anonymous asked:

What movies (or TV shows) would you recommend to someone who loves Hannibal? (Apart from all the Hannibal Lecter movies) Have you ever seen a movie that would be anything like it?

I’m so sorry, you’ve come to the wrong person with this, because anytime anyone ever asks me for recommendations for a film (or anything else), I immediately forget every film I’ve ever watched. 

I…can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything quite like Hannibal off the top of my head. I mean, there are a thousand things out there that are like it in this way or that or obviously inspired it in some way, but nothing that’s felt to me quite the same in sum total. It’s always seemed to me a bit like The Shining tossed with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and infused with Arsenic and Old Lace, with a heavy dollop of Auntie Mame

Anyway, I’ll throw this out there in case someone has something that I’m just overlooking because I tend to choke on questions like this. Feel free to reblog with suggestions!

(Hannibal is totally Mame, I will fight anyone on this: “Live, that’s the message!…Yes, life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!!”)