Respecting Lee Chan and his privacy reblog if you agree

He doesn’t need to share every bit of his private life with us.

And if you happen to have a link to the video, please dont spread it around. I dont want this to get any worse. And if those rumors do turn out to be true, whatever. As long as he’s happy I’m good.

I feel like people jump to conclusions way too quick…

you're an asshole (but i love you); oikawa/iwaizumi

Summary: Oikawa is a very selfish person. (Or, four times Oikawa thought of himself and one time he didn’t.)

Rating: T

Word Count: ~4100

Notes: i was just minding my own business and then 4000 words about these idiots just appeared on my screen.



They’re five and Hajime’s mother invited Oikawa over for a sleepover. They spent all evening playing video games (Oikawa won all of them, much to Hajime’s annoyance), eating too much candy, and building a fort made of pillows and sheets, which they are now attempting to sleep under. Hajime is still trying to decide whether or not he’s had fun, or if spending time with Oikawa has just been ten times more annoying than usual.

Right now, he’s tempted to think it’s more of the latter.

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