I think the only way anyone could upset me with headcanons would be if they killed off one of the trio in order to make the ship “pure”. 

I had a snarky tag comment a while ago from a person I have since blocked, who was complaining in the tags that I had ruined a “pure” m/m ship by adding Ursula, and I was this close to replying to them publicly and watching them get eviscerated because excuse u, my poly queer ship is entirely pure as is, tyvm. It was always a poly queer romance right from the very inception. I didn’t just shoehorn in a female character at the last minute just for funsies and to piss people off, the plan was always to have a m/m/f poly trio who fall in love and live (that’s an important part, LIVE. I edited so much toxic poly smut back in the day where someone always died and left the “true otp” behind and I H A T E D it  HAAAATED IT) happily ever after.

Which isn’t to say you couldn’t ever write fic about one or more of them dying if you wanted to (you monster, I’m just kidding) I’m just saying that one of them dying doesn’t erase the fact that the characters are and always will be queer and don’t conform to the simplistic binary of gay or straight. They’re bi/pan and that’s perfectly “pure” enough. So I mean, you can kill Ursula off if you wanted to to make a “pure” gay ship, but uh, that’d make you a pretty terrible person, sorry. I don’t make the rules.

Actually in this instance I do. And they’re poly bi/pan queer immortal idiots in love and there’s nothing you can do about it. 


To Tumblr’s knowledge,

I may be a piece crap for liking Killing Stalking and you’re right, I am. But at least I don’t go telling other people to kill themselves over a comic.

Song Tag! (Anotha one)

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List ten songs you are currently vibing on and tag 10 other people

1. Dream Awhile- Ink Spots
2. Hurt- Nine Inch Nails
3. Chop Suey- System of a Down
4. Mona Lisa-Panic! At The Disco
5. I’m Not Ok- MCR
6. Worldstar Money -Joji
7. her-eery
8. https://youtu.be/FXglHbYB1Y4 (I AM NOT TYPING THE NAME OUT FUCK THAT)
9. All These Feelings-Atpunk
10. Peace and Love- Steven Universe (fuck you, I love it)

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rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better

name: falen!

nickname: my name’s quite hard to make nicknames out of hahaha

zodiac sign: gemini!!!

height: 5′3”/163 cm!!

orientation: bisexual!

favourite fruit: strawberries and watermelon!!!

favourite season: spring??? winter???

favourite book series: none!


favourite scent: incense! milk tea!! jasmine!!!  

favourite colour: black, pastel pink! (wow how opposite LOL)

coffee, tea or cocoa: (milk) tea!! (jk i also enjoy hot and iced green tea)

average sleep hours: 6-8!

cat or dog person: dOG

favourite fictional characters: i was gonna skip this but i’ll just do one from each of my fave anime LOL: hinata (hq), kurapika, todododododododoroki, shin ah, and sonic (from opm, NOT THE HEDGEHOG)!!!

number of blankets you sleep with: a thin one in the summ summ, and a thick one in the winter!

dream trip: japAN!!! with my friends!!!

blog created: june 2013!! omg four years ago what is this

number of followers: nine hundred eighty three! but i feel like a lot of them are inactive since this blog has gone through so many changes, plus it’s old LOL

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Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently into and tag 10 people to do the same

1. Straight to Hell by The Clash
2. Brokedown Palace by The Grateful Dead
3. Blue Moon of Kentucky by Mark Knopfler
4. God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
5. Dream Baby by Roy Orbison
6. Boppin’ The Blues by Carl Perkins
7. Bleecker Street by Simon & Garfunkel
8. Coming Into Los Angeles by Arlo Guthrie
9. Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen
10. Hangin’ ‘Round by Lou Reed

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So I was stressing out about finishing this book for class tonight, and then I remembered that this was our reader’s choice booktalk. Meaning I can pick anything off the list. Meaning even though *I* know I initially picked American Street, my professor doesn’t know that. Meaning I can use A Thousand Splendid Suns, a book I have taught for the past 4 years, and finish this assignment in an hour, tops.

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Rules: Answer with only one word

Where is your phone? couch
Your hair? dark
Your dad? upstairs
Your other half? what?
Your favourite food? Palatschinken
Your dream last night? scary
Your favourite drink? tea
Fear? clowns
Favourite shoes? Vans
Favourite way to relax? writing
Your mood? relaxed
Your love? travelling
Where were you last night? Venice
Something that you aren’t? wise
Muffins? yep
Where you grew up? Austria
Last thing you did? write
What are you wearing? clothes
Something you hate? intolerance
Your pets? dumbos
Life? uhm
Regrets? yep

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Rules: Go to the largest playlist you have, put on shuffle and answer the questions with the songs you get

1. This song describes your personality: 
Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

2. This song describes what you want/wish from your life: 
Garageland by The Clash

3. This song describes how other people perceive you:
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

4. This song describes the love of your life:
Hotter Than Hell by KISS (Well Joe is pretty handsome ♥)

5. This song describes your life at this moment:
Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues

6. The song you make love to:
Bike by Pink Floyd (Perfect for setting the mood)

7. The song to dance your heart out to:
Sussudio by Phil Collins 

8. The song that will make you cry:
While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles

9. The song about your future:
Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

10. The last song you will ever hear in your life:
Revolution Rock by The Clash

11. This song describes who you will be in your next life:
Last Gang In Town by The Clash

12. The song that makes you feel better:
What Is Life by George Harrison 

13. You end up listening to just one song for the rest of your life, and this is it:
Ghetto Defendant by The Clash

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Yuuri following Viktor around while taping and narrating like a nature show
  • Yuuri: *getting off plane in Russia, taping himself and Viktor* You guys, I realized most of you have never seen a Viktor Nikiforov in it's natural habitat, so I'm gonna start a series as I experience it.
  • Viktor: *laughing* Are you kidding me?
  • Yuuri: *dead serious* Nikiforov's apparently find things less believable when they're in Russia. *tapes Viktor laughing* and has a laugh just as beautiful.
  • Viktor: *turns bright red as he laughs and walks away from phone *
  • .
  • Yuuri: *Taping Viktor who is fussing over Yuuri's bruised feet* It seems a Viktor Nikiforov in it's homeland is far more fussy than in Japan.
  • Viktor: *looks up with a serious look* A Viktor Nikiforov doesn't care where we are, you need to take care of your beautiful feet.
  • Yuuri: *wiggling his toes* Ooooo, a Viktor Nikiforov in Russia has a /foot fetish/
  • Viktor: *shoves camera away laughing*
  • .
  • Yuuri: *taping Viktor trying to whip the smoke away from a triggered fire alarm* I'm here with a Viktor Nikiforov, this particular one has forgotten how to live in it's own territory.
  • Viktor: *looks at him, before whipping the phone* I have not! *goes back to it*
  • Yuuri: it's really quite sad to see one so far out of it's depth.
  • Viktor: *in a whine* Yuuri, come help!
  • Yuuri: *walks over to table, drags a chair underneath the alarm*
  • *gets on chair, turns off the alarm with a simple press of the button* *pans to an embarassed but smiling Viktor*
  • Viktor: You can't be serious.
  • Yuuri: *amused* Deadly
  • .
  • Yuuri: *obviously hiding behind the couch while Viktor and Yuri set up the Xbox one* This is an incredible scene, a Viktor Nikiforov and a Yuri Plisetsky struggle with their own gaming system.
  • Yuri and Viktor: *different variations of* Shut up, we've got it!
  • Yuuri: *dive rolls behind chair* it seems both have become aggressive in their confusion upon spotting me.
  • Viktor: *laughing*
  • Yuri: what the fuck is happening?
  • Yuuri: The Plisetsky is asking questions that I don't have answers for.
  • Viktor: Yes you do, don't lie!
  • Yuuri: *aggressively points camera at Viktor*/No I don't!/
  • Yuri: Why are you talking about us like you're in the wild?
  • Yuuri: I mean, isn't being around Russians akin to being in the wild?
  • Viktor: *lies on his back on the floor while he laughs*
  • Yuri: is this a thing? Like for fans?
  • Yuuri: No, they're for me, I like rewatching them.
  • Yuri:
  • Yuuri: *straight facing it like a champ*
  • Viktor: *crying*
  • Yuri: Are you okay?
  • Yuuri: *giggles in a moment of weakness* It seems the Plisetsky and Nikiforov have abandoned their task.
  • Viktor: *screams in his fit of laughter*
  • *video ends*
Lessons for the Signs
  • Aries: Think before you act. Sometimes, you are too impulsive and make decisions which can affect you negatively. Be selective of who you open to, but don't be scared to open up to people.
  • Taurus: You are smarter than you think you are. Give yourself some credit and try not to be too harsh on yourself. Learn how to vent your anger in a healthy way for yourself and the people around you.
  • Gemini: Make a concious effort to put your best in everything. Leave no room for messy work. Take charge of your own life and let go of others, especially toxic people who are getting you down.
  • Cancer: You need to let things go and remove the guilt you always feel. You need to move in and leave things behind in times of distress. Try to be more confident and believe in yourself. You're stronger than you think you are.
  • Leo: You need to learn how to love yourself without the approval and flattery from other people. Stop heding from yourelf and let yourself shine, without worrying about what other people think. Try to keep an open mind in all aspects.
  • Virgo: You need to understand that nobody is perfect and sometimes it's okay to ask for help when you need it. Embrace people close to you and be more charitable of their flaws. You also need to ube spontaneous once in a while.
  • Libra: You neeed to cut out toxic people from your life, for the betterment of yourself. You have to take charge of yourself and make decisions. However, try not be someone who you are not. You are going to just end up wasting your time.
  • Scorpio: Stop pushing people who love you away. You need to understand that relationships with other people are very important, and pushing people away will just hurt you. Try to admit when you're wrong. This will help you improve as a person.
  • Sagittarius: Stop biting off more than you can chew. This can make you very overwhelmed. Make fewer plans and stick by it. If something really bothers you, talk about it and let it out. Find your balance in your life.
  • Capricorn: You need to trust others and open up about your emotions. Let them know how you feel, and people will appreciate you in return. Sometimes, you also need to take some risks once in a while.
  • Aquarius: Don't bottle up your emotions inside. It isn't good for your health. Be honest more often, even though it can be hard. Start to embrace people as they are and your life will improve tremendously.
  • Pisces: You need to reliaze you're not alone. There are a lot of people who go through the same thing as you do. Don't feel like you are burdening others with your problems. You are allowed to have friends.