Drinking alone on the street playing “little wing” by Stevie Ray Vaughan on my phone wearing glitter heels n a shirt u can see my titties comin under up out of when I get drunk I feel like a queen n when I come down I feel like a sad little girl which one is real

Or in the end am I just someone who can’t grow up on a long freedom chase n the only reason why is cuz I always have to get a new guy cuz I always got my hands on the wheel of a car that’s not mine cuz it takes the weight of the world to make me cry cuz I
Am a city girl with smalltown eyes I win I always leave first I win I cannot get hurt I win my eyeshadow smeared across ur pillowcase like icing on a cupcake I win my pussy in your face I win your arms around my waist mistake god’s grace duct tape long face fast pace sweat taste say my fuckin name I win
I win
I win

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describe your dream datemate


someone who is kind, respectful, & witty. someone who is passionate about the thing that brings them the most joy, someone who cares about the things i care about, someone who will take the time to get to know me and not base their “love” on my physical attributes, someone who respects my boundaries, someone who can let their guard down around me, someone who wears cute striped shirts and will get up and do yoga/make breakfast with me, someone who will take candid pictures of me and vice versa, someone who likes cats, someone who doesn’t mind being spontaneous, someone that appreciates art, someone who is honest, someone who doesn’t mind giving me all the love in their heart, someone who likes fruit and bees and giving happiness to others! 

I leave for vacation in two weeks

So i’m a busy bee preparing at work.  

Doctors appointment went well yesterday.  Lungs are CLEAR! So no more pneumonia (still have to finish antibiotics), but I should expect to have a cough/be tired for a few more weeks.  That being said, I’m cleared for light lifting.  No heavy lifting/cardio just yet.  I was basically told to ease back into it, and listen to my body.  I can do that.  

Frustrating part? I FORGOT MY WORKOUT SHIRT AT HOME UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can finally do some sort of workout and I left my shirt. hahaha I’m going to see if someone can bring me one.  :) 

Had a banana, almond milk protein smoothie for breakfast.  Took my multivitamin (plus calcium) and omega 3 supplement.  Have overnight oats for a mid-morning snack packed, and a protein bar for an after workout snack (if i get to do that workout).  



Anyone who has followed my blog since the beginning knows that I was a VERY strict band blog and that these bands were all I cared about. Things have changed, and don’t dress this way anymore but these bands were such a huge part of my life, I can’t just throw them away. I want them to go to someone who will appreciate them as much as I did.

So I’m giving away merch from:

  • attila
  • motionless in white
  • pierce the veil
  • sleeping with sirens
  • of mice & men
  • asking alexadnria
  • miss may I
  • nevershoutnever
  • the devil wears prada
  • bring me the horizon
  • and some batman stuff

These are mostly old shirts that you can’t buy anymore, and things from tours that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Some shirts have been cut into tank tops, and they’re mostly mediums, but there are smalls and larges as well. It’s free clothes, guys.

You don’t have to follow me but if you do that would be sweet. Just reblog this, likes don’t count. I’ll pick a winner on July 6th 2015.

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The other day I saw a group of guys wearing bowling shirts walking towards me. Upon closer inspection, the team name was Wesley's Crushers and embroidered on the shirt, where the alligator or horse might be for Lacoste/Polo, was a tiny little you - as a child, in a Starfleet uniform. Seriously regret not getting a photo. The attention to detail was impressive, but did leave me wondering where the hell do you find someone to hand embroider tiny Wil Wheatons on bowling shirts in bulk?


I really need to have this. GET TO WORK, INTERNET!

Frat Party (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: yes

Summary: You go to a frat party and end up hanging out with Luke the entire night. One thing leads to another…

part two


There was another party tonight, a frat party. Honestly, I didn’t really want to go but all my finals were over, and my friends were all going so I said fuck it.

I got changed, not actually putting much thought into my outfit, simply changing my shirt to a crop top and put some high waisted shorts on. I texted my friends, letting them now that I was ready and soon we were all headed to the party together.

“I wanna get shit faced tonight.” My friend, Amy, said as we walked in. “And hook up with someone.” She added, looking at everyone in the party. “Someone hot.”

I snorted at her words as we made our way through the frat house. “What? Don’t laugh at me Y/N. You should hook up with someone too; you’ve been studying to hard lately. You need to relax.” She drawled out and handed me a cup filled with an unknown liquid. I drank it, happy with the taste.

We stayed together for the first bit, talking to each other and getting to see who was here. “Oh,” She nudged my shoulder. “I’ll see you later.” She walked over to a group of people, some of which I had no idea who they were. I laughed into my drink when she started to clearly flirt with I guy I knew she thought was hot. Go Amy.

“Why are you standing here all alone?” I heard someone say from behind me. I turned around and saw Luke Hemmings coming to stand next me, a cup in his hand as well. He had on a snapback, covering his usually blond up-do, a black tank top and jeans, with sunglasses hanging off his neck.

I didn’t know him that well, I had one class with him and we didn’t talk that much. I’m pretty sure that this was his frat house though. “My friend ditched me.” I laughed.

“That’s too bad. But I guess that means that you’re stuck with me for now.” He said with a small smirk, bumping his shoulder with mine.

I always felt conceited when I thought this, but I’m pretty sure that he was hitting on me. “Really and how long do you think I’m going to be stuck with you?”

“However long you want me around.” He teased back. I nodded and laughed, and finished off the rest of my drink. He immediately offered me another one, and again, I said fuck it and agreed.

I ended up hanging out with Luke for most of the night; we stood around, then sat around, and then stood again. I don’t know where Amy had gone, I saw her a little while ago but I don’t know where she had gone now.

“What?” I asked Luke, seeing his lips move but not being able to hear what he had told me. I think the music had gotten even louder, and more people had piled into the house making it louder than it should be.

He leaned in closer so that I could hear him. “You wanna go outside, its quieter out there.”

I nodded, and followed him out the door. The sun had already set, but it was still light enough to see. It was also much quieter.

“C’mere.” He said, leading me around the house. There was a small garden type thing; I didn’t even know that they gad gardens. Okay, it was more of a patch of grass and some bushes surrounded by trees, but I was still surprised.

“Is this where you bring all your girls?” I teased, looking around. He laughed and followed me. “You got me there Y/N.”

“You know there’s one thing that I regret this year.” Luke told me, putting down his empty cup on a cheap looking lawn chair. “And what’s that?” I asked, noticing how he didn’t stop walking in closer to me.

“We didn’t get to hangout more.” He said, a smile breaking out on his face. He looked down at his feet, and if I knew him better I would say that he was nervous.

“Smooth, Hemmings.” I said, similar smile lining my own lips.

“I try.” He shrugged. I think he was going to kiss me, I was almost a hundred percent sure of it. Honestly, I wanted him to kiss me. Either the alcohol had gotten to me, or I just really missed a guy but all night I’ve been starring at his lips and imagining the feeling of them on me, really wanting to know how his lip ring would feel against my lips.

Before he could make a move, someone called his name making him turn his head around, away from me. “Hemmings! C’mon, we’re playing a little game inside.”

He looked at me, and I shrugged and followed him back inside. Turns out, that “little game” was an altered game of truth or dare, one of those alterations being that no one who was playing was 12.

Luke sat down with everyone on the floor, looking up at me and patting the spot next to him. I laughed and sat down next to him. Now that I looked around, I had realized that I found Amy. She was sitting on that guys lap, the guy she was flirting with earlier on.

They were spinning a bottle in the middle of the circle, and honestly I was really happy that I had nothing to do with it yet. Of course, that was until Amy spun it and it landed right on me. I inwardly groaned; the fact that we were close friends made it worse because she knew what would piss me off. And, I’m pretty sure she was drunk.

“Y/N, truth or dare?” She asked, smirked on her lips. I quickly thought it over. “Dare.” I said, as confidently as I could. If I said truth she would make me confess something embarrassing to all these people, something that she already knew.

“I dare you,” She trailed off, looking around. “To play a game of too hot with Hemmings.”

Maybe it would have been better to have picked truth. “What? I uh-“ I glanced over at him, and he had the same facial expression as how I felt.

“No Y/N. Rules are rules. Remember, first one to use hands loses.” She said. Yep, she was drunk and I was going to hurt her later. Sure, I wanted to kiss Hemmings but not like this, in front of all these people.

I let out a sigh, I turned my head to look at Luke. I kept my hands by my sides, actually trying to win. I leaned in, we were already close enough that our arms were touching, so now that we were closer together our noses brushed.

He leaned in to connect our lips, and it came as a small shock, even if I don’t know what I was anticipating. His lips were soft against my own, not applying a lot of pressure but his lipring was hard and cold, but oddly felt nice.

I pressed myself closer to him, applying more pressure. I felt his tongue poke into my mouth, and I think he shifted closer to me so that our chests were basically pressed up together. We were both turned, bodies twisted awkwardly so I detached our lips for a brief second to swing my legs over his own, straddling him.

My hands were still at my side, but they were digging into my things, itching to run my fingers through his hair. I pulled back again, tugging his bottom lip between my teeth. A small groan escaped the back of his throat, and he moved his head in closer to mine to press up closer to me again. He tried to move in closer, moving my hips against his.

Next thing I knew, I felt a pair of hands grip at my waist, moving up to my neck. His fingers toyed with my hair, and I heard a few people say something about the game being over but that didn’t stop us. He pulled away, but resting his forehead against mine, breathing heavily.

“I guess I won.” I whispered, moving off of him. “I guess you did.” He said, as I sat back down next to him. I saw Amy wink at me from across the room, and I rolled my eyes.

The game kept going, but Hemmings leaned in. “I’ll be back in a sec.”

I was confused to see him go, but Amy got my attention from across the room, and she nodded her head towards where Luke had left, moving her hand up and down, in what people would say a handjob motion. I shook my head, flipping her off.

I was glad I came to this party after all.

Does Phil know how amazing he really is?  

He can laugh and his tongue sticks out of the side and its freaking adorable.

then he puts on a plaid shirt. I’m just saying Phil in plaid has probably caused someone to pass out because he’s so fucking good looking.

ANDD do not get me started on Phil in glasses. I know he doesn’t like wearing them but he looks like one of those guys you see in the back of a coffee shop reading a book and you think about him till you fall asleep.

He is a literal ray of sunshine. If I’m sad and I watch one of his videos I feel so much better. He has to be an angel because somebody this wonderful is nearly impossible to find.

I firmly believe he saved Dan on some level and I need Dan just as much as I need Phil. So thank you Phil for helping Dan the way you did. You are the best friend people would kill for.

Phil cares so much about his viewers he literally sees us as his family.

The fact he tries to not curse because he doesn’t want to influence his young viewers is freaking amazing.

I really wish I could word this better because this doesn’t give Phil justice at all.

I want Phil to know he matters because he matters beyond belief.

I may be having one of my Phil days, This could be because I just watched ‘trapped in my jeans’ which is my favorite Phil video. I don’t know but Phil if you see this I hope you know how important I and so many more think you are thank you for everything you’ve done Phil <3

It would be just my luck to shake a water bottle that had one of those fruit punch powder packets in it and the cap not be all the way on. It doesn’t help with the fact my shirt is white. Pretty sure I could get away with telling people I murdered someone now. Someone better bail me out of jail later.


I did a photo project called “The Man Makes the Clothes” it’s a play on Mark Twain’s quote. “The clothes make the man. A naked man has litte or no influence on society.” & I disagree. Nowadays in society, people often get judged by outer appearance. And especially for me being a black man, if I’m waking down the street in some sweats & a shirt, I’ll get judged or even overlooked. But if I’m walking down the street with a suit on, I’ll get stereotyped as, “important” or like “oh yeah this guy is about something.” Or something of that nature. And my whole motive with this project is to change people’s perspectives to not judge someone by what’s on the surface. Someone could be an awesome individual, but majority of people wouldn’t give them the time of day because of what they look like or what they’re wearing. But if you take the clothes off the man, they are the same person… BLACKOUT.

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Mun play with Caren~

Calum sat up… wait why was he lying down in the first place?! And where was he? He was suppose to be in a small computer room in the middle of North Weald, how di… 

“Oh you have got to be kidding me…” He looked around and saw it, Fuyuki bridge. He could only assume that him a Julius has swapped places. “You have go to be kidding me… well at least I have my clothes.” 

He unzipped his crimson hoodie. “At least the powers that be gave me my Deadman Wonderland t-shirt…” He quickly zipped up his hoodie and checked his pockets. “My iPod, key, wallet, earphones and a £10 note. Yeah, British money will help here.” He sighed.

“Now… um.. how do I get back home? Someone, anyone, help?” 


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I am straight (please don't hate me for that I get it a lot) and I was wondering if you sold other dragon t-shirts as I love your Pride ones but wouldn't want to wear them because I am not what they represent or fear offending someone who is of that pride. ...if that makes sense.

That makes sense, I think it’s good that you’re mindful of that sort of thing!

I do not currently have other t-shirt designs available, but it’s definitely something I want to do in the future.  One concept I have considered, for example, is a series called “Forces of Nature,” with dragons (and possibly other mythical creatures) based on natural phenomenon like thunderstorms or the aurora borealis.  I can’t say for sure when this will happen or if this will be the concept I use, but I think it’s safe to assume there will be more dragon t-shirts at some point in the future. :)

ok someone was like, a Ronan/Blue get-along shirt wouldn’t work because of their height but hear me out:

Gansey decides that a get-along shirt is a good idea after Blue and Ronan have another half hour long bickering session.

Blue and Ronan are not happy but, you know what, okay, we’ll get along. and then Ronan picks Blue up by the waist and they chase Gansey around Monmouth all afternoon pretending to be a two headed monster.

“Stop, stop this right now!”

“But we’re getting along!!”


OK I’m positive someone else has posted photos from “Accidents Happen” starring Geena Davis.  I found a DVD for $4.99 at a convenience store and thought why not.  NP plays ‘Young Man at Bingo’ and rocks a rather unfortunate shirt.  (I’m sure that’s what the post was about too.)  Anyway, he does his American accent and I thought it was perfectly fine.  The movie was OK, but I wouldn’t rush out to get it. 

His lines were:  Excuse me.  Is there a Gloria Conway here?  You have a phone call.  Follow me.  It’s out the back.

First it’s not what you think, but go there anyway.  First pic would be anyone of us if NP walked into our bingo hall.  Second is an attempt at a close up smile - trust me it took many attempts.  Third is NP being a gentleman (and us watching him go).

Steps||Cameron Dallas fanfic (Chapter 2)

// Cameron and Indigo are step siblings with benefits, they help each other out in times of need, no feelings involved. But when Cameron starts falling for Indigo, things get messy and people get hurt. //

Read the first chapter here

Chapter 2: No Thank You

A faint sound of someone knocking the door caused me to look up from my laptop and sigh. I pushed myself off the bed and made sure I looked presentable before I opened the door. It was 10.17am and I was wearing a my coca-cola shirt and a pair of shorts. 

“Good morning newly weds,” I greeted the two adults standing behind the door and moved to the left so they could come inside.

“Hey honey,” Dad replied while taking a seat on the couch. “Everything okay?” He asked. I nodded and closed the door behind me. 

“So what’s up?” I asked, slightly annoyed by the fact that my anime marathon was disturbed. Dad and Gina looked at each other and smiled nervously at me. Something felt wrong.

“Honey, I know this might come as a shock and I you might be upset about this but um…” I held my breath, expecting the worst. “We’re moving to L.A.?” He sounded slightly unsure. The two of them watched my expression closely, trying to decipher the meaning behind the look on my face that was a mixture of shock, disbelief, sadness, anger, frustration and a (tiny) pinch of excitement. 

“Oh. Aha wow but like no thank you? I was born and raised in New York and I plan on living there until I die, like mom.” I laughed as if it was the funniest thing on the planet. “You could move here with Gina and whoever and I’ll just stay in Manhattan with grandma. That’ll be fine, right dad?” Dad furrowed his eyebrows and frowned at me.

Indigo, we are moving to L.A. I am not going to leave you alone in New York-”

“I’ll be fine with grandma!” I interrupted.

“Indigo! I’ve spent 19 years doing everything I could to keep you happy. Can’t you do this one thing for me?” He pleaded. I was at a loss for words when everything he said finally sank in. He did do everything for me all these years. But I refused to face the music.

“You’re asking me to leave behind everything I know for you? I have rights,dad. I’m almost 20, I’m practically an adult! I can do whatever I want with my life!” Gina shifted uncomfortably in her spot next to dad on the couch. I felt bad for her and embarrassed by how rude and bratty I probably looked while defying my father.

“Stop exaggerating, Indigo. It’s not like we’re never going back there again! I’m sorry but the universe doesn’t revolve solely around you.” he spat bitterly. Ouch.

Frustrated, I stormed out of the room and took the elevator down to the pool. A couple of kids were splashing each other with water while their mom laughed and took pictures of them. How I wished I had my mom right there and then. She would know what to say to make me feel better, she always does. I plopped down on one of the deck chairs and started thing about the time a girl in my class broke three of my coloured pencils and I was really sad about it and mom said “Hey, at least she didn’t break your bones! Then you’d be all wobbly and squishy.” I remember my 5 year old self laughing so hard i choked.

Mom passed away when I was six. She died of leukemia but she was still the same cheerful person she was during her last few days. I was the only child so I had no one other than my dad to rely on when mom passed away. 

Dada took three moths off work, doing nothing other than taking care of me and grieving when I’m in school. Sometimes he would sit in front of the television for hours, watching old videos of mom from their high school days till my sixth birthday (he still does once in a while) and sometimes I still hear him crying in his room.

Despite all this, he still kept a brave face for me, for us. I realised that dad scarified almost everything he had for me. He started working from home so he could look after me and he rarely went out with his friends because he didn’t want to leave me alone with anyone else (”You’re all I have left, Indi. I can’t lose you, not after your mother,”he always said.) He made me and my happiness his main priority in life for almost 20 years. Why won’t I do the same thing for him?”

“Indigo, honey?” I turned around and saw my dad. I rubbed my eyes furiously, trying to erase all proof of me crying just seconds before. “Indigo I’m sorry. I should’ve discussed this with you first,” he said softly.

“No dad, I’m sorry. I’ve been so selfish the entire time. You’ve done so many things for me, it’s time I return the favour. If moving here is what you want, then okay. I guess I was to shocked to think straight.”

“Really? You’d do that, Indi?” I nodded and hugged his tall frame. “Thank you, baby.”

I pulled away and smiled at him. “No dad, thank you.”

Wait, but living in L.A. meant living with Cameron. The hideous thoughts from last night corrupted my mind once again. Just then, Cameron appeared at the pool. The top half of his body was exposed and he had a towel thrown over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes when he smiled and waved at us. 

“He’s a good kid,” dad smiled. I snorted.

“Suuree he is.” 


<A/N> Hello!! Thank you all for the great response so far, I’m really happy okay!! I wrote this chapter at 3am today because I couldn’t sleep ): There’s not much of Cameron in here, mainly Indigo and her dad, but there will be a lot of tension between Cam and Indigo in the next few chapters so stay tuned folks!!! And stay hydrated because it’s important and drinking water makes your hair and skin look and feel nice!

Ok but can you imagine trying to tell Luke you’re pregnant in a really funny way and he’s just being his slow self and not getting it. Imagine finding out you’re pregnant, so to surprise Luke with the happy news you get him a tshirt with the words «hemmo2015» and he’d be like «babe I think they made a mistake.» and you’re looking at him like «are you fucking kidding me?». So he’d be staring at the shirt and be like «it’s supposed to say 1996 cause that’s when-» and he’d just stop and look at you and go «you’re pregnant aren’t you?» so you’ll nod and he’ll laugh because he totally blew it but then he starts crying because he’s gonna be a dad and I’m sobbing someone hold me

touring with the boys would include

  • michael dont you dare eat that its been on the floor for ages
  • luke stop fucking flooding the shower
  • ashton do you have a spare hair tie
  • guys stop bullying luke
  • someone lend me their shirt please
  • luke can i pretty please borrow your pom pom beanie
  • ‘do you think beer and vegemite will be a good combo’
  • stop getting drunk you have a show tomorrow
  • ashton can you pass me the popcorn please
  • ‘do you ever think about whether penguins have feelings’
  • ‘shut up luke its 3 in the morning’
  • teenage white girls go to starbucks again
  • ‘no michael i wont give you a blowjob’
  • we know you did your daily squats calum i dont need to see your bare arse
  • did you seriously put my clothes inside your guitar case
No more vanilla (open to males & females)

“Alright then. If you’re sure you wanna know” Victor’s new lover had found the riding crop in the wardrobe while looking for a shirt and it became a conversation about Victor’s past kinks.

“It’s not for BDSM.Just in case you wondered.Im not a sadist I don’t get gratification from hurting someone. Okay,here goes. To put it simply I like D/s scenes.It stands for Dominant x submissive.It’s when one, me, takes the role of the master and another takes the role of the puppy slave. And yes, that includes a collar and a leash. The crop top is used as severe punishment when the puppy disobeys. I prefer orgasm control or denial as well as forced chastity more than corporal punishment but I have had submissives that preferred a more traditional punishment like spanking or the crop. “

“Any questions so far?”