domestic malec headcanons:

  • magnus never has food in the apartment. like ever. it used to be fine because he could just use magic to get it, but when alec moved in and had to choose between a year old pack of noodles and some questionable cheese for dinner bc magnus was out with a client he put his foot down. 
  • they regularly wake up with a face full of fur because chairman meow likes to sleep in between their heads
  • magnus hums under his breath when he does stuff around the apartment. alec thinks this is super cute and actually picks up the habit himself, but he doesnt realise until he walks into a clave meeting humming ‘california girls’
  • (jace laughs at him for a week)
  • sometimes when magnus has had a long day/used a lot of magic alec will run him a bubble bath and pamper him the entire evening. he also, however, will go bright red and deny this if magnus brings it up later 
  • when alec has a long day, magnus just lets him lie on the sofa with his head in magnus’ lap. head massages are sometimes involved.
  • alec is always complaining about cat hair. considering 98% of his clothing is black, he always seems to be covered in it, and he buys like 4 lint rollers a month. 
  • (sometimes magnus gets his sweaters and puts chairman meow on them on purpose so alec will wear something more colourful)
  • (alec doesn’t know about this)
  • (it also doesn’t work) 

I see no difference


No one fucking believes me when i try to point out how haru and rin are obviously trying to compete for makotos love.

Like they both took him on a fucking movie date. Theyre competing and you cant convince me otherwise.

(or makoto is playing them both but hes too sweet for that get out of my face)