They said the “biggest reveal ever” would come in the season 5 finale but personally I don’t think Charles is A was the biggest reveal ever because we are still left with an unknown identity; not much has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode and I can’t wait until we unmask Charles, but I do feel like the biggest reveal ever was actually in season 4 episode 13 when we found out Alison is alive. THAT was a bigger reveal!

ALSO! unrelated but last week i had a project week at college and we had to put out 3 newspapers and the friday newspaper would be THE BIG newspaper. and i got the main headline on that with my bob dylan article and i worked so hard for that (I spend hours on the phone for it) and :’))) im so proud i finally feel like im at a place where i sort of belong

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whats the point of someone liking you if they dont do shit about it dom!!!!!!! i KNOW this friend of mine likes me and they make it blatantly obvious at times but now theres a huge fucking lull and i miss them and the last time i reached out they blew me off (did wanna see me, but didnt want to be that whiny annoying person who always 'has' to see me) so like ugh fuck love politics can ppl just help a gal out here and show their interest again i want them back

LOVE POLITICS🤒💔 Oh my god……. I love you I feel so hard what you’re saying! I had a situation like this a couple of years ago it was #death except not #egodeath which would have been better and more relevant n more helpful to the situation. B*tches (moi) out here are fucking scared of looking stupid which is the first mistake because to construct comfort in love I think u need to make a show of your humiliation you need to be an idiot you need to ask your question no matter what you need to make the wrong call and be ok with it. U need to roll on the floor bark like a dog when you want your belly rubbed (metaphorical not BDSM) (lmao)!! Just b free in your expression don’t wall yourself in be free be free be boundless like a walk home in the snow🌨Like when you were a kid be like that..
I wish to be this way but I have #issues like maybe pride issues but also I can’t stand rejection which is rooted in pride maybe and also obsessed w power dynamics I think subconsciously I’m like a 3000 year old vampire daughter of Drac n I hate asking for anybody but in my wildest dreams I’ll feel an urge for somebody and I’ll fucking. voice it and it will be all love and pride/fear/power won’t be sitting at the table w us It’ll jus be me and my love… If my feelings ran hot as much as they run cold I’d be the greatest lover in the universe BAR NONE. Feeling love and repressing it actually sux and it poisons itself in your body it feels like an illness 0/10 I don’t recommend it. Tell your friend I say to kiss you