the signs as kpop debuts (requested)
  • aries: no more dream by bangtan boys // intense, ambitious, bold
  • taurus: replay by shinee // affectionate, relaxed, persistent
  • gemini: my type by ikon // expressive, laid back, playful
  • cancer: glass bead by gfriend // soft, romantic, innocent
  • leo: happiness by red velvet // self-assured, optimistic, youthful
  • virgo: mr. ambiguous by mamamoo // sassy, mature, sensible
  • libra: like OOH-AHH by twice // trendy, cute, charismatic
  • scorpio: the 7th sense by nct // dark, sensual, daring
  • sagittarius: girls girls girls by got7 // energetic, confident, adventurous
  • capricorn: mama by exo // cynical, headstrong, honest
  • aquarius: say it by toppdogg // unique, original, fresh
  • pisces: adore u by seventeen // dreamy, charming, sweet

One of the most important things i learned while being a kpop fangirl is a secret skill called “the silent scream”. You basically stomp your feet, widden your eyes, open your mouth but you don’t let out a sound. It’s pretty useful actually.


“f(x) is a mathematic symbol and when you input different ‘x’ you can let different outcomes. So, as f(x), we want to be the kind of group that can change and adapt to different situations. ”

I honestly miss 2010-2012 style kpop. I’m tired of pastel soft pop. Where’s the same dark industrial background in every mv? The indescribable future-esque concepts with too many different kinds of lighting and monochrome color scheme. The outfits that have an entire craft store’s selection of rhinestones glued to them. The overly styled hair and generously kohl-lined eyes. It’s snowing. Metallic mesh tank tops. The slow zoom and hand gestures. Kevin is there. It’s U-KISS’s Neverland.


°˖ ✧ ALL NIGHT ✧˖ °a mix of songs by kpop girl groups for late nights, city drives + dancing until sunrise // listen here // image credit; x

all night - f(x)// motorcycle - girls’ generation // love options - bestie // dressing room - after school // something - girls’ day // express 999 - girls’ generation // miss agent - 9muses // crazy driver - after school // up n down - spica // b.b.b (big baby baby) - dal shabet // news - 9muses // trick - girls’ generation // have dont have - dal shabet // 24 hours - sunmi // mach - rainbow // every night - exid