and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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RFA Members + Reactions to Finding the Jumin x Zen Ship


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-” I knew it lolololol”

-”Wait UNTIL–”


-Ignores Jumin and Zen’s simultaneous “DON’T YOU DARE” and excitedly runs out the room with his laptop because holy shit everyone needs to hear about this

Jaehee Kang:

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-Accidentally finds out on her own while stalking Zen on her phone

-Throws everything down and sinks into herself in annoyance <.<

-Everyone looks at her super confused (Seven is smiling tho)

-Her face is twitching as she says, ”This……..is unfortunate.” Which is the only hint she will give them about what she just witnessed


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-Doesn’t find out by himself, Saeyoung has to show him

-He immediately freaks out and his body goes EHEUEHEUEHUEHEUE all over the place, like it was like a seizure or something

-Seven reads a smut to him HAPPILY AND YOOSUNG IS SO RED


-Cannot look at Jumin or Zen for DAYS without picturing smut and blushing

-When Zen enters the chat room saying he has news, Yoosung freaks and types “CONGRATZ FOR YOU AND JUMIN” and leaves the chat room

-Zen was actually going to talk about his new role…


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-Finds out because Jumin rants to him and gets a little curious because he suddenly feels like he doesn’t know his friend as much as he thinks

-”…….so are you?” e.e

-Jumin stares and narrows his eyes, hoping V isn’t going to ask what he thinks he’s about to ask. “Am I what, V?”

-Hoe don’t do it. (is Jumin’s mentality atm)

-”…Gay…” e.e


-Jumin sighs, pinches the bridge of his nose and calmly gets up to leave the room. And V feels like he upset Jumin and yells after him “WE’RE STILL FRIENDS IT’SOKAY!”

Jumin Han and ZEN:

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-Both of them found out from Saeyoung/Seven

-Seven waited (on purpose because he’s a troll) to catch them while they were in each other’s vicinity at the party and bOY IT WAS WORTH IT

-They both looked absolutely horrified

-Neither of them seemed able to escape Seven following them around while reading the dirtiest fics he could find

-Is Jumin drinking more wine than usual or???

-Zen left to do some angry speeding on his motorcycle and that didn’t make him feel even a little better. In fact, he came back even more pissed.

-It’s impossible to drink or drive the gay away guys


The Man in the High Castle 1x01 “The New World“ | Joe & Juliana

can I buy you a drink?

As much as I love Tracer being gay/bi

Anyone noticed that all the popular ships in OW got gut in this new comic? Hanzo/McCree, Pharah/Mercy, Widow/Tracer, Reaper/Soldier76, Gengy/zenyatta, and Ana/Reinhardt etc seemed to be slowly sinking. After all, they are giving Tracer an unknown gf, who is not even a part of OW. We know nothing about her, she just appeared out of nowhere to signify that Tracer is gay/bi. 

Who knows, in the future, maybe the relationship will change, maybe Tracer will end up separate from her gf and get together with Widow. Maybe Soldier76 and Ana is simply having a reunion of their old friendship. Maybe Pharah is having a dinner with her dad. Maybe Genji wrote a letter to Mercy to let her know that his condition is okay, and he is having a great time with Zenyatta. Maybe Sombra is just there to blackmail McCree about his relationship with Hanzo. 

We just don’t know what the future will hold, but I hope at least one of my favorite ships will become real. 

As a side note, here’s a small info that I found on the internet (copy and paste):  Amelie is the German and French form of Amelia (although the French render the name with an accent mark over the first “e” as in Amélie). The female name Amelia is actually the blending of two names. The Latin “Emília” (Emily) and the Latinized Germanic name Amalia – which comes from the German “amal” meaning “work”.

I wonder why they give Tracer’s gf the name ‘Emily’.   


Hmmm….not sure what to make of Joe liking that comment when you put it into context. Thoughts? 😂

Well, one thing is for sure, he is well aware that the Joeck ship is a thing! And the fact that it didn’t put him off from coming online to tweet twice about Jack is very positive 😊

I need to give a lot of credit to @teenwolfsugg on Twitter for finding this. You can find her on Tumblr too @joeck she makes amazing gifs 🤗

Edit: had some more time to think…..and I think the titanic comment is saying that ‘wishfuljoe’ was being pretty harsh at sinking the Joeck ship. And Joe agreeing with that is a good thing 🖒

Any other Jassandra shippers not the slightest bit bothered by the previous episode?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to give you shit if you are bothered by it. As a FitzSimmons shipper who absolutely despised the third season of Agents of SHIELD, I totally get it. You have every right to feel what you feel.

But so many people are treating Jassandra like a sinking ship all of a sudden. Why? Because she likes Jenkins, because she kissed another woman? Jenkins doesn’t seem to share those feelings, and I may be alone on this one but I always assumed SOMETHING would happen between Cassandra and another woman at some point.

But she’s bisexual, and that was made clear in season 1. I don’t know how that kiss could possibly surprise anyone. The whole Jenkins thing surprised me, but it wasn’t treated as something with long term implications even by the show. It was merely treated as something that exists and that’s it.

I’m still on board this ship until something happens that actually sinks it. Abandoning the ship after it took a few hits is extremely premature. I think it’s pretty cool that Cassandra doesn’t seem to care about gender or age difference.

Just finished watching Obama’s farewell speech, and I am so emotional. It was a great speech, both poignant and forward-looking with an undertone of warning. A reminder that democracy is only strong if we want to make it strong and respect every American, regardless of who they are and what they believe.

We must also not give into fear. America is headed into uncharted territory, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow the ship to sink. Instead, we must keep calm and ride out the storm. And, maybe then, we’ll find a rainbow at the end.

So proud to have voted for Barack Obama as a first-time voter in 2012. I think one day we’ll look back at his years in office as some of the best years of an America embracing a new age of technology, globalism, and understanding.

I’m so confused...

What about that episode is making the haters say the caryl ship has sunk? Because Carol didn’t declare undying love for someone else. Neither Morg@n nor Ez3kiel swept her off her feet and bedded her in a fit of passion. Daryl didn’t show up to show off a brand new wedding ring to give to J3sus/Rosit@/B3th’s corpse. Neither Carol nor Daryl died (although as B3thylers will tell you, death apparently doesn’t sink ships either)

Genuinely confused here….

Anyway. Caryl on, my lovelies.

  • we’re best friends who like to snag docked ships and play go-kart with them until one of our ships sink and lose the game, then we steal the winners and everything on it. needless to say we’re outlaws with a vast majority of pirates who would like to kill us.
  • we were best friends growing up but you left one day and became this ruthless pirate King and one day I run into you again after stealing your treasure and give me that same old smile you did as a kid but oops you’re chasing after me now even though I lowkey like you
  • i fell overboard one rough night and now I think I’m dead because I found this underwater metropolis filled with ghosts of legendary pirates that apparently is NOT a legend?
  • I work for the British and you’re this asshole pirate that constantly gets in trouble whenever I’m around just so you get a rise out of me and I swear on my life I WILL GET YOU
  • I’m a prostitute that was hired for this big pirate lord and I overhear you and your right hand talking about a treasure hidden somewhere and the face you make once stumbling upon me stealing it was truly worth it
  • one piece inspired: I’m one of the seven pirate kings who each have special powers, such as controlling sea monsters or shooting bullets that never miss, courtesy of Davy Jones. Funny thing about that though, we were all crew members once who overthrew our captain. Now in return for the powers we all have to track down this treasure for Davy Jones, and the one who brings it back first gets to live. All the others die.
  • [flirting]“You know i hear that 9/10 pirates that fall overboard dont even make it to the bottom of the sea”
    • [pissed friend in back] “what do you mean they dont make it to the bottom of the sea–where do they go?
To DanisNotonfire

New video out with tons of views
You say it’s a roast but we know it’s all true.
So u went and put your roasting skills to the test,
Bitch, who’d you think you are? Kayne west?

Nice reel in, by the way
Mention sexuality to make us think you’re gay
After all gotta stick with the branding
Let me break it down for a better understanding
Put phil on your bed to make the phandom panic
Bitch your ship is sinking faster than the titanic

Reasons why dans a fail! I’ll give you some
How long did it take for you to think of that one?
Dragged by his fringe? You’re so desperate for a rhyme
Take your emo ass back to 2009

You say you never upload and how that’s wrong
When your damn video is only2 minutes long

Your rapping skills are as flat as a tyre
Wow I guess dan really isn’t on fire

Btw I love @danisnotonfire so no hate 😂😂

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Captain of The Titanic

LOLLLL but is this a good thing? I feel like yes, it is a good thing when we are talking about The Good Ship Moriel, because I am clearly its captain, along with my first mates @illyriantremors and @kitashiwrites but… the Titanic sinks. So I think that maybe you should all just call me… Cappy. Or Captain. Or Captain of the Moriel. Or CM for short.

I dare you to anonymously give me a nickname

a poem

Yeah he crawled on a world.
You left all feast of fang and tragic famine of a second.
I found sleep.
In the lightening finally give their holy fire consumes us.
And one by every branch becomes.
The heavens filled our sinking ship.
Cracked mortar lies and our destinies.
Oh moon, though i absorb life.
Time keeps us whole, or lovers, like to let you fell through.
Forget the tied together two frail corpses both were the memory.

that small heart attack when someone finds you’re tumblr account and you’ve been hiding that load of smut fic that you have to frantically delete before you get exposed.

wait, i said small heart attack.

i meant large heart attack.

so large it causes a stroke and gives you a brain hemorrhage and causes every single blood vessel in your body to pop and you just slowly want to sink underneath the floor where you can finally read your fanfictions and ships in peace.

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Kylux, Resistance Hux!AU

Okay so I have a lot of feelings about a full cast switch–First Order is Resistance and Resistance is First Order–but I haven’t thought about Resistance Hux!AU exclusively outside of @sithofren‘s fic Third Degree which I haven’t finished yet but I love so far. Still, I’m going to give it my best shot!

At a relatively young age, Hux decided that enough was enough. His father was failing–the Empire was gone–and there was no sense sticking around with a sinking ship. He stole a shuttle and made for Hosnian Prime. For the next few years, Hux found himself in dire financial straits and on the street more than he was off of it, but he persevered. A combination of illicit activity, dogged determination, and sheer luck found Hux a candidate for the New Republic’s fleet. He made some credits but more or less found himself equally miserable. He might have drowned at the bottom of the bottles he grew to be so fond of during that period if he hadn’t been tapped by a supporter of the newly-established Resistance. He could be a pilot for them, they reasoned. The work would matter. Hux vacillated before admitted that he didn’t want to be a pilot. The supporter had done their research; of course not, they said, that’s not where your talents really lie. Hux might have bristled but they followed it up with soothing, ego-boosting remarks about his ability to talk circles around others, to fight on when no one else would, and his drive to succeed. Hux was hooked, and with the promise of a Senate sponsor (because he wanted his credits, damn it all) he found himself a slot in the Resistance as a troubleshooter of sorts–someone willing to do almost anything to get intel and new recruits.

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This is for you little fucker, I see your comments on Twitter and Instagram…this is also for the new borns out there.

Don’t be a part of the reason your ship sinks.

  1. Just because they are speculated to be together doesn’t mean it’s real or happening
  3. Don’t believe every single thing you see here on Tumblr
  5. Know your fucking boundaries and stay in your lane
  7. Remember that the “couple” you are shipping are indeed real people that walk this earth and breathe the same air as you. WOAH WHAT A SHOCKER RIGHT
  8. If you love them so much, you should think about how your actions will affect them
  9. Don’t push your ship onto other people
  10. Don’t shit on other ships
  11. Don’t comment/conversate about the ship on their social media posts
  12. Don’t tag them in your shipping posts on Twitter or Instagram:
  • They see it
  • They get uncomfortable
  • They turn into hermit crabs
  • They stop sharing the little bit of their lives they are willing to show us
  • You ruin it for everyone because you thought tagging them was all fun and games. BITCH PLEASE, IT AINT FUN WHEN YOU TAKE IT TO THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA

Basically don’t be a fucking idiot and respect all of the people involved. Yeah, you bet your ass I can agree that shipping is fun but it no longer becomes fun when it gets out of hand. In the end, no matter how real it is, all we want is for our faves to be happy- whether that would be them together as a couple or with someone else or as nothing but just friends. All that being said, please just be responsible.

hi responsible shipper I see you boo, feel free to reblog and add on to this