PROMPT:  “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about,” with Daryl.


It was early morning and the warming sun had shone brightly through the curtains, lighting the room around you where you’d been blissfully sleeping the night away alongside Daryl Dixon. His heavy breathing and gentle snoring was something you’d come to love, after another night shared wrapped in one another’s bodies, now snuggly lay beside you with one heavy arm draped over your waist.

“Mornin’,” Daryl’s hoarse voice suddenly grumbled out from his sleepy state behind you, while one hand rubbed his heavy eyes open and the other gently caressed up the length of your body.

“Morning sleepy,” you laughed gently, as you nestled yourself further into where he lay and sunk deeper into the soft mattress and white cotton sheets that encased the two of you. These idyllic cosy mornings were what you lived for, wrapped in the burly arms of the man you had come to love and cherish, enjoying the only shred of happiness you were able to find for yourself in a world that had descended into hell itself. These dreamlike moments of peace were almost enough to make you forget the masses of animated corpses waiting beyond Alexandria’s walls, relentlessly awaiting any opportunity to sink their rasping teeth into the warmth of living flesh. But roam and aimlessly wander on they did, and soon enough you would find yourself face to face with their decaying faces and the putrid stench they emitted as you plunged your blades deep through their softened skulls.

“Ughhhh,” you groaned, motivating yourself up from the spot where you lay. “We should get up if we’re gonna head out on that run today with Rick and Aaron. Guys could do with some extra hands.”

But Daryl’s strong hands quickly wrestled their way out of the sheets, reached out to grip your waist and playfully pulled you back into the bed by his side. His hands brushed up against your skin as they slid up from your waist once more, over your shoulder and trailed back down the soft skin of your arm, where goosebumps began to surface.

“Nah, stay a little longer,” he pleaded, as he brought his hand down to yours and intertwined your fingers with his, pressing his warm body firmly against yours and growling lowly into the crook of your neck. His soft lips collided against the tender flesh of your neck, relishing the sweet taste of your skin against his as he began to devour it with an unyielding desire, and you ultimately gave in to his touch and the tingling sensation growing between your thighs.

“Seriously?” you chuckled.

“What?” Daryl mumbled in between the passionate kisses he laced from your neck to your collarbone.  

“We’ve become that clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

All of a sudden, Daryl’s strong hands grabbed you tightly and spun you onto your back as he climbed on top of you, his bare chest pressing against yours as his soft lips came crashing down on to yours and one of his hands writhed through your tousled hair.

“Yeah well,” he hummed seductively as he allowed his lips to trail south down your aching body, kissing between your heaving breasts as he continued down to your waist, with his large hands eagerly following his lead and settling on the soft spots just inward from your hips. “I ain’t complainin’ now, am I?”



Three days. It took three days to sort this shit pile out 😂 my husband helped out with this one but did an amazing job. There were heaps of boxes that were too heavy to lift but managed to get them all sorted and have the room in a tidy state. Tackled it in segments. Moved big stuff out. Stored small stuff in storage tubs. Washed sheets and vacuumed floor…. we have a floor! Such a nice feeling.