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Hello, I'm not a 'larrie' but anyways i wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts-on-Liam post. It feels so weird thinking of him as an actual father. Now, I'm a Louie girl but his kid doesn't stop me from thirsting over him and i was wondering why that was the case and i guess its cause he doesn't give two shits about being a dad for freddie lmao but with Liam its different because he's so genuine with it. (And If larry is a thing, then I'm sorry Harry for thirsting on your man sorry not sorry)

“And If larry is a thing, then I’m sorry Harry for thirsting on your man sorry not sorry” - I need this framed and also harry to see this 

  • Kuroko: Is that your hand on my ass?
  • Akashi: It was an accident.
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, your hand's still on my ass.
  • Akashi: It's still an accident!

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People criticizing a game shouldn't make you lose your hype if you're excited for it. I think the animations have a lot of things wrong with it and some models are wonky but I'm still excited for it. Be a little more confident in your opinions

here’s the thing; seeing blatant hate and jokes and people hoping for it to flop constantly all over my dash every day took it’s toll on me. 

i’m a very sensitive person and criticism, esp towards things i love, really upsets me. not to mention how much it stressed me out, and, eventually, angered me. 

i mean it got to the point where even seeing anything about andromeda put a bad taste in my mouth. i almost didn’t even bother getting the game itself. but my brother knew i’d be upset with myself if i didn’t, so he convinced me to get it (and the trial). 

i’m glad he did because i’m having a great time. i can see myself putting a lot of time into this game, as i have with any other bioware game. (which is kind of unfortunate since i’m going back to work soon, but oh well.)

i’m glad that you’re still excited for it, though, anon. bc all the hate it’s been getting is honestly ridiculous and not even accurately representing the game.

when i always said that our love will never go away, that it doesn’t just go away, i was trying to put words to how we’ll always fall back into old ways when we see each other. no matter how much time has passed, i will forever be the me i was when i see you again and you will forever be the you that loved me with your entire soul. nothing has the power to change that.
—  and i know you wish you could, i’m so sorry

“I’m sorry,” Maddie whispers. She tries to pull away, but Westley tightens his fingers around her hand.

“Don’t be,” he shrugs, smiling up into her vivid blue gaze. “I don’t need to know your secrets, sunshine, and you don’t need to know mine. After all, the way I see it, a little mystery only enhances a relationship.”

“R-Relationship?!” Madeleine sputters. “But- You- You said- You weren’t interested- Didn’t want to- Nothing serious-”

Westley chuckles as she stumbles over her words, amusement radiating from his dark hazel eyes. “Well yeah,” he smirks. “But just until tomorrow night after I meet your family, remember? Then we can ‘break up’ and get on with our lives…”

“Oh, that,” she breathes as a soft pink blush settles into her cheeks. “Of course. I- It just slipped my mind.”

“Why? You don’t… I mean, you’re not wanting-”

“No! No, of course not,” Maddie shakes her head emphatically. “Not unless… You still don’t…”

“No, me either,” he replies without hesitation, but his voice sounds clipped and terse. “It’s just easier this way.”

“Yeah,” she nods and forces herself to smile. “Easier.”

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I’ve honestly been wanting to do this for a long time, so here goes! Type the word into your tags and click on the last one you used!

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Imagine holding a small Christmas party for Seventeen after their concert where you guys exchanged presents and had an overall great time.

BONUS: After receiving Woozi’s present, you opened it only to realize that he got you something you’ve been wanting for a while now. You looked at him in disbelieve because you didn’t thought he’ll remember about it before pulling him into a hug to show your gratitude.


I recently hit 300 followers, and I’m completely stunned considering I only created this blog about a month ago! Even though I’m new here, I’ve already fallen in love with the people in this fandom. I feel incredibly lucky that Beebo shares much of his life with us on Periscope, so that we can all freak out about it together and fill up our camera rolls with screenshots of his stupidly beautiful face. 

Without further adieu, here is a list of my absolute favorite blogs that I’ve discovered so far. The urls in bold are my wonderful friends who you should definitely go follow right now because I love them! All the other blogs are ones that I admire a lot and I’m always so happy to see them on my dash (pls be my friend).

THANK YOU FOR 300 FOLLOWERS! Enjoy the collage I made of my favorite screenshots from scope ♡


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