the true star of the documentary:


”Enjoy your moment in the sun, because there’s twenty nine pro teams as we speak figuring out that little trick pitch of yours, and when they do, I’ll get my job back and you’ll become the answer to a trivia question.”


World End’s New Name

Listen up, and listen good.

I had job training tonight for the Fall Festival job I’ve worked for a year or two now, and we always have an animal petting station.  Usually, it’s two goats, two miniature ponies, and two cows at the station, and I love the all, especially Carlos the miniature pony who tried to seduce me with his butt.

HOWEVER.  This year, we have a new arrival.

Enter GARTH the baby pig, who I love with all my heart and will protect.  And because I was answering headcanons right before I went to training, I immediately thought “World End is a pig”

And now, long story short, World End’s name is Garth, and no one is gonna convince me otherwise.

anonymous asked:

You make my day so much brighter fyi

this is the sweetest thing ever.. if there’s anything i want to contribute to anyone’s day, it’s making it a little bit brighter. honestly this is the best ask i have ever gotten, i’ve never felt more heart warmed in my life.. i’m so so happy i am able to do that for you, wow you have absolutely no clue.. people like you make my day so much brighter <3

here’s what i know about the club from my dream:

  • it’s called The Girl’s Club, but boys can join as well so idk
  • they communicate through finger spelling with some of their own weird modifications, and they call this The Girl’s Club Code
  • they also flash lights to communicate from house to house
  • only one Girl’s Club member per household!
  • Girl’s Club members have access to a secret list of job openings
  • members must also host parties at their house from time to time
  • all members take shifts tailing random people in the neighborhood, for no real reason
  • mostly this means following soccer moms and varsity football players to the grocery store
  • it’s a secret club. i went to a friend’s house and she was like “oh for fuck’s sake, my little sister is in this stupid club and she said there were no nearby members but she’s been blinking a flashlight out the window at the neighbor, can you find out who else is in this?” which is what kicked off my entire investigation.
  • i desperately wanted to join
  • Me:I don't watch The 100 anymore, I'm not in the fandom, I have nothing to do with that show.
  • Also me:[aggressively blogs about Clexa 24/7] that doesn't count, Clexa is its own fandom.
  • Also me:[posts about Raven Reyes] Raven doesn't count either, she's my child and that show doesn't deserve her.
  • Also me:[blogs about Linctavia] that doesn't count,