dealing with lately, and so writing has been put on the backburner.

I’m still trying to write when I can, but I just wanted to assure people that I haven’t given up on writing and that I’m still very determined to complete my ongoing fics.

Big thanks to Lis and Sarah who helped with this :*

Anyway, here’s an awkwardly cute chapter for y’all. Please let me know what you think :)

Despite his insistence that he isn’t going to listen out for the woman with the beautiful voice, Robin still feels a slight disappointment with every person entering the Merry Men’s Diner that isn’t her.

Although, Sarah had told him that she’d met her yesterday - even though she hadn’t known it until the woman had left the shop, and John had received several whacks of a dishcloth for not telling her sooner - and so Robin hopes that she becomes a new regular here.

He reaches for his mug of tea, the warm temperature of the ceramic belying the luke-warm liquid inside, and Robin grimaces as he feels betrayed. He needs a new tea, a hot cup of tea - one which he won’t be too distracted to drink because he’s thinking about someone he may never meet.

With a sigh, he reaches under the table for his cane, loops the strap around his wrist and stands.

He doesn’t really need his cane for this short journey - he knows it takes exactly four medium sized steps in his 2'o'clock direction to get to the counter - but whilst he’s comfortable making that trip after closing hours when the diner is empty, he finds it a lot easier navigating around people when they move out of his way first.

There’s already a person at the counter, and the first Robin knows of them is his stick bumping into their shoes. He offers a quick apology, uses their position to work out where to queue, and moves to stand there. Sarah must notice him from behind the counter; she’s quick to assure him that she’ll ’only be a moment’. Robin nods, waits a few seconds, then takes the time to listen to the conversations happening around him.

There’s a man with a nasal voice sitting at the table just behind him complaining about a sports game, frustrated with his team being only 3 points from the lead and convinced the other has obviously cheated - the woman with him seems entirely too smug in pointing out that he’s only a sore loser because her team won. There’s an elderly man further behind trying to get his grandchild to eat their greens so they can grow to be big and strong like their brother. There’s a couple of girls back to his left chatting about what they’ve been watching on tv, thoroughly excited that an actor they adore has finally got a role with a show that appreciates him. And there’s a young woman sat to his right on the raised decking talking to her friends about a hot guy at work who she wants to take into the copy room and use his tie to…

The rest he tunes out, lest he have to order a cup of tea with cheeks as hot as Vesuvius.

The person in front of him moves away and Sarah calls Robin a couple of steps forward, asking; “what can I get you, my friend?”

“Another tea, please,” Robin answers, and then spontaneously getting a craving for something sweet; “and a slice of Victoria Sponge cake too.”

“Sure, you go and sit back down and I’ll…” Sarah starts, but then her voice trails off and Robin’s left to wonder what’s going on. But then she’s speaking up again; “change of plan: you stay right there.”

Robin frowns. Sarah usually tells him to go and sit down, that she’ll bring whatever he ordered over to him (especially when it comes to hot drinks) and give him a receipt at the end of the day - with the ‘best friend of the owners’ discount applied to it.

But apparently, not today.

“Just scooch over to the left a little,” Sarah says, and despite his frown Robin takes two small steps to his left. She chuckles and corrects him; “my left. Your right.”

Setting his jaw, Robin moves back the two steps he just took, and then two extra, wondering if he needs to take another one until Sarah tells him ’that’ll do’.

“What can I get you?” she asks, and it takes Robin longer than it should to work out that she has another customer.

He’s not sure why he couldn’t just sit down whilst she took their order, but then he hears it; the soft, expressive, American drawl he couldn’t forget even if he wanted to, and he can’t help the beaming smile that grows across his face.

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Thinkin about the Super AU and. Tony's Mom: How could we adopt TWO babies that have time powers? Tony, stiffly: Ahaha, I do not know. What a mystery. Who would have thought. What a coincidence. Tony's Mom: What did you do. Tony: NOT DISCOVER THEIR TIME POWERS AND INSISTING YOU ADOPT THEM THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN.


The Empty Violence of The Walking Dead
Violence is the point — everything else is an intellectual fig leaf.

“Why do I watch this series, you may rightly ask? These days, I don’t. The Walking Dead is the reigning example of what I call a Bad Relationship Show, taking its audience for granted or treating it like garbage for weeks, then doing or saying something that momentarily makes you think the series is delivering on its promise, only to backslide quickly and become ostentatiously mediocre again. I stuck with it through season four with occasional dips into season five because many colleagues I respect kept insisting, “No, you should watch it, it’s good now,” or “It’s good again” or “They finally figured things out.” Fool me four or five times, shame on me.”

another great article @blipsterinsverige