Answer accordingly to your sign in the tags.(Pokémon version)
  • aries: Favorite Pokémon game?
  • taurus: First Lv.100?
  • gemini: Favorite battle format and why?
  • cancer: First non-starter Pokémon?
  • leo: Name 2 Pokémon that you think deserve a mega evolution
  • virgo: What trainer class do you associate yourself with?
  • libra: Favorite and least favorite gym leader?
  • scorpio: favorite villainous team?
  • capricorn: Most overall time spent in a Pokémon game?
  • aquarius: Competitive or Causal? Why?
  • sagittarius: Favorite and least favorite champion?
  • pisces: Favorite and least favorite Pokémon type?

Instagram phandom: think that Dan and Phil will notice them and are mostly 10 year old girls

Twitter phandom: the people who actually want to be noticed by Dan and Phil and stand a chance

Tumblr phandom: would rather shove knifes up their ass than have Dan and Phil find their blog