OTP Survey

sI’m gonna do this for Rucas,Delena,Love Square and Starco

OTP Survey

Answer the following questions.

Who are your OTP {One True Pairing}: Rucas

How did they meet?: She fell on his lap on the subway..But he caught her..

Are your OTP: Canon (Soon)

What is your favorite quote from your OTP?: “If there wasn’t for you I don’t know if I would survive New York..You’re very important to me”,”What if that’s not what I think we are?”,”Some moments you’re gonna remember forever..This is one of ‘em..”,”That’s too bad because you’re one of my favorite persons to talk to..”

Do you multi-ship either of them {Ship either with someone else}: No..Riley and Lucas are meant for each other..Trust me..

Do you think one of them would cheat on the other?: No..I think they would spend all their free time with each other,since they start dating..

What is the most ridiculous thing haters have said about them?: “Riley is preparing Lucas for Maya” or “They are like brother and sister” like seriously?

Which animated Disney movie couple would your OTP be?: Beauty and The Beast!Riley is such a Belle and Lucas is like a copy of a Beast..

Look up random love quotes. Which one out of a few fits your OTP?: I have 2: “A True relationship is someone who accepts your past.Supports your present.Helps you get fixed.Loves you.And encourages your future”This one reminds me of Riley and Lucas,because even when Riley heard about his past,she still loves him..She helped him be a better person,because she’s his calm influence..She supports him SO MUCH!She encouraged him MILLION times..Lucas loves her..Loves her being clumsy,klutzy,adorkable..Just her being her..

The second quote:”Remember..You are my happy ending..”

Which movie couple would they be?: Oh..I actually don’t know..Dex and Rachel probably!Because both Riley and Rachel hide their love..While both Dex and Lucas adore their girls..

Pick 1 song that fits them per season.:

1st Season:Our Way-Martina Stoessel and Jorge Blanco

2nd Season:Pretending-Glee

3rd Season:Countdown-Leon Thomas III and Victoria Justice (By far)

What song fits your OTP the best overall?: Photograph-Ed Sheeran

If either one of them has ever messed up their relationship, who was it and why?: Both..They both did at some point..But that’s why they are real..

What is your dream scene for your OTP?: Riles would start yelling at him for something,but he would just lean in,cup her cheeks and kiss her..And than she would go:’I’m still mad at you..But little less.Cause you’re a good kisser..’
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tsukiodango asked:

What's your favorite memory or moment involving your mother before the black moon attack?

“My favourite memory… Was when mama and me used to stargaze out on the balcony in the palace before reading me my favourite Sailor Moon story, ( papa would sometimes join us too if he wasn’t doing anything business trip related. ) We used to make shapes out of the stars if they were out.

When I seemed down someday’s because of the local kids making fun out of me for not having any powers, mama knew even if I tried my hardest to hide it so I could show her just how big and strong I really was… She used to tickle tackle me…. It
ALWAYS made me laugh…”

I love her very much!!

Him (M)

Summary: Jimin finally talks to you and he comes over
Genre: SMUT
Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

You were walking to your classroom on a Friday morning. Your first period class was in Mr. Rousse’s classroom and that is where you were headed. Mr. Rousse was your favorite teacher. He taught Language Arts, your favorite subject. You had a rough morning and your alarm didn’t go off. You did not even get the chance to eat breakfast. You were grumpy and hungry. The worst combination you could possibly be at the moment, but since it was Friday your grumpiness level wasn’t that high. You were still pissed off, though.

You finally made it into the classroom and opened the door. Everyone was already seated in their seats. They all turned around pulling their attention away from the board, staring at you except for the orange haired boy who was always quiet in class. His name was Jimin. He was different from everyone. Always hung out with a lower classman boy named Jungkook. Jungkook was Jimin’s only friend. Everyone always avoided Jimin. They thought he was a little too out there. People talked about Jimin, and it was never anything nice. You felt bad for Jimin, but you were always too scared to talk to him. You did not know if what people said about him were really true, or not.

“Class, attention back up here. Just because one of our students was late does not mean you have to stare so intensely. Y/n, you may take your seat. You did not miss much. I will send you an email on what went over today.” Mr. Rousse spoke.

You nodded your head and took your seat. You sat in the back corner of the classroom along with Jimin. Yes, it was scary, but you figured since he was always quiet that you don’t need to worry.

You looked at the clock. Just eleven more minutes and then this class will be ov-

“Hi,” you heard someone say to you quietly. The sound of their voice was smooth and light. Very calming almost. You snapped out of your thoughts and looked around to find out who was trying to talk to you. Your eyes fell on the orange haired boy. He was staring at you, waiting for your response. Jimin, the boy who never talks in class, was trying to start a conversation with you.

“Oh, um, hi.” You said nervously.

He scooted his desk a little closer to yours, so that you could hear each other better. He pushed his hands towards you making you flinch a little. You looked down at his hand and realized that he was trying to shake your hand.

“I’m Jimin, but I am sure you already know that,” he said.

You extended your hand out towards his, “Y/n,” you said as your hand cupped his.

The two of you pulled your hands away and you awkwardly looked at him not sure what to say next. “I know you have heard all those rumours about me.” He whispered moving closer towards you. 

“You’re curious about me. I can tell you are. The way you sit in class just zoning out. I know you think about me,” he began to say as he put one of his hands on your shoulder. Slowly rubbing his hand up and down your shoulder. You suddenly felt like you were choking. How did Jimin know? You began to panic on the inside at the fact he was so close to you.

He brought his face closer to yours. The feeling of his warm breath on the side of your cheek as he breathed lightly. His lips started to slowly move towards your ear. 

“I cannot deny that I do not think about you either. You make me curious about you, too, but of course my thoughts are different thoughts than yours, sweetheart,” he said as he moved his hand off your shoulder and his face away from yours. 

You did not realize your eyes were closed for so long until you finally opened them. Jimin’s desk was scooted back to his original spot and he carried on working as if none of that conversation just happened.

Your thoughts were once interrupted again as you heard the bell ring dismissing your class. As you got up a piece of folded up paper was thrown onto your desk. You picked it up and then looked up to see Jimin already walking out the door. He turned real quick to give you a smile as he disappeared into the hallway full of people. 

You were the only one left in the classroom. Processing everything that had just happened. You looked down at the piece of paper in your hand that you picked off the desk. You slowly unfolded it. 

“Call me sometime, darling. (xxx) xxx-xxxx -Jimin”

-Later that night-

You walked into the kitchen, trying to find something to eat. You opened one of the cabinets, but since standing on your tippy toes for a period of time was very uncomfortable. You decided to grab one of the dining room chairs.

You placed the chair where you needed it and climbed on top of it. You started to rummage through the cabinet. Nothing. You huffed. “Guess I will just have to order pizza tonight for dinner,” you said out loud to yourself. You went to grab a your phone out of your pocket when suddenly something fell out of your pocket. “Shit,” you cursed quietly while bending down to see what you had dropped. It was the folded note from Jimin.

You forgot about your strange encounter with him earlier. You stared down at the folded piece of paper contemplating with yourself. Should I call? But how would that go? What would we even talk about? All these thoughts going on in your head. You made the decision to just go for it. If anything bad happens then hangup. They made a hangup button on a phone for a reason. You unfolded the piece of paper to type in his number into your phone. You saved his number and put his name as ‘Jimin’ to keep it simple. 

You took a deep breath as your thumb hovered over the call button. Then you pressed it. You pressed the phone towards your ear. You began to get really nervous when you started hear his phone ringing on the other end. It kept ringing, but no answer. It went straight to his voicemail. You hung up quietly. He might just be busy.

You decided to order the pizza now. Your parents weren’t as it was Friday night. Your parents loved to go out on Friday nights and not return until around 4a.m. You did not mind it, though. In fact, you loved the free time by yourself.

You dialed the number and called. “Hi, welcome to (pizza place) What can I get for you?” the lady said on the phone. “Hi, can I get a large, stuffed crust pepperoni pizza please?” You asked kindly. “Of course, dear. Is that all?” She asked. “Yes,” you responded. “Okay, your total is $17.49,” she said. “Okay, thank you.” You replied. “You’re welcome, honey. Name and address, please?” she asked. You gave the kind lady your name and address and you hung up.

You were waiting for you pizza patiently while watching reruns of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The doorbell rang. You walked over to the door and opened it. There stood a boy with dark hair. You both looked up to see each other. You recognized him immediately.

“Oh, hi, Y/n!” Jungkook smiled at you. You had talked to Jungkook before, but nothing too serious. You once had to work on a project together last year. You two are well aware of each other’s existence, though.

“Hello, Jungkook,” you smiled. You handed him the money and he gave you your pizza.

“Have a nice night, Y/n” He waved off.

“You, too!” You said as you shut the door. 

You sat on the couch and began to devour your pizza. Suddenly you were startled at the loud ringing noise from the kitchen. Someone was calling. You walked into the kitchen to see who it was. The name Jimin had appeared across the screen. You nearly choked on your pizza. You quickly swallowed down what was left in your mouth and swiped your thumb across your screen to answer it. 

“Hello?” You said.

“Y/n?” He questioned.

“Um, hi. Yes, it’s me,” you spoke shyly.

“Wow, I am shocked. You actually called me. You must’ve been thinking about me again,” he said in a flirty tone. Your mouth went dry. You didn’t know how to respond. 

“Anyways, sorry I didn’t pick up earlier. I was, um… Doing something..” He said.

“It’s fine.” You said nervously. “What are you up to?” You asked. 

“Just watching a movie,” he answered.

“I am sorry. Am I interrupting?” You asked.

“Actually, no you were not. I was actually happy you called.” He said into the phone, making your cheeks turn red. The conversation went blank as you tried to recover from blushing so hard. 

“Y/n?” He asked.

“Yes, Jimin?” You responded. 

“Can I come over?” He asked and you went numb. Jimin wants to come over. You are home alone all by yourself and he wants to come over. 

“Um, I mean, I-I guess. If you want to..” you replied obviously nervous about being home alone with Jimin. 

“Okay, good! Just text me your address and I will be on my way,” He replied, clearly excited about your answer. 

You texted Jimin your address and ran to the bathroom. You looked at your appearance. You needed a little bit of touching up to do. You wanted to be comfortable around Jimin. You went into your room and opened your drawer and pulled out a pair of gray sweatpants along with a basic white t-shirt. You brushed your hair out and left it down. You went back into the bathroom and brushed your teeth and washed your face, so that you could feel more refreshed. 

Once you had finished with making yourself more comfortable the doorbell had rang. You took a deep breath knowing it was Jimin. You walked over and opened the door. Jimin stood with a smirk on his face. He looked at what you were wearing. “Cute,” he said making you blush immediately. 

You stepped aside to invite him into your home. He looked around and took his shoes off by the door. “It’s nice here,” he said. You were still being quiet because of how shy he made you. 

“You can talk around me, you know?” He said. “You don’t have to be nervous.” He assured you. 

“Oh, um, okay. Do you want to watch T.V.?” You asked and he smiled at your offer.

“I would love to.” He said as he looked around once more. “It’s awfully quiet. Are your parents home?” He asked. 

“No, they won’t be home until late tonight,” you responded to his question making the smirk on his face only show more visible. 

“So, it is just you and me then?” He asked. You shook your head yes and you led him into the living room. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was still playing.

“Is it fine if we just watch this?” You asked.  

“Yeah, of course,” he replied. You loved how easy going he was with you. You two made it over to the couch and sat down. You kept a good amount of distance away from him. Jimin pulled the blanket up over the two of you and noticed how far away you were from him. 

“You are too far. Come here. Lay down with me,” he pouted. You couldn’t lie. You found his pouting face to be extremely adorable. 

You scooted closer to him as he made room for you. You were both laid down on the couch with your back against his chest and his resting on his shoulder while his arm was slumped across your waist. You will admit that this was really too close since you Jimin had just decided to talk to you today, but it was comforting. 

You went to scoot up a little to get more comfortable, but as you were trying to do so you had forgotten how close you were and your butt accidentally brushed against Jimin’s clothed member. “Oh my God. Jimin, I am so sorry. I really did not mean to do that. It was an accident I-” Jimin cut you off, “Babe, it was just an accident. It’s okay. Accidents happens.”

“Are you sure?” You questioned still embarrassed about what just happened.

“I am sure.” He assured you. You relaxed after that and got comfortable again after Jimin had put a pillow over his crotch to keep your butt from rubbing against it. You both went back to what you were watching. 

A few episodes later you were laughing at something Kim had said and you felt Jimin chuckle into your neck. You were still laughing and then you felt Jimin move closer towards your neck. He started to pepper light kisses across your neck while removing the pillow he had between you guys making you gasp.  

“U-um, J-Jimin?” You stuttered as you questioned his actions. 

“Shh. Just relax, okay?” Jimin said.

You slowly tried to relax. Jimin pressed the back of you closer to his front making you moan a little. His light kisses on your neck began to become more harsher as he began using his tongue while nipping and sucking at the skin. You gasped at the sensation and pressed against Jimin by instinct. Jimin moaned into your neck, “Mmm, you like that?” He questioned as he pulled his lips away from your neck, blowing a cool layer of air across the marks he left scattered on your neck.

Jimin sat up and pulled you up with him, so could change the position. He pulled your faces towards his with his soft hands and pressed his warm lips against yours. You both sighed into the kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle. Jimin wasn’t being too rough, or using his tongue. It was nice, but you knew you wanted more. You bit down on Jimin’s lip signalling him what you wanted. He moaned and slipped his tongue into your mouth. You loved this. Every single bit of it.

During the intense makeout Jimin pulled your leg over to straddle his waist. The feeling of his jeans rubbing against your heated core made you moan with excitement. Jimin broke the kiss.

“Ride my thigh,” he demanded.

“W-what?” You asked.

“You heard me correctly. Ride my thigh like the good girl you are,” he said as you widened your eyes. He placed his hands at your waist and moved you down to sit one of his thighs. You began to slowly rock your hips back and forth. You moaned in pleasure as Jimin pressed your hips down harder against his thigh making you gasp.

“That’s it, baby girl. Just like that. Moan for daddy,” Jimin moaned in your ear as you moaned Jimin’s name. You increased your speed and threw your head back. Jimin began to suck harshly at the skin on your neck. You were becoming into a moaning mess. Jimin flexed and pressed his thigh and pressed you down harder against his core. Your lips smashed against. You were moaning into his mouth unable to control it from the amount of pleasure Jimin was giving you.

Jimin stopped your hips from rubbing against his thigh making you whine. “Calm down, baby girl. Daddy does not want you to cum, yet,” He said as his hand slid down your torso. He teased the band of your underwear making you whimper. As soon as you were about to yell at him he slid his hand into your pants. Jimin started to rub his fingers over your clothed clit making you jolt.

“Fuck, please. Yes, Jimin. Don’t stop.” You whined. His fingers began to rub your clothed clit faster and you moaned. “Do you want my fingers inside you now, baby?” He moaned.

“Yes, please.” You whimpered.

“Please what?” he teased.

“Please, daddy,” you responded.

“As you please,” Jimin said as he slipped his hand into your underwear while rubbing up and down your slit, pinching your clit between his fingers. The tip of finger teased your entrance, slipping in and out of you. You whined wanting to feel it all inside you. He finally slipped his finger into your warmth, pumping in and out of you slowly. You bucked your hips and gasped making Jimin moan at the sight of him being able to pleasure you like this. 

You bit down on his shoulder as he slipped a second finger into your heat. His fingers sped up faster pumping in and out of you. “You fucking love this, don’t you? You love me pumping my fingers and in out of you like.” he said. “Yes, daddy. I love it so much.” You moaned.

His thumb began to apply pressure on your clit as his fingers continuously slid in and out of you. You were so close to your release, and Jimin could sense that. Just as you were so close, Jimin pulled fingers out of you. Before you could protest against it he picked you up and carried you to bedroom. He backed up until your back hit the soft mattress. He pulled away from you as he stood back and pulled his shirt off. He came back over towards you and pulled your shirt off of your along with your bra, revealing your upper halves to one another. 

Jimin stared at your chest in awe. “Y/n, you are so gorgeous,” he said. He began to trail his finger up and down your chest until his finger hooked at the band of your sweatpants. “Let’s take these off,” He said calmly while removing your sweatpants along with your underwear.

He began to remove his pants and his boxers revealing himself to you. He leaned back down on the bed. He hovered over you and gave you a sweet kiss. “We can stop whenever you want to, okay? I do not want you to feel pressured into to having sex with me. We can stop right now if you want and I would be okay with it.” He assured you. Jimin was so sweet. You did not really understand why people always avoided him. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and smashed your lips to his. “Just make love to me already, Jimin,” you smiled. He kissed your cheek and made you spread your legs more for him. His cock rubbed up and down your folds teasing you making you arch your back while moaning. 

“I love that I have this affect on you. You moaning my name underneath me really gets me,” he says as he slides his cock into your warmth. “Fuck,” he cursed. “Y/n you are so tight and warm around me,” he said. You moaned at Jimin’s dirty words.

He slid his cock all the way out of you and slammed his length back into you making you cry out a loud moan. His thrusts increased with the sounds of your moans encouraging him even more.

You moaned out his name repeatedly. The pleasure was too good. “Fuck, I don’t think I am going to make it for too long,” he moaned. You thrust your hips up into his making a good rhythm for the both of you. Jimin’s moans got louder as he repeated your name into your mouth. You knew he was close to his release, but so were you.   

“Y/n, I am so close,” he breathed heavily as he pounded into you.

“Me too, Jimin,” You moaned. 

Jimin’s hand slipped down between your thighs and began to rub your clit. He rubbed you faster, trying to get you closer to your release. Your high pitched moans filling the room was like music to Jimin’s ears. One last grunt and moan and Jimin released inside of you, but his thrusts did not slow down. The bed began to squeak and the headboard was bumping against the wall. He wanted you to scream his name. His fingers began to move faster as his thrusts became more sloppier. 

“You like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you?” He said into your ear making you moan. “Rough and hard, just the way you like it,” He said. You felt your core tightening at Jimin’s dirty words. Next thing you knew your orgasm hit you with waves of pleasure. Jimin did not calm down with his thrusting. His fingers rubbing your clit, overstimulating you.

“Jimin! Jimin, calm down! Slow down,” you cried as you were a shaking mess underneath him. His pressed harder against your clit and rubbed you harder one last time making your legs shake from the overstimulation. He stopped his actions and pulled out of rolling over onto his back. The only sound you could hear now was the sounds of both of you trying to catch your breath. 

“That was,” you began.

“Amazing,” he finished your sentence.

He rolled over to his side and looked at you while pushing the hair out of your face. He lightly kissed your nose. “You were great,” he whispered. He wrapped his arms around you and cuddle into your side with his head laying on your naked chest. The peaceful silence around the house as it was just you and him. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this one! Don’t forget that my request box is always open and I am on here most of the time, so if you need anything just ask! xx-J


Colored pencil on paper.

Part Six of my “Love in Details” series (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five)

If you have a favorite Emma and Killian small moment, check out my post and send me your idea! This little moment wasn’t requested by anyone specifically - I just had to draw it because CS Nuzzles are my favorite thing.

This and other OUAT sketches can be found here on my Redbubble page. Please don’t Tweet, and please reblog instead of reposting. Thank you very much!

That literal ever so awkward moment when you go to pick up your coffee from your favorite local coffee shop and you almost put a hot pipping cup of instadeath to your lips instead. This is why I drink coffee- so I wake up and don’t almost drink someone else’s order of hot chocolate! At least the person wasn’t too offended when I apologized profusely and switched them back my drink, right?

Wow……… I’m home!  YAY! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°   … but uh, that’s not what I’m wowing at.

This picture above wasn’t taken against a “white backdrop” on purpose?  Like literally this is the perfect moment of impact of a meteor.

What are the chances?  xD

In other news my FRAMERATE IS JUST…. RRR.  I could make love to my framerate?  You do two weeks of lag trying to do something as simple as read Tumblr.  Even the laptop on the LAPTOP’S END was laggy to a point.  >_>;

I’m going to reply to things!  :D

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anonymous asked:

Your favorite Pepperony moment(s)? :)

A lot. The bit when Tony is talking with Obadiah in his home in “Iron Man” and Pepper is quietly writting down in her laptop and it seems she belongs there. Tony’s speaking and eating pizza and she just types and once or twice adds to the conversation. It’s like so familiar for them, like she has done this so many times that is so normal for them. The KISS in “Iron Man 2″ I nearly jumped on my seat. I wasn’t expecting it and I screamed. I love that kiss scene so much. It still gives me goosebumps every time I see it. I’m very fond of THE KISS. The almost kiss in “Iron Man” because they were both trembling like teenagers, they were both terrified of giving a chance on a change in their relationship, the workshop scene in “Iron Man 3″ and the forehead touches in “Iron Man 3″ because both of those succeed in showing INTIMACY and deep knowledge of each other besides of love. Those touches speak volumes, more than a kiss. You can feel the connection, the deep feelings between them. The “Tears for your long lost boss?” “Tears of joy I hate job hunting” because they show they both CARE but jokingly so… I love all the momments they share screen, nonnie, but I believe those are my FAVES ^^

anonymous asked:

If I were dating you: You would wake up to nose kisses and breakfast in bed. We would have movie nights with snacks all around or just lay in bed and talk about everything for hours. We'd dance horribly to your favorite music and laugh until our stomachs hurt. I would say I love you at the most random times just so you would know that there wasn't a moment that I didn't.

<3 Okay, this is so sweet. I need me someone like you. 

ToppKlass Tag

bc I saw this and felt the need to do it so here we go

Your first…

Song listened to: Arario
MV watched: Arario
Bias: Hansol
Ship (if you have one): ……..Hanjoo bc obvious reasons
Piece of merch: the Arario special album if that counts as merch?


Your current favorite…

Song: Eschatologist (or Fever how some like to call it) OH AND Bang
Member: Hansol
Music video: Annie and Arario
Moment of all the boys together: one of my fave videos and also one of the first vids I watched on (what was back then) on air stardom was hojoon’s bday video from 2014, although Seogoong wasn’t there at the time (the Gohnsol is strong in this one tho 10/10 recommend)
and ofc the pepro day vid, who wouldn’t absolutely adore that one
Moment of your bias: at first it surpised me that I couldn’t think of anything but then I realised it’s bc I literally love everything he does more than anything from pre-debut vids of him dancing to My Love to every new photo he posts on ig I lovelovelovelove every single moment I get to live in the same world as him ngl

Hairstyle on your bias: okay I have three hairstyles I really really reALLY liked on him, the first one being his natural hair from pre-debut days. Then I’d say the blue-ish white Say It hair everyone loves and also his fluffy brown hair during Arario… but lately he’s been slaying that messy forehead-showing style and I have a hard time breathing every time he posts a goddamn photo


Random questions:

How did you get into TD?
I came across Arario on YT one day and I loved it but I actually didn’t get too deep into the fandom until I heard Peekaboo on… I think 8tracks? then I started checking out stardom’s youtube channel and that’s when I went to hell

Why is ___ your bias?
this probably sounds super dumb and unrealistic but there have been so many occasions over my years as a ToppKlass where I couldn’t help but think how similar we actually are, e.g how Hansol hates if anyone touches his neck (I slapped my friends multiple times for doing this, I know that feeling) and there are so many other things he says and does and likes that I can identify with. And that’s something none of my other biases ever made me feel, that’s why he’s so special to me and actually helped me through one of the toughest times in my life where I just wanted to quit, and all he did was existing and being relatable and an actual role model that gave me hope.
And besides that, he’s rly cute, have u seen him?

What song do you recommend to non-ToppKlass?
definitely Arario, Runaway and their cover of Some

What is your one wish for the boys?
I just wish for them to be happy and healthy and that their hard work finally pays off bc they’re some of the most dedicated, most talented and most down-to-earth people I’ve got to know in this industry and it’s just not fair how they’re still being overlooked by so many people.


I will never understand why this wasn’t on the OST. This is still my favorite moment from the entire game. It’s so good. Running to the trebuchet, knowing you’re about to be buried by a fucking mountain, facing Corypheus. 

I just *fist clench* fucking love this shit. 

HxH Tag

I wasn’t tagged but idc i want to do it anyway

1. What’s your favorite arc?: chimera ant arc hands down

2. Favorite Character?: this is a lame question. I love Gon and Killua  i love them all

3. Favorite Fight?: Probs Hisoka vs Gon or Netero vs Merueum 

4. What fight would you like to see?: Ging vs Paristo. I just want to see both of them kill each other.

5. Most Anticipated Moment: Literally the entire Chimera Ant Arc. Mainly Gon and Pitou’s interractions after what happened with Kite. 

6. Favorite Pairing? Kurapika x Leorio or Hisoka x Illumi

7:On a scale of 1-10, rate the series: 100/10 best series fav series plz watch it if u love me

i tag: @relocatedturtleduck, @petty-vvap, @heavymecha, @xaldien, and whoevever else has seen hxh i cant remember rn but tag me i want to see everyones shit and talk about hxh

Answer 11, Ask 11, Tag 11

I was tagged by the lovely @herboloqy​ :D thank you, love!

Her Questions…

  • Have you ever had bubble tea?
            yes, I have xD wasn’t a big fan though
  • Do you like the rain?
    noooo! it makes me sleepy and want to do nothing! haha
  • Do you like wearing jeans or sweats?
    both! :) 
  • Favorite ice cream flavor?
  • Are you learning another language?
    not at the moment, no :)
  • Most embarrassing moment?
    wow, just one? ummm I actually have stage fright so EVERY TIME I HAD TO PRESENT IN CLASS WAS AN EMBARRASSING MOMENT!
  • Do you want to cut/grow your hair? why/why not?
    nope! I’ve never liked MY hair short! I’ve always loved my loooooooooong hair xP 
  • Lowest grade on a test?
    alright, I stand correctly THIS is the most embarrassing moment! hahaha it’s too awful to say so… sorry!
  • Best compliment you have received?
    that I have beautiful eyes
  • Favorite word?
  • Have you eaten anything strange?
            Idk what counts as strange hahahahaha

My Questions…

  • If you could be an animal, what would you be?
  • If you had three wishes, what would they be?
  • What would you do if you won the lottery?
  • Favorite animated movie?
  • Favorite dessert?
  • Favorite day of the week?
  • What was the first book you ever read?
  • How many languages do you speak? (Which?)
  • What’s your favorite number?
  • If you could talk to your young self, what advice would you give you?
  • Which character of any book, movie or tv show do you think could be your soulmate?

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Countries you’ve lived in: Poland and UK (I mean, only for a month during vacations but still)

Favorite Fandom: I’d like to say Dragon Age but not ever before fandom brought me so much sadness like this one haha. They are some good moments too but you know… I will say The Hobbit then.

Languages you speak: Polish, English and I guess a tiny bit of German? I learned German for 9 years but I remember so little. Your words are just so hard to remember, guys. I an also say one sentence in Slovak.

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you said you were too fat

in drunken blurriness when the 3am 

fear started to hit

after i texted you “let’s go” because 

the only real love of my life did that to me once

and I thought it was sexy

so i wanted to pay it forward

and you’re this new feeling 

that scares me in the early hours of the day

knowing you’re just a new heartbreak 

waiting to happen

in the meantime

we crawled into the uber

i wasn’t sorry for falling into your lap

i always belonged there

from the moment you first smiled at me

i could feel the bones in your legs

stabbing my cheekbones

you held my head in your boney arms

and in that perfect moment all i could think was:

I can’t believe you think you’re fat.

“I showed you your new favorite song” // May 16, 2016

high-seas-swan asked:

Liz! I'm late to the party but if you had a moment i'd love to hear about wasn’t yours and you weren’t mine (though I’ve wished from time to time), as it's how I found you. D'awe. #2, 3 & 15?

Aww, Lana!  That was one of my first CS fics (found here).

2: What scene did you first put down?

I think I wrote this one chronologically, from beginning to end, while crying about the first few episodes of S5.

3: What’s your favorite line of narration?

This one here:

She can smell the wood of the ship, can feel its benevolent enchantment.  She can smell the sea, and as she breathes, wounds hidden deep within begin to lose their sting.

Emma having feeling about the Jolly Roger really gets me, man.

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

Mainly that I actually could still write!  It had been forever, and I was worried I had forgotten how, pretty much.  And I had been resisting writing CS fic for weeks and weeks, but then I got pulled in, and I regret nothing.

Favorite Riley moments

With GMW season three only two weeks away I was thinking of some of my favorite Riley moments and honestly there are a lot!! I guess she is the protagonist of the show ……
One of my favorite moments was during season one in the pilot where she stood up for her best friend and she wasn’t going to let anyone separate them not even her dad!! Sometimes is easy to get confused, to follow the crowed and it can be hard to really know who your true friends are!! But That is the first time we saw the strength Riley truly has in her! I don’t think she even realizes that it takes courage to stand up for your friends and for what is right!! I think during season one we saw a lot of the Riley being silly that idk how Rowan does it to not laugh!! She’s an amazing actress and an amazing person as well!
We need more kids like Rowan! She truly is a role model for many kids!

Comment, reblog tell me some of your favorite moments of Riley Mathews!!!

Even though the game Xcom: The Bureau wasn’t that great, it had one of my all time favorite moments in a game.

There’s a scene where the player character is realizing that they’re possessed by a psionic alien. They then try to break away. But that’s also when you, the player, realize that you’re actually controlling the alien.

So the character you’ve been playing as for the entire game up to that point is LITERALLY breaking away from the player’s control and directly talking to you about how he won’t be your puppet anymore. Like you become unable to control the character’s movements (as in the literal controller/KBM doesn’t do what you want it to) and you can feel the character “breaking free” from YOU.

Once he does he treats you with hostility and hatred. He resents you for controlling him. They use “psionic parasite alien” as a metaphor for “invisible being controlling my life in a way I might not want them to.” The character in a game resents the player for dictating how they live their life and breaks free of player control.

The PC chooses to become an NPC.


Again, the game’s mostly crap and would have worked much better as an animated film (the story, characters, and design aesthetic are really cool but the gameplay is kinda lame), but that moment is one of the most unique and fantastic things I’ve ever experienced in a game.