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Hello! So I have a quick question regarding Kuroshitsuji...I have only seen the anime and haven't read the manga, but I was wondering who is the new girl that comes up that has like "ears" on her head? It's like part of her outfit, but I'm really curious to know who she is because she keeps popping up in all of the Kuroshitsuji accounts that I follow, so I would like to know who is this girl, and is she like a main character now? (Oh god I hope not haha) Thanks!

Hi there! Well first of all, it’s really a pity that you’re not following the manga since it’s 1000% better than the anime (tho Book of Circus and Murder are truly great adaptations unlike Seasons I and II). 

Now, about the girl. Her name is Sieglinde Sullivan and she’s usually called ‘The Green Witch’ and let’s say she’s kinda responsible for the well-being of her people. I don’t want to spoil much about that since I really hope you’d decide to give the manga a try : ). But no, those are not ears, it’s the way she combs her hair into those little buns. 

Now, why wouldn’t you want her to be a main character if you don’t know her? :D. If you take a look at her tag you’ll surely find a lot about how funny and smart she is. Plus, I feel like her relationship with Sebastian and Ciel could give way to more entertaining events ^^. But yeah, back to your question, she’s kinda been the main character along most of the recent arc. Many say the latest chapter was the last one to be focused on her tho. 

I hope this helped you a little : ]