things i trust more than donald trump with anything important:

  • a steak made by hannibal lecter
  • cersei lannister as queen of the realm
  • president coin watching my sister
  • boromir with the ring
  • voldemort with my parents
  • a galaxy note 7 in my chest pocket
  • hanging with neighborhood clowns
  • limewire in the early 2000′s
  • a handful of floor candy
  • my phone bill the month after pokemon go dropped

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I’m saying this again because I’m noticing it more often now. 


*shrugs* I wrote a short thing.  It’s not rough smut, but yeah…

They’re lying in bed, sweaty and sated, exchanging satisfied smiles and lazy kisses, neither quite ready to call an end to the evening.

His hand caresses her side as they face each other, and her body tingles with every pass of his fingers on her bare skin.  “You’re so beautiful,” he says, the words rolling off his tongue with conviction, as if he has never been more certain of anything in his life.

She blushes and shakes her head, has no control over her smile as she gazes into his blue eyes, her hand rising to his cheek, thumb caressing his stubble.  Leaning forward, she captures his lips in a lingering kiss, “I love you,” she says as they part.

He grins, and something warm flutters inside her at the fact that she can make him react in such a way with three simple words.  He grasps her hand in his, brings it to his lips, never taking his eyes away from hers, “As I love you”.  

Her smile goes a bit watery then, and she shakes her head, “How did I get so lucky?”

He drops her hand, raises his to tangle in her hair, and nuzzles his face into her neck, “I believe the lucky one is me, milady.” he replies, placing a kiss to the underside of her jaw.

She chuckles and pushes at his chest, “You’re so full of shit.”

“But you love it.” he quips with that smirk that she hates and loves in equal measure.

She doesn’t get a chance to think of a response before his lips find hers, and then she stops thinking altogether.  Just sinks into the feeling of him, the feeling of them, and how nothing has ever felt more right than this…

She wakes with a start, disoriented.  Her hand reaches across her sheets automatically, searching for a warmth that isn’t there, finding only cold fabric.

She blinks and comes to her senses, taking a shuddering breath.  It was just her cruel mind playing tricks on her.

He’s gone, the feeling of warmth vanished with him, and she’s left cold and alone, shrouded in darkness once more.  The all too familiar feeling of emptiness settles in, making itself at home within her soul as if it had never left.  Her chest aches, and she curls in on herself.

She tries not to cry.

She fails.

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prompt: makoharu playing with ren and ran ^^ btw i adore your blog <3

A sigh left Haruka’s lips as he was doodling in the corner of his notebook. He was so incredibly bored. It was summer and he wanted to go swimming, but alas it was raining hard outside and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop any time soon. Therefore Makoto had proposed that they should start on their summer homework so they would get it done early and wouldn’t have to do it last minute or when the sun was shining.

So now they were sitting in Makoto’s room at opposite ends of the table, books and papers spread between them. The benefit of doing homework together was that they could help each other out, explaining things when one of them didn’t understand something and the other did, trying to figure it out together if neither of them understood the subject. The downside, though, was that Haruka was even more easily distracted than usually.

They had been attempting to finish the English worksheet they had been assigned, but they were both absolutely terrible at English, so bad that if they tried to figure things out together, they’d only end up being more confused. Which is why they had been sitting in silence as they both tried to decipher the enigma that was the English language.

It didn’t take long for Haruka to lose interest and give up, so he had grabbed his notebook and began to draw on an empty page. The only good part about doing homework in the summer was that Makoto was here, completely unaware of the fact that he was Haruka’s model.

He was wearing his glasses, the dark frames accentuating how green and vibrant his eyes were - which in Haruka’s defense, made it even harder for him to concentrate because whenever Makoto wore them he felt like he was falling in love all over again. His fringe was falling in front of his eyes but Haruka could still detect a hint of a frown, as if the words on the sheet were personally offending him. Next to that, his lips were pouting, which only completed the cute look of utter concentration. The best part was that it was clear that he was unguarded, which made the whole image even more adorable. It would be a waste to let this beautiful sight slip away without capturing it on paper, wouldn’t it?

Finding this excuse good enough, Haruka continued the drawing. He was so experienced in drawing Makoto, both from sight and imagination, that it didn’t take long until he had sketched the scene before him. Though he was more than familiar with Makoto’s physique, he found that he could never quite capture his exceptional beauty on paper - even if Makoto disagreed - which led to him never being satisfied with his drawings of Makoto. Not that that ever stopped him.

This time, though, he deemed the drawing of Makoto good enough for a doodle. Now he just wanted to do something else.

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It’s That Time of Year Again :]

Man… 3 years flew by so fast…and I wouldn’t have learned this much if it wasn’t for everyone here on tumblr, so thank you.

Thank you for making my 3 years here amazing. :)

Both pieces are right here:

This anniversary/draw this again fanart was made possible by Patreon. :)


I was tagged by the @kaiscloud9 @kyungsmoothhh @celaystial and @spookiestinexo for the bias selfie. For why are all of you guys so pretty from inside and out?? Truly goddesses and I’m so lucky to call you guys friends ☺️☺️☺️

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genuinely! the more confidently you present yourself, the more everyone - including you! - will begin to see the positive aspects of you! keep trying! fake it ‘til you make it! 💕💫

kingyo-diva replied to your post “YESSSS SLAY I HATE WADTT. I run a popular animal blog as well and she…”

I always feel like WADTT is a good place to ask for help about pets and their behaviour, but I don’t like their opinion on captive cetaceans, and sometimes just how defensive they are about zoos. I think zoos are a really good thing, but only if done right. The zoos I went to as a kind were mostly.. just okay, so I feel like they should always be seen with a critical eye. And, yeah, the orca thing ruined the blog for me a bit.

I very much agree with you on this. I’m a wildlife biologist by trade and I’ve done a lot of research about the pros and cons on captive wild animals, so WADTT really hit me where it hurts on that front. But even I will admit that they’re a good resource when it comes to dog and cat behaviour queries.

I still worry a lot about how their stance on cetacean captivity is affecting their (not insignificant) fanbase, but I don’t think they became as popular as they are for no reason. They’re not Cesar Milan levels of problematic, but I still think they need to keep their noses out of non-pet issues until they sort out their biases.