941. The first movie Ron and Hermione watched together was Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Hermione forgot to warn Ron about the giant cave of spiders.

(drawing by rustnut)

On this dark cold night, a good serving of coffee is what you need ;^)


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On a slightly calmer note, you know that one house on their cul-de-sac that's unoccupied and they work together to scare away all potential buyers? I submit to you this: Jeremy.

Ooooh i was actually thinking of this! I just got tangled up in whatever his story would be and it was holding up the last post which was already super delayed so i just gave up on it. But now… 

Jeremy is one of Gavin’s regular clients, one of the few he’s properly friendly with, could almost call them friends if not for the way all their interactions are anonymous and Gavin never reveals anything about himself. 

When Jeremy starts talking about one last job, about taking the money and actually getting out while he still can Gavin starts thinking. The cul-de-sac is pretty much perfect at this point, and who knows if another personality will mess that up, if one more retired criminal will be the final straw, if Jeremy will recognise someone and ruin everything, but. Well. Gavin has always liked to meddle, and the street has been a little bit too calm recently, a little bit too comfortable. And Jeremy has been a good pseudo-friend, weirdly kind and thoughtful for a client, as enthusiastic and friendly as he could be over email, far too sweet for the shitty half-baked crew he’s fallen in with and Gavin doesn’t want to lose him. 

Doesn’t want to just stop hearing from him and never know if he made it out or not. So Gavin starts dropping hints, suggestive but subtle, hopefully just enough for Jeremy to come to the decision himself. And then he can only wait. 

And wait and wait and wait. And smile in satisfaction when everyone starts bitching about the SOLD sticker that appears overnight. Some asshole buying the last house sight unseen, not even giving them the chance to scare him away. Rude. 

When they meet Jeremy, awkward in the way they’ve all been awkward but as enthusiastically friendly as an excitable labrador it doesn’t take long before he wins them over. And if he and Gavin become close friends unusually quickly despite Gavin’s normal attitude towards strangers, well, sometimes you meet someone and it just feels like you’ve known them forever.


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hey man i LIVE for sources to learn more about shit so do you have any material i can read about welfar during Bill's presidency?

Vox has an awesome, in-depth review of Bill Clinton’s welfare reform, and my article on U.S. housing policy discusses how Clinton helped usher in the downfall of public housing (with lots of sources attached).