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The hard work of waking up

For animals that hibernate, making it to spring is no small feat. Torpor — the state of reduced bodily activity that occurs during hibernation — is not restful. By the time they emerge, hibernating animals are often sleep-deprived: Most expend huge bursts of energy to arouse themselves occasionally in the winter so their body temperatures don’t dip too low. This back-and-forth is exhausting, and hibernators do it with little to no food and water. By winter’s end, some have shed more than half their body weight.

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Image: Courtesy Bernardo Niño / Penn State


Sebastian Stan behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America: A Tragedy
  • The First Avenger: Steve loses his best friend and his best girl.
  • The Winter Soldier: Steve gets his best friend and his best girl back but they can't remember him.
  • Civil War: Steve loses his best friend and his best girl all over again.

Stans bonding with their tiny nibblings :D