An Awkward Prince (GOT AU! Jimin)

Game of Thrones inspired!

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Request: does that mean I can request for the GOT scenarios? -hyper happy (HH) anon IF YES THEN can I have a JIMIN GOT scenario you can come up with a plot yourself but can there be some action and kids and babies involved oh and he is the Lord of whatever you choose

“What are you doing?” you asked your elder brother Namjoon who looked you over before he tugged down the top of your dress slightly “to impress a king and his court you should always have a sweet bargaining chip” he hummed to you as he fixed your locks as well. “Perfect” he told you as you felt a bit odd. Of course it would seem your brother was using you, he sort of was but he was doing it for a better life for you both. Your brother was a scholar to say the least, next in line for the throne if your brother passed. Since your elder brother Ducon was your land’s king he didn’t have to worry as much as Namjoon and you. Your brother was a rather loose king and was going to allow you and Namjoon pick who was right for you both. As long as they had a good military and a stable land of course. 

Namjoon did the research and had found someone who fit both standards for you, the young 15 year old prince Jimin who was next in line for his family to rule over his land. So your family had begun the journey to the land months back and you had arrived as of this morning. Ducon had went ahead of the two of you and allowed you guys to freshen up for this evening’s encounter. 

As of last year you could finally be called a woman because you had begun to bleed. Your body had changed from the rather cute child you had been to the womanly figure you now possessed. “Do you know if he would like me?” you asked him “that doesn’t matter as much as getting you into a very powerful family does it?” he asked back “well I kind of want to love as well” you mumble as he pats your shoulders “of course, he’ll like you. He’s a young man” he told you as you were pulled off with him to the area needed. 

You sat quietly as your brothers talked with the king. Ducon was in a heavy story about a hunting trip. You scooped up some soup before you looked up and meeting eyes with young prince who blushed and accidentally bumped the bowl sending soup over the table and a bit onto himself. He created quite the scene as he servant rushed to clean up his mess. “I apologize for my boy. He does not seem to know how to act with such lovely company in view” the king comments as his eyes were to you. “Your sister seems pleasant. My boy needs a wife you came here to offer her to us?” he asked as you played with your skirt. “Why about you two go and get to know one another?” his mother recommended as Jimin shot up and soon enough the young boy was offering you his hand.

And this was the beginning of your relationship with the prince.


“I never have had contact with a woman” he told you as he awkwardly linked arms with you. “You’ve never been around a whore? My brother Namjoon was with one when he was your age” you informed. “I couldn’t do it. My father says a man should be experienced for when he beds his wife” he explained as his body warmed. “How do you feel about that?” you asked, he stopped you two in the middle of the garden. “I want to have my wife be the first person I feel” he informed seriously as you looked down. “I believe that will be me” you say as he nods. “I’m aware” he hummed as he locked his fingers with yours. He glanced at your lips as he took a deep breath before he leaned in. He was a bit shocked when you met him half way allowing your lips pressed with his.


The following year, you and Jimin had found yourselves to be engaged. Eldest brother Ducon agreed to the arrangements before heading back to your kingdom while your elder brother Namjoon had stayed with you. You were happy to have some family here, his mother was teaching you more ladylike actions due to the lack of motherly advice your whole life. She told you that your job was to please your husband in the future and if that doesn’t happen he will find other ways to get it. As her own husband had more than one bastard on this earth. She explained marriage doesn’t mean or need love when your royal, she built this rather high tension in you before she let out a laugh. And then she told you that her son was different from that. 

Somehow the prince ended up rather soft. He was the kind of man to marry once and be a fateful all the way. She promised you had gotten a good man and that she was someone to talk to about anything. And for once you felt rather happy to have what you were having at the moment. 


Jimin nervously sat on your wedding bed as he rubbed his palms onto his pants as he looked at you. You yourself were awkwardly sitting at the small table before you poured a glass of wine for yourself before you brought one over to Jimin who’s hand shakily reached out for it and took it. He gulped his drink down and sighed. You drank yours as you looked at him “Jimin” you say as he looked at you “undo my dress” you told him as his eyes went wide. “What?” he asked “undo my dress” you tell him as you turned around. You could feel his fingers shakily did as asked, you could feel the material loosen as you held it close to you. 

You sat yourself down on the bed, you smiled at him as he sat back down beside you. You leaned in and kissed his lips, it was deeper than any other than you two have had. His fingers lightly touched your jawline before his hands had cupped your face. Once he pulled back his hands loosened his top as he lifted it off, his lightly tanned skin showed to you as he wasn’t heavily built but he was perfect the way he was. He kissed you again as soon enough he got to see your entire figure and he soon joined you as you guys slowly made your way up the bed for your first time together. 


To say your prince was nothing more than a different man in bed, he could get the heart racing and to you it was no surprise the moment you found yourself pregnant. His mother was excited with her first grandchild. Jimin smiled at you “to think in a short while you and I will have out child” he hummed nicely as he laid in your bed, your stomach as budged and he was excited to see it growing. Did he worry, heavily. Not all woman made it through the pregnancy and he prayed for your safety. He wouldn’t tell you of course he would only say the best in the situation. 


A sweaty head and heavy panting was evident as Jimin stood calmly beside you. You made it through and he was happy about that. Your baby came out silent and you both felt panicked, but after a few moments the room filled with high pitched cry filled the room as your baby’s airways were cleared. “It’s a girl my prince” the doctor told him, the little one was soon wrapped in a thick blanket of animal fur and was passed to you as Jimin looked down at your newborn daughter. “Blaise my dear, welcome to world” he told her as he looked down at the squirming girl “I am your father, your mother has worked hard to bring you out” he then told her as he was passed the bundled baby. And in that moment he made eye contact with his little one for the first time ever. 

And he was wrapped around her finger.


i went to a concert for the first time ever yesterday… so of course i wrote a small fic about arthur as an indie singer (and his fan alfred)

Arthur sat down in a stool at the stage and looked at the hundreds of people staring at him. He’d done concerts before, but he could never help the throbbing anxiety that spread all over his body whenever he was facing his fans. Especially when in a different country. People were calling his name and clapping and it was so overwhelming. He swallowed dry and smiled to himself, adjusting the guitar on his lap. He held the pick in his sweaty fingers and no doubt the small plastic piece slipped from his fingers and fell to the ground.

“Whoops.” he let out as his cheeks burned in embarrassment.

His fans, though, seemed to find that amusing, for they laughed.

“Can I have your guitar pick?!” someone shouted from the front as Arthur stepped down to reach for the pick. There was a small bowl with a number of picks for him to choose from, so that wasn’t a problem. He got the one that had fallen from his nervous fingers and held it, uncertain.

“Where are you?” he asked. The person waved both their arms in the air.


Arthur awkwardly throw the pick to them, and they squeaked as they leaned forward to take it. For some reason some people clapped.

“I love you, Arthur!” the person yelled.

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i find it kinda intriguing that when jayfeather went back to the past and was jay’s wing, the latter just disappeared? like (based on my memory anyway) we never got an answer on why the three were reincarnated in the first place from these ancient cats that barely ever got screen time in the actual series. and the fact that jay’s wing was gone by the time they were about to trek to the mountains leaves a big question mark on what happened to him
and i wonder a lot, on what these cats were like and how they were the least bit connected to being part of the prophecy in the first place, 

well, the main point im trying to get to is that id be interested to see more backstory to these cattos since i love imagining warriors folklore and the like, especially since ive read dotc it was practically one of my ultimate favs of all time aaaa

Please, help an idiot out!

I’m seeing Green Day for the first time ever this Sunday! That’s right, God’s favorite band itself!

Please reblog with any piece of advice, anything I should know, or do, or consider, or think, or say, or smoke before the concert… or after the concert, or during…

Any. Piece. Of. Advice. Will. Do.

When Will We Get A Reveal?

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Part of me thinks it’s a bit too early to start the countdown clock, as if I can’t let the story unravel on it’s own, but I’ve seen some people here and there already accuse them of being queerbaiters and, I am gonna be blunt here, I think it’s way too early to call them that. But I get the impulse. Fans are used to shows continually not delivering on the promise of canon LGBT characters, so when one who is clearly coded as LGBT isn’t automatically confirmed it’s riot in the streets time. Ok, I am exaggerating here, but you know what I mean. Patience is a virtue, but more than ever it’s time for creators to “put up or shut up.”

I get it. After a while you are sick of the bullshit and want to know if it’s worth your investment. Whether you are simply longing for representation, or think it’s just the logical progression for the characters, it’s so hard to invest in a world where “he/she is totally gay but the writers won’t actually DO it” is the norm.
Personally, I feel that as of right now (and I hope I don’t look back at this someday and feel like a fool) it’s worth the investment. I put out a post on some reasons why I think Mike/Will could and should be canon, but I am gonna go into when I think they could reveal Will being gay and why (and why I don’t think it’s baiting…yet).

We know Will Byers has been coded as gay. It was listed in his character bio/the show bible as having “sexual identity issues” and I’ve seen no evidence of the show altering that. I consider that to be canon, though it’s not a confirmation.
So far Will’s journey has revolved solely around the Upside Down, be it by being kidnapped by the Demogorgon or possessed by the shadow monster. He’s spent so much time being traumatized that his we have barely gotten the chance to even know Will as a person. In the first season he was barely there and in season two he wasn’t himself for a nice chunk of time. The Duffers said they originally wanted “evil Will” a whole lot earlier (I think episode four?). Imagine if they’d gone that route? That’s even less time to get to know Will as the person he is.

Who is Will Byers really? We have had time to dig a little deeper into each character (we even got a look into what made Billy the way he is) but him. We know the basic things–he is gentle and shy and loves to draw–but we are always seeing him through other people’s eyes. We did get a bit of him baring his soul in season two, but it was once again centered around his external trauma at the hands of a monster.

We’ve gotten to know the rest of the gang pretty well, see them progress as characters, see them experience real kid stuff, have crushes, etc. Will has literally not gotten a break or a minute to breathe in two seasons. And that leads me to baiting.

Now when it comes to baiting, the show actually has to dangle that carrot in front of you. Hey look what I have here? You want it? Whoops can’t have it! And so far I have yet to see that from the show. I’ve seen many shows queerbait, either by plots that are targeted to bring in LGBT audiences but ultimately have no pay off and go nowhere, to media campaigns designed to peak the interest of the audience with the promise of representation. But so far I’ve yet to see that from the show, and the threads of Will being gay are still there. It hasn’t been dropped, and more evidence keeps being thrown into the mix.

To me the coding of Will so far has been nothing more than a subtle, gradual laying down of the foundation of who this character is, so when they get to the point in the story where it’s natural it would be revealed, it makes sense. And so far I don’t think it’s been the right time, story wise, for Will to sit back and say “Hey guys, I think I am gay.” We are simply not at the point in the story where it comes into play. But I think we will get there. Every writer plots out their story, outlines how to get from point A to B and major points in between. I believe that Will being gay is an important point, and that if the Duffers are good writers, they will have already mapped out the perfect time to add that into the equation.

That leads me into season three. The Duffers are quoted as saying that they want to delve more into character development and deal with teenage coming of age stories. This makes me think there will finally be some movement on this front. I don’t know how much, because I don’t know the overarching plan for the series, but it just makes sense. Will needs to be developed more and I think series three, at the very least, will do this. It would be silly not to. The gang is growing up, very likely being in high school, and stuff like sexuality is going to start to become unavoidable if you want to tell “coming of age” stories. High school is when most people start to date or at least like someone *like that*, and as it was very obvious ( I think the most overt it’s been) at the dance that Will was not happy about dancing with a girl, the show is going to have to address the whole love interest thing for him.

Think about it. Every character in this show so far has had one. Mike, El, Lucas and Dustin, Hopper (you know he’s in love with Joyce), Joyce, Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, even the new characters of Max and Billy had some action or flirtation. Literally everyone but Will, and I think you can’t go down that road with him without the subject of “is he gay” coming up. At the very least, I suspect the audience will be made to wonder just what his sexuality is next season and why he’s never “liked” anyone or had a love interest (unless he’s had one all along *wink wink*).

And I wonder, does Will even realize he is gay? He’s such a question mark. I suspect that he does, going by the “freak” comments about himself, but we don’t know for sure. I am curious to see how they handle that.

Basically I hope that series three is when we really get to know him. I feel like this could be part of the reason they’ve held off on a Mike/El/Will scene. Maybe it will give us too much insight into him (and into who he might like) so they’ve put it off till it was the right time to focus on that.

As for Mike being bi, well that is a hell of a lot more ambiguous and up to personal interpretation so far. There have definitely been some hmmm moments but I am more cautious here. I am more a wait and see on this, and I suspect that any clear evidence on that will revolve around Will’s revelation. I.E that if and when Will comes out, we may see more overt signs that Mike is not so straight either. Or maybe we won’t. I just am not as confident on that.

In the end I believe that we will get confirmation that Will is gay by the end of the series. Of course I hope for sooner, but I have reasons to believe it may not be 100% confirmed till near the end( r.e. a David Harbour quote that I saw and reblogged today and found verrrry interesting and tinhatty). I am confident though that there will be more overt signs next season that not only clue in more of the audience, but move the story, and his character growth, along in a natural way.

I don’t want to hype people up unnecessarily, but I am just optimistic about it, and this is what I see in the show. What do you think? When do you think we will get a reveal?


Request: “Hello love😊 can I request #7 & #14 from the Drabble game with Yoongi.❤️” + “Can i have 7 and 9 with yoongi? Thank you lovely”

A/N: I combined these two requests bc I thought it worked so much better this way. Honestly I love how this turned out, soft/emotional yoongi is my favorite yoongi 

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Prompt: (Drabble Game 1) #7 “I almost lost you.” + #9 “Don’t you ever do that again!” + #14 “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings/Genre: sad scene: car accident, hospital stay; angst, slight amount of fluff

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“hey seth where ya been???” well i’m glad nobody asked because:

  • i got overwatch for my birthday so i’ve been playing that for the past couple weeks psst my battletag is hugrobot#1129 add meeee
  • i’m a part of the best buddies chapter at my school and i’ve been hanging out with my buddy! we have lunch together and hang out on discord. last night he guided me on running a game on an emulator so he’s pretty lit
  • i applied for a job for the first time ever at my local mcdonalds and the interview went really well and i pretty much got the job!! i have to go to orientation next week

also what’s a sims

i swear to god ever since daylight savings time i’ve started falling asleep at fucking 8:30 like no. body what the fuck. just because the sun checks out at an obscene hour of the afternoon doesn’t mean you get to do that too. stop that.

It might be a tortured metaphor, but I feel like the Bernie supporters who discovered politics in 2016 and are now so disillusioned they never want to vote again are like Americans who travel outside the country for the first time ever, but their flight is delayed, they get a little diarrhea, and not as many people speak English as they expected so they decide traveling is stupid and a waste of time and nobody should do it.

i can’t fckin stop squealing over how pure nd adorable he is throughout his vlive it’s the most endearing thing ever bcs thats the first time i listen nd watch him talk all by himself about anything he wanted to talk about for THAT LONG. i alrd ranted this on twt but his sudden realization abt how one button, one touch could connect nd also disconnect over 500,000+ whos watching him is the purest thing ive ever seen in my whole entire life he was really so fckin amused i am so in Love!!!! nd how the fact that he talked abt that button thing in the end of the vlive was not the first time he mentioned it he realized it earlier but he seemed to get distracted so easily he tends to jump from one topic to another so fast kjsdfhkjfh how he was trying to catch up w his thoughts just bursting in his head nd not finding the right words to say it so u could see all those hand gestures hes doing nd also that 0:27 to 0:30 had me rolling for ten minutes i find it so funny jsdfhdjk hes so funny 

the minute you make me feel like you’d be happier if I wasn’t present, don’t expect me to talk to you ever again. lol, my time is a gift. my words are a gift. my presence is a gift. i will GLADLY give to to someone who deserves it. and that’s that on that.

Introduction: Night In The City

The introduction of my first chaptered story! I don’t think I can really call this a chapter because it’s not very long - maybe about 3 pages at a push. There’ll be more to come soon…

Cara and I walked back to the bar to get ourselves another drink. We’d probably been at the club for about an hour now, and in all honesty - I wasn’t really getting into it. I was trying my best to, though. She and Sam had been really kind to bring me here this weekend, and she had essentially forced me to get out and let my hair down. For months, I’d made excuses not to go out. They were usually work related, which weren’t a lie -  I did have things to do, but I seemed to find something to keep myself busy constantly. I hadn’t done anything fun in a long time.  Ever since I had broken up with Ben, I think I’d been a bit scared to.

I’d needed to keep myself distracted and busy. I felt like the minute I stopped was when I would eventually crash and get myself in state which I absolutely refused to let happen. From experience, once I fell into a dark place, I found it almost impossible to get myself out and I knew I just couldn’t go through that again.    

Although when my birthday came up, she wouldn’t let the idea go. She told me that Sam was working away in the city that weekend, and had been invited to stay in a really nice hotel, paid for by his company. It was a few minutes away from a club she & I used to go to back when we were in college, so she suggested we could go back there for a night out, and she’d treat me to some drinks for my birthday.

She made it almost impossible for me to say no. I knew she was doing it with my best interest but I was hesitant about it. Though she promised me that we didn’t have to do anything ‘crazy’, she just wanted me to come out with her and have a good time like we used to, so eventually, I gave in.

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