Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

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Okuyasu & Josuke’s Great Bizarre Adventure!!!

I’ve been meaning to draw Josuke and Oku as Bill & Ted for a while; dunno if anyone’s done it already ??? This will be up on Redbubble in a few moments. (I’m terrible, I have print designs to finish and end up drawing new ones instead OOPS)

You were all SO desperate to tear Beauty and the Beast apart before you even saw it and I love that it pisses on everyone’s complaints like “uh I hate the yellow dress it’s so ugly I hate Emma Watson for her whole ‘active princess’ bullshit :/”  meanwhile in the movie Belle literally tears her dress apart so it has to be flimsy to ride away on a horse. Or “Uh Lefou (which literally means the fool btw) is the gay character??? I bet he won’t even get a happy ending how dare this be our first representation as a joke!” Meanwhile in the movie Lefou has layers, he learns that his unattainable straight crush does him no favours, he redeems himself and gets a happy ending.

So what I’m trying to say is fuck y’all

  • someone: hey i haven't seen you in a while how are you?
  • my adhd ass: i've been in a hyperactive swing and i've been awake for eighteen hours. i learned everything there is to know about chocolate chip cookies by listening to twenty seven youtube videos simultaneously. my leg started shaking twelve hours ago and i can't get it to stop. my last meal was the vague idea of a piece of toast. i have no idea where i am or what day it is, sharon. that's how i am.
‘Searchers’: Zane Holtz Cast As Male Lead In The CW Drama Pilot
By Denise Petski

Zane Holtz (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) is set as the male lead in the CW drama pilot Searchers, from WBTV and CBS TV Studios.

Written by Jason Rothenberg, Searchers is about a group of unlikely heroes who find themselves on the journey of a lifetime. Ten years after the death of their parents, Cooper (Holtz) and his free-spirited sister Fable are forced to team up when they learn that their mother’s terrifying and bizarre stories might be a road map to discovering the great legends, myths and unexplainable mysteries of the world. Holtz’s Cooper is a brilliant tech innovator and former soldier, who has accepted his parents’ deaths. But all that changes when his younger sister Fable, drags him on a dangerous mission to learn what truly happened to them 10 years ago.

Rothenberg executive produces with Berlanti Prods’ Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, and Dean White, who also directs.

OMGCP characters as things my mom has said to me
  • Bitty: It's 3:30 in the morning and you have a sociology report due tomorrow why are you making a cheesecake
  • Jack: Hey could you step away from your hyperfixation for a second and look at this shirt design?
  • Ransom: [as im huddled in a ball under my bed] Is this because of school, the future, moving out, or all of the above?
  • Holster: I'm banning Moana songs from this house and it's all your fault
  • Lardo: If you don't stop drawing on your arms ill tape your fingers together
  • Dex: Did you...did you kick the dishwasher and then fix it BETTER than before you broke it?? ((note: this was a total accident))
  • Nursey: You look like a lesbian hipster in a portland vegan bakery
  • Chowder: If you called me in here just too tell me how nice your friends are AGAIN i'm adopting you off
  • Whiskey: Stop pretending you're cool we all know you cried over the Homeward Bound movie
  • Tango: I'll answer all of your questions about technology back in my day in a second just please for the love of god let me take a bath
  • Ollie&Wicks: How long have you been in the house?? i haven't seen you in like 3 days
  • Ford: You'd be a great politician, you're good at ordering people around and have a face that makes people inherently trust you
  • Johnson: please stop making me think about if i'm real or not while i'm buying toilet paper
  • Kent: You're never gonna get a boyfriend, your only redeemable quality is that cats like you
  • NOTE - im very very gay and like girls a Lot but im still in the closet, which is why these seem so uncharacteristically Hetero™
Consider Matt x Lotor

So, after reading this post, @lioness-voltron and I talked about possibilities, especially considering this video, and we came up with this idea.

So, if Lotor is a villain, and he kidnapped Matt, imagine this…

  • Lotor kidnaps Matt Holt, hoping to get information about Earth, since it’s the home of the paladins, and he could leverage that information to defeat them. He hopes that it will improve his status if he can come up with a successful strategy.
  • Matt, however, isn’t really into the idea of being used like this, so he just starts messing with him instead.
  • Lotor: “You will tell me all about your home, Earthling.”
    Matt: “Earth? Earth is a nightmare planet. If you set foot on the surface, you die. Kids learn how to survive by stepping on objects. We call it The Floor is Lava.”
  • Lotor: “Tell me about your leaders.”
    Matt: “We don’t have leaders. We all obey these fuzzy insects called bumblebees. They’re pretty good at giving us directions. And honey.”
  • Lotor: “What are your weaknesses?”
    Matt: “Humans die if you backflip away from them. And it really hurts us if you whistle.”
  • When Lotor whistles experimentally, Matt pretends to be in agonizing pain.
  • Matt: “We have something called a 5 second rule where if you drop something, you only have 5 seconds to retrieve it or it’s as good as gone.”
    Lotor: “Your planet sounds dangerous.”
  • He just keeps coming up with increasingly more ridiculous things, offering 100% wrong information. He is coping with his whole imprisonment by making himself laugh. 
  • Matt also tosses in something just to mess with Lotor when he notices that no one else is allowed to interrogate him. “I should warn you. Humans secrete a toxin that makes you fall in love with them if you spend too much time around them. You need to be careful.”
  • Lotor is pretty sure he’s lying, and he laughs it off.
  • Until one night, he wakes up after a dream that leaves him questioning things. “I think… I think I have been affected by the human’s toxin.”
  • He storms up to Matt, shouting, “How does one reverse the effects of your toxins, human?”
    Matt just grins. “Oh, that? I was just messing with you. Humans don’t do that.” Then, he laughs. “Are you really in love with me? Geez, I must be cuter than I thought.”
If you haven't seen YuGiOh! Here's a master guide:

Yugioh Season 0: Smol boy is bipolar and spends his time panicking and gaming people to death.

Yugioh Duel Monsters: Boy and ancient pharoah travel the world playing satanic card games.

Yugioh GX: Middle-Schooler learns the trade of card games, but it gets worse and then he’s double-satan.

Yugioh 5Ds: Poor-Man gets arrested for being poor, but card games on motorcycles so now the future is saved.

Yugioh Zexal: Tween doesn’t understand card games so ghost helps him and they save three boys by killing their child father.

Yugioh Zexal II: Heaven and Hell are fighting so boy challenges Satan to a card game.

Yugioh Arc V: Demon-Boy destroys the world with card games so a girl beats him up. Twice.

Yugioh VRAINS: Young hacker is scared of card games but his sense of justice turns him into Tron.