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HJS: After I’m done showering, Jeonghan always calls me

“Shua-ah shua-ah”

“Yes Jeonghan what?”

“Turn off the lights” 

*Other member completely agrees with HJS lol*

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Hello everyone! So recently I’ve been commissioned on twitter and snapchat, to recreate Opportunity Photos into drawings and I thought that I would offer this to my beautiful followers on Tumblr. 

Especially since I’m in a positive mood and finally getting a hang of this style and coloring and because it’s fun and I want to keep going!

So Details! 

-Contact me here via tumblr messenger or ask (off anon please unless u have a general question)
-email me at jvosketches@gmail.com

In your email /ask/whatever please have:
-Your tumblr or name or someway i can remember u lol
-Your paypal address
-Attach a photo of yourself and an actor/actress at a OP photo (I’m opened to almost all OUAT acotrs and a few from other fandom)
-Please Clarify your Hair and Eye colour (hahaha, sometimes its hard to see)
-Please have the word “commission” somewhere in the subject (ex: “Duo Commission”, “Sally Duo Commission”, etc.)

Limited Spots, So don’t miss out! 

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Fun fact: i stole dragon age origins for pc from my moms boyfriend and it was the first rpg id ever played in my entire life and besides the fact that my dumb ass was a rogue that put all my points into skills for heavy two handed swords for the first 15 levels I also didn’t know that you could just click on a target once and the character would attack them until they died. I was legitimately unaware for the first whole month or so that i was playing the game that you didnt have to click on an enemy every time you wanted to hit them. I just sat there clicking on enemies as fast as I could over and over again while my warden screamed “CAN I GET YOU A LADDER? SO YOU CAN GET OFF MY BACK” too the point that I would mockingly yell it in sync with him and I don’t know when I finnally figured out the controls but apparently I sounded angry enough that when I apologized for taking the game six months later my mom’s boyfriend admitted that he had heard me yelling at it all the time and didn’t want it back anymore

where do i find gay/bi girls irl? Are we all holed up at home reading this post? I CANT FIND YOU PLEASE COME TALK TO ME IM SO ALONE

AYH 04.12.2016 question

A question for those awaiting tonight’s concert audio file.

Stupid BakaIseijin that I am was under meds today and mistook concert start timing.  Which means I was LATE TO ARASHI’S ARE YOU HAPPY CONCERT!!!

NO.  NOT happy indeed.  Which raises the following options for the ~1hour 45min audio recording:

#1. Don’t share at all.

#2. Share it in its incomplete form (from midway of Two to Tango onwards)

#3. Share just the MC since I was thankfully in by then.

#4: Share just Miles Away (that is ‘uninterrupted’ by fangirl chitchat, unlike in 02.12.2016 recording)

#5: Share just MC and Miles Away (as separate files)

Still hurts to think I could hear the ending of Bad Boy even as I was kindly escorted to my seat.  By the time I settled down, Two to Tango was practically over.

Let’s set a deadline of tomorrow Monday (5th Dec) 10am (JST) to hear your thoughts (#1 - #5).  If not, I’ll go with what I think would be the ‘best’ option. Click on ‘reply’ speech bubble and let me know.  Okay?

i feel like people who’ve never been to massachusetts would think all the dunkin’ donuts jokes are exaggerations but like i’m from ma and i live in a very very small town,,,,there are 3 dunkin donuts in my small town,,,,three of them,,,,,,,


my best friend just told me that this guy that we’re friends with basically confessed his love for me via text to her. People have been trying to set us up for years & it just hasn’t gone anywhere because I was always convinced people were forcing him to talk to me and he didn’t actually like me. I’ve lowkey had a crush on him since 5th grade. Apparently it was reciprocal, and has been all these years (10 years to be exact). She told me everything he said and I started crying because guys just don’t think those things about me, ever. And now I am in the process of convincing myself that she is somehow lying about what he said, because that’s impossible. But I know she would never do that. I just can’t get past my own insecurity to even believe someone would be interested. But this is like, the cutest love story if it actually works out. I just have to give it a chance…. I just don’t know how, I really don’t.


Combating election anxiety by booking all of my vacations early and way the fuck out of the country next year. So far I’ve got one long distance walk in Scotland (by MYSELF) and one tour in Mongolia with a homestay and lots of hikes.

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OHHHHH, let's see how you handle this one: 29 Mechanicalshipping

Oh that sounds like a challenge :333 bring it on! Just let me um… *opens Google* OHHHH is that ship, I’m ashamed to say I forgot about it (sorry Tima!)

At the Top of the World

Prompt: First Frost

Words: 522

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and also i’m literally bout to cry because my dad’s tryin to tell me what ukulele i need to buy.. like son.. when did u become the expert on ukuleles.. i’m the one who saved up 150$ to buy one.. not a penny of which came from him,, 20$ of which he’s borrowed and not given back.. so like……heyoo

Do you ever put together a christmas present that is so balls-droppingly awesome you just gotta RIP YOUR SHIRT OFF AND POLE DANCE TO THE TUNE OF ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAAAAAS IS YOOOOU

i was sitting on my couch, in tears, and my dad, an Old Liberal, sits down next to me and he says

‘i know i can’t say anything that will make any of this better, but i want you to know that, in 1980, when i was 18 years old, i watched the country elect ronald reagan, and i was just as devastated as you are now. it felt like everyone had gone insane. my friends and i joked about moving to canada or japan or england, just like you are with your friends. i was angry then, and i’m still a little bitter now, but I got through it. we all did. donald trump is not ronald reagan, i know, but if i can get through it, so can you.’

anyway that soothed my hurt a miniscule amount, hope it soothes you a bit