Hell for me was knowing I’d never love another the same way I loved you.

They tell me someone can’t be both the poison and the curing potion but you somehow managed to cure a wound and cause another.

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with you except I wasn’t just falling, I was drowning. I should’ve known.

Everything reminds me of you, even the things that don’t.

We met at the wrong time. I’m still waiting for the moment you and time are on my side.

When we first met I was blue. I didn’t love my sadness until you told me your favorite color was navy blue.

I loved the cold until I found an indescribable winter inside me the day you left.



Forever living in winter solstice.


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As you returned from the supermarket, all the bags in your hands like a champ, and earphones in listening to your favorite song at the moment. You enter your apartment, place the bags on the counter, taking your earphones out and starting to put your items away. You spot the window open. Going over to close it, weird how it wasn’t open when you left. You see a man, with long shaggy hair, eyes dark and suspicious in an outfit which was obviously uncomfortable and complicated what with all those useless buckles.

You was about to open your mouth to scream, and immediately he stood up, covering your mouth with a cool hand. A metal hand. Your eyes looked down to it, widening in fear and he glowered.

“Don’t scream,” His voice was rough, and scratchy. As if he hasn’t spoken in a while. Or when he did, he screamed for a long time. “I’m going to take my hand away, if you scream I will do something,” he looked lost for words. He took his hand back to his side, which was clenched into a fist.

“Menacing? Evil? Bad?” He nodded. He walked back and returned to his seat. “I’m guessing you claimed that seat now.” Walking backwards to the kitchen. “You- you’re kinda scary. You know that right? What with the shooting daggers, and the resting bitch face.” His eyebrows furrowed, your head turned slightly, curiously. “You don’t know what that means?”

“I don’t care.” Rude. I’m giving him my favorite chair, AND not screaming for help, I was being as kind as you could be to scary people like him. Rude.

“Alrighty. Do you want to help? Or are you just going to sit there and find your angles on how to look the most menacing you can, and practice your resting bitch face? Because I think you have nailed it.” He sighed, he grinned as your back was turned, and started helping you unpack the groceries.


16 Days of Outlander - The Gathering

Be prepared for a list of many… this is one of my favorite episodes!

Favorite Interpretation/Variation on the Book: Dougal Getting Hit in the Head with a chair (In the book he kisses/forces his tongue down Claire’s throat.. I like her hitting him much better.)

Favorite Minor Character(s): Hamish MacKenzie and he wee friends chasing Claire about the grounds. 

Favorite Clever Moment: Angus and the spiked Port

I love this scene. Claire’s cleverness is without parallel. The excited bounce from Angus as he believes Claire lets loose is too funny. Spitting out the mouthful she takes while Angus drowns himself in spiked port, perfect. I also love that she wasn’t afraid to say what she had done to it, she knew no one would know what that term meant and used it to her advantage.” Go on share it with all your friends” That’s right Angus, go knock out everyone with a very strong sleeping draft.

Favorite Jamie Moment: Je suis prest 

Not only do I just love the way they styled Sam Heughan and his incredible acting in this scene, because let’s face it, it’s amazing; but I loved this part of the book as well. you can feel the tension coming from Claire, she doesn’t know what she’s done but it’s not good. This is another bonding part between the two of them. Jamie expressly gives her his clan motto without thinking about it. He WANTS her to know who he is, even when it’s dangerous for him to share any of that information. She knew the translation of his motto, but didn’t know enough of the clans to place it with a certain group, if she had his real identity would have been discovered much sooner, and I think Jamie was secretly hoping she would. 

Favorite Book-to-Screen Moment (but I wish there was more): Jamie’s speech at the Gathering. In the book he was a little wittier but this scene was done wonderfully.

I love this scene in the book so much. The high tension you didn’t know why it was there, the speech he gives declaring himself an ally instead of a member of the clan, then draining the goblet of whiskey and stating “I’m fortunate enough to have aligned myself with a clan who has such fine taste in whiskey!” This scene still held the tension and all the characteristics of the book. Very well done. 

Favorite Jamie/Claire Moment: The Stables

The reason I love this scene so much is how open Claire is with Jamie. He already knew she was ready to leave, but she tells him without hesitation. When she says that’s all I am just a Sassenach, and Jamie apologizes; I love her reaction that she knows he didn’t mean it in a condescending way, it’s his pet name for her. Everything about this scene I love. 

Shinty. Do I need to list why this scene is a favorite?

Favorite Costume: Jamie leaving Leoch and Claire’s Coat with the Rent Party

There’s something about Jamie in this full Highland regalia that made me say “Wow” every time I looked at it. I love him with the Dun Bonnet, especially with the meaning that hat will hold in the coming years for him. Claire’s coat…can I have it? It’s gorgeous. She is the best dressed prisoner in the show, which is a complete deviation from the books, but a deviation I enjoy.

Meet Archie! He’s a ~1 year old male galah who is still healing from a broken wing. I don’t know much about how his injury occurred or why his owners gave him up, but he’s been living with me for about a week now. I don’t think he’s been handled much before since he doesn’t even know how to step up, so we’ll be working on that! So far, Syd has been totally uninterested in him, but Zoe would like him to know that she’s still the favorite, thank you very much.

PSA: I knew what I was getting myself into when I adopted Archie. I’ve been thinking about adding a new galah to the flock for a while, so this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. If you’re thinking about getting a bird, please do your research! Look into how much work they are, what food and environment they require, and if possible, I always support adopting rather than buying from a breeder. @pepperandpals has a great post about bird ownership if you’re interested!

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11, Jisoo?

hand holding + jisoo

I was actually having Joshua feels today so this is gr8 :,))) (I also might’ve gotten a little carried away but…) in

Joshua Hong has been your best friend ever since you moved to South Korea to work under Pledis. You were in a new idol group and Joshua was probably your biggest supporter. He would stand in the practice room when he wasn’t practicing with his group, and cheer you on.

Once a week after practice, you two would go to one of you guys’ dorms and watch anime. That was what you two actually bonded over in the first place.

Today was one of those days.

As one of your favorite animes, Soul Eater, played, you looked at Joshua. His eyes were transfixed on the screen.

You enjoyed moments like this… When Joshua wasn’t wearing any makeup, and didn’t really care about what he looked like. That’s when he was the cutest.

His hair wasn’t styled, his lips slightly parted, hands resting on his leg as he sat up with a slouch. You wondered what it would be like to kiss his soft looking lips, what it would feel like to hold his hands and cuddle with him instead of just sitting right next to hi-

“Y/N, you’re staring.” He smiled, bringing you back from your daydreaming.

“Sorry, I zoned out for a minute.” You recovered quickly. That wasn’t the first time he caught you staring, but you couldn’t help it.

Joshua didn’t say anything more, and you both looked back towards the TV. Until you felt a warm hand intertwining with yours.

“You’re so cute,” Joshua muttered under his breath, noticing the red tint to your cheeks.


I actually really love this moment because David doesn’t know anything at all abotu Regina’s parenting of Henry.  He wasn’t around for most of it.  And he’s never raised a child.  

And personally the second gif is one of my favorite moments in the show.  Shipping your kids off somewhere is a common trope in stories and rarely does it work out great.

Weekend Poll: Favorite Mercedes Jones Songs Results

1. Which duet partner is your favorite for Mercedes?

Santana!!! by a landslide. (Kurt and Artie received a little love, too.)

2. Favorite duet with Mercedes?

There wasn’t a clear winner, so, here are some of your favorites: 

River Deep, Mountain High (2x04)

Rumor Has It/Someone Like You (3x06)

Take Me or Leave Me (2x13)

I’m Changing (5x13)

Human Nature (3x11)

The Dog Days Are Over (2x09)

At Last (6x08)

4 Minutes (1x15)

All About That Bass (6x07)

3. & 4. Top 5 Favorite Mercedes solos?

Favorite moments somewhat coincided with the top solos, so here they are!!

5th Place:  Hell to the No (2x16)

4th Place:  I Will Always Love You

3rd Place:  And I’m Not Telling You I’m Not Going

2nd Place:  Beautiful

1st Place:  Someday We’ll Be Together (6x13)

Thanks for playing everyone!! Next poll will be posted on Friday!

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OH MY GOODNESS! What an episode! I had to hold in my excited squeals seeing all the Stydia moments and while watching the promo for next week until I could grab my pillow! I live on a college dorm hall with lots of other people around who probably would have thought I saw a rat or something, not be screaming about my OTP... It's a good thing my roommate wasn't in tonight! What was your favorite part?

Haha, no rat here folks, just a show about werewolves!! 

There were SO many good parts, it was hard to pick a favorite! I need to re-watch to digest everything that happened. But my favorite stand outs were definitely:

  • ALL the Kira/Malia scenes
  • Scott believing in Kira/The pack giving Kira their support
  • The reveal that Stiles was listening to Valack’s conversation the entire time

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A Game or CD series of your choice?

Jyuzaengi it is then lol. XD

Favorite character: Sousou. Yes, despite all his moments of crazy.

Second favorite character: Chouryou

Least favorite character: Enshou, what a douche.

The character I’m most like: Temperament wise maybe Shokatsu Ryou in terms of the pragmatism… Also somewhat like Sousou but without the yandere and the daddy issues idk. o.o

Favorite pairing: Sousou x Kanu

It’s the reason why the Jyuzaengi manga makes me super happy lol.

Least favorite pairing: Enshou x Kanu. I didn’t need his mini route. As if Chouun dying wasn’t bad enough.

Favorite moment: So many from both games idk how to choose lol. When the tables finally turn on Enshou in Sousou’s happy end route and both Kanu and Sousou confess. Very gratifying to see Enshou panicking. Also in Kakouton’s route when Kakouton tells Kanu he’s not good at dealing with girls and Kanu asks if he’s gay. In Jyuzaengi 2 it’s Sousou’s true end when he reunites with Kanu after 3 years. I wanted to throw confetti. Also Chouryou’s true end.

Rating out of 10: 9.5/10

Maybe it’s my three kingdoms and cat bias but Jyuzaengi hit all the right pings for me. It’s one of the series I would definitely recommend if you don’t mind long games. Kanu was a strong heroine and the guys were lovable, although I found Chouhi noisy. Among my favourites in terms of the voice acting, especially Toriumi Kousuke’s Sousou. I’m impressed by Ishida Akira’s voicing of shouta Ryuubi for majority of both games lol.

I enjoyed 2 more than 1, partially because the art, which I find is more vibrant in 2, and also because there’s more drama in 2. Solid plot with lots of feels for both games, which is one of the main factors I look for. My only complain for both games is that they have rather few cgs for a long game and most of them are stuffed at the end. Enjoyed 1 so much I pretty much picked up 2 asap and spent 90% my free time playing it XD Also the first and only game so far I’ve been willing to splurge on a limited shop tokuten set for.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary 27-Day Challenge: Day 2

Originally posted by gengardium-leviosa

2. Talk about your current favorite Pokémon game. Maybe the one that has the most hours clocked in on it… and why it’s significant to you.

Although I am really into ORAS at the moment, no game could really compare to Fire Red, the first Pokemon Game I ever played. It wasn’t even mine, my brother had the game so I stole it from him. To make sure he never found out I never saved my game and just kept it charging during my entire playthrough. He never found out.

I would have been six or seven at the time. Every single moment was magical and exciting, I’d only watched my brother play before and I was so jealous. It felt so great to make a trainer and name her ‘Maddy’. I’ll never forget the time I spend with that team. Unfortunately I never saved so my very first Pokemon are no longer in existence but I remember them fondly so I suppose that’s what counts right?

Pokemon 20th Anniversary 27-Day Challenge

My Answers

lilariea95 asked:

*Raises hand!* What about questions 3 and/or 5?

  • 3: What’s your favorite line of narration?


Sensei—for lack of a better term—uncoiled. Every twitch of his chakra suggested impending horrific violence, to be visited upon exactly one target. “One.” All humor was gone from his voice.

Or this:

Hayate was nodding, too. Naruto, even at the tender age of less than a month, had certainly figured out what lungs were for. We’d experienced that bit the hard way, and discovered why Kushina owned a breast milk pump. Naruto wasn’t so much a child at the moment as he was a loaf of bread that had intermittent screaming fits (and needed diaper changes).

  • 5: What part was hardest to write?

Chapter 92, when everyone’s talking about Danzo’s crimes. Which may be why I still hate that scene.

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What is your favorite Zude moments so far?

-When Zero told Jude his first name “Gideon”.

-Zero gave Jude the red letter showing how he care about Jude to not make him go to prison.

- Jude told Zero about his promotion and Zero responded “That’s hot”.

- The hand touch between them at the bar while Zero smiled, Jude pulled back. (It just symbolized what Jude said before that Zero wasn’t ashamed to be with him, Zero just didn’t want people to know the “real” him).

lunaradvent asked:

If you are still getting questions: (1)What was your favorite Malia moment? Mine was the Stydia moment when Stiles was trying to rescue Lydia because Malia wasn't present and it wasn't about Malia in the slightest. Serious question: How cute was that Stydia scene? It was nice seeing them act with each other and FINALLY see Scott's pack try to save her.

I have no fave Malia moments but I did like the insinuation that Stiles didn’t even out her in his plan because there no reason for her to be with Kira.

Aldi that Malia’s man in the inside was a buff naked streaker which tells me Stiles was definitely not her first anything.

@helmet-girl-origins Birthday Tag!

URL (name if necessary): Wynni!!

Nickname(s) for @helmet-girl-origins: Syd, my man

When you met her: pff oh man… Back when you had your first blog?

3 words to describe her: funny, sweet, caring
Favorite trait: dude you’re supportive af and I really love that about you

Favorite moment: When I got married to you but now I’m your child?? What??? I wasn’t informed of this

One thing you’d like to say to her:I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday you beautiful noodle. You deserve all the happiness and Vik in the world!

(This is was originally made by @sarcasticmath, I advise everyone do this cause ya know. Birthday)

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Douglas Says the Best Moment in His Career Was Meeting Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones happily walked the red carpet for AARP’s Movie for GrownUps Awards on Monday night in Beverly Hills, California, and spoke sweetly about one another to ET as they looked back on their successful acting careers and nearly 16 years of marriage.

When asked to name the highlight of his life in the entertainment industry, Douglas gushed, “Right now, it would probably be the Deauville Film Festival in 1999 when I met Catherine. That was the best memory I got.”

WATCH: Michael Douglas on Life After Cancer – ‘This Is My Third Act’

Zeta-Jones couldn’t recall her favorite career moment, but her 71-year-old husband reminded her the high she felt when she won an Academy Award in 2003 for her role in Chicago. “Oscar wasn’t bad, honey,” Douglas told his wife. “Your Oscar wasn’t too bad.”

However, the 46-year-old actress said it was welcoming her two children, Carys Zeta Douglas and Dylan Michael Douglas, into the world that was her all-time high. “I think giving birth to two of my kids, and him (Douglas) being the first one to hold them was pretty amazing,” she recalled.

MORE: Michael Douglas Reveals How He and Catherine Zeta-Jones Saved Their Marriage

While Douglas and Zeta-Jones have three Oscars between them, they joked that their teenage daughter and son aren’t impressed. “They’re teenagers, so they think we’re very dumb right now,” Zeta-Jones quipped, adding, “And then they’ll grow up and go, 'Boy, they learned quick.’”

WATCH: Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas’ Kids Are All Grown Up in Rare Red Carpet Appearance

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[Marinette blinked, caught off guard by the sullen expression on her son’s face. Oh, dear…what had happened? It wasn’t often she actually caught Alexandre in a mood like this. Biting the inside of her lip, Marinette wondered what she was supposed to do—leave him to brood on his own ( he was certainly the age to need time to himself ), or say something.]

[After a few moments of internal debate, she approached slowly and sat down next to him. Hopefully she didn’t startle him, but she wanted to let him know that she was there if he needed her. There was an air of silence about the room for a short while. Marinette placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder.]

“…Would you like to talk about it, chaton?”

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Your name in kpop songs

F - Fxxk U (Gain ft. Bumkey)

L - Lightsaber (Exo)

O - O.M.G (Got7)

O - OMG (Seventeen)

R - Ring Ding Dong (SHINee)

Why did you choose your URL?

I wanted an URL with vernon’s name in it. And well, this was the only good one I could create that wasn’t taken yet

If you could be a fictional/fairytale character what would you be?

A fairy, bc i think it’d be pretty cool to fly

Favorite color?

Black and pastel pink

Favorite song at the moment?

Girl Crush - Mamamoo <3

Top 4 fandoms?

uhhmmmm, my top 4 is iGot7, ARMY, Exo-L and whatever Seventeen’s fandom name is

Why do you enjoy tumblr?

The people and the sense of humour

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