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"Hey! You with that hat! You're the champ from the league, yea? What was your name?" The Yordle asked herself, rubbing her head with her normal hand. "Veigar! That's it! I heard some rumors that your legs are prosthetics, it that true?" She asked without thinking. "... oh! Uh-sorry for the sudden question.. Name's Seraph, Seraph Gearbreaker. Don't let the name fool you, I run a succecful repair shop." she said with a smile. holding out her robotic hand. (serap-the-mechanical-master)

Turning to face the voice of a yordle entirely unfamiliar to him, he furrows his brow, eyeing her suspiciously at first, then curiously. Those who recognised him as a champion in the League typically did not speak so forwardly to him, especially not so… friendly.

Her forwardness piqued his interest however, especially at the mention of his legs. Not many knew that they were fake, honestly; his repulsively idiotic comrades seemed to somehow often believe them to simply be covers, and now he wondered how word had been spreading so quickly to others, non-champions, even.

Negative assumptions dispelled at the presentation of her unnatural hand, however, and without hesitation, nodded once while shaking her hand. “Curious name for one with such a ‘successful’ profession, however I must take your word for it.

"Both are, yes,” he answers her question as he takes his hand back for himself, watching her curiously still, “I’ve now idea how you’ve managed to acquire such information, but now I must ask… any specific reason you’ve to speak with me? If you’re trying to sell me something, you have the wrong person.”


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How do you know the rumors are fake ? Most of the time those kind of rumors end up being true plus SM never denied it so don't be sure

  • all the sojinsoo proofs turned out to be fake 
  • kfans aren’t currently paying attention to these rumours
  • kyungsoo doesn’t like big age gaps (sojin is 7 years older than kyungsoo)
  • there’s a 90 percent of chance sojin is single

read this: http://doitlikethis123.tumblr.com/post/107752476465/translation-for-kyungsoo-and-sojin-dating-rumor