On January 7th, TOMORROW, an artist is planning on chaining a horse, goat, sheep, pig and a cow and its calf to a wall and beat them to death with a hammer in the name of art.

This isn’t art. You know it isn’t art so please, for the sake of these innocent animals, SIGN THE PETITION AND SIGNAL BOOST THIS MESSAGE!

Edit: You don’t have to sign up to sign the petition, just use an email address and you could help save the lives of innocent animals

I’m finally able to just sit there and write and enjoy what I’m writing.

Like, I’ve come up with a few ideas over the summer and began planning them out but when it’s come to trying to write them I just can’t.

But with this, which has turned out to be a flash fiction, possibly a short story if I end up padding it out enough, I just started writing and kept going, and it’s nice to get my brain working like this again and to actually think of similes and metaphors and narrative and “what image is this conveying”

IDK if this post has any point, but I’m feeling kinda confident right now and it’s nice to think back on last year’s Intro to Creative Writing lessons, and to actively see how far I’ve come in the past 10 months alone. Who knows what I’ll be like at the end of the next semester, or next year, or even at the end of my course?

I’m probably rambling nonsensically but after a long period of perfectionism and not completely liking my writing, it feels really good to actually spit out something I do like.

And it’s even better not having a 500 word limit, because this isn’t coursework and I’m writing for enjoyment etc.