LOVE ME 7. Pretending Nothing Happened

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woke up at around 2pm because i could hear someone knocking on my door. i got up assuming it was Emma just here to check on me. when i opened the door i was surprised to see Luke standing there holding up my shirt and my phone. when i realized it was him i immediately shut the door. i was confused to why i never even realized my phone was missing.

“come on Lucy. open up” i heard Luke say on the other side of my door.

“just put my stuff down at the door and leave” i tell him once i get the courage to speak

“open the door” he says again but this time more demanding

finally i open it back up and he walks right past me into my room.

“come in…i guess” i say mostly to myself

“you left your shirt and phone” he says handing me my stuff

“thanks i couldn’t find it” i mumble pointing to my shirt “i stole your shirt..  its around here somewhere” i say walking over to my desk and picking it up

“keep it. i have a lot like it” he tells me as he just stands in the middle of my room.

“okay” i say setting it back down on my desk

things are awkward as we both don’t seem to want to make eye contact so i look a my floor

“well i should go” he says walking back to the door and opening it

“wait” i say before he can walk out

“yeah?” he asks confused by why i stopped him

“do you remember much of what happened last night…because i can remember anything” i say honestly.. trying to keep my emotions from showing

he closes the door and walks over to my bed and sits down. i decide to sit next to him

“i remember some. not all. i drank too much” he says sounding almost regretful

“so did i” i admit

“what’s the last thing you remember?” he asked me. i was silent for a minuet trying to remember last night

“i remember the truth or dare game..and walking into your room.. but then there  is nothing until waking up this morning” i tell him honestly

“usually when that happens to me most of it comes back eventually..and the stuff that doesn’t is usually stuff you don’t want to remember anyways” he tells me looking at his hands

“hopefully” i state which was followed by a few moments of awkward silence

“umm..do you..do you know if you used a condom?” i say awkwardly while my cheeks were bright red. it was a question i didn’t want to ask but the thought had been worrying me since i got back to my room.

“yeah…i was worried about that too..but i…uh… found it..so yeah i did.” he says also seeming awkward by the subject we were forced to talk about… which confused me because he was so sexually experienced.

“good” i say letting out a breath i didn’t know i was holding in.

“so what do you remember?” i ask again..i needed to know more

“its all pretty fuzzy to be honest.. but i will say you have surprisingly nice boobs” he says with a smirk as a small laugh when he sees the face i make at his words

“stop. I’m serious. what happened” i say as tears start to spill from my eyes

he looks at me and at first some emotion flashes across his face that i cant read..its almost apologetic seeming. but just as fast as it came it left as his face went back to how it was before

“see this is why i don’t fuck virgins. too much drama. go cry to someone that gives a shit about you” he says getting up and walking towards the door

“you are such an asshole!” i feel like i almost yelled it

“well you didn’t seem to think that last night” he says with his cocky smirk coming back to his face.

“get the hell out of my room. you are a dick and i never want to see you again.” i say angrily trying to stop my tears

“virgins” he says rolling his eyes and walking out my door i find my self yelling asshole before it closes.

i was angry at Luke for the way he just spoke to me but also at myself… how could i be so stupid to actually give myself away to that guy.


the rest of the week was uneventful to be honest. Emma kept trying to talk about me having sex and trying to get more information about it but i was keeping the details to myself..not that i had much to tell her since my memory never came back..which i guess is good. maybe i can pretend it never happened. she asked everyday who the guy was but to be honest i wasn’t ready for her to know who it was.

on Thursday i was laying on a blanket outside relaxing. it was a relatively nice day and the large grassy lawn that is in the middle of the campus was calling my name.

Emma came with me and we laid on the blanket and talked…mainly she talked. she had a date tonight that she was really excited about. i didn’t mind listening. with her as a friend you get used to it.

after a while she left to get ready for the date and i was alone. i decided to read the book i had brought out with me. i was only a few pages in when someone suddenly walked up behind me. i only knew because i could see their shadow. when i turned my head to look i was surprised to see Calum. the boy i met while playing truth or dare at the party last weekend.

“hello” is all i said since i was confused about what he was doing standing there

“hey Lucy. can i join you down there?” he asks pointing to the blanket

“of course yeah” i say as i scoot over to give him more room.

“so what brings you to my blanket today?” i ask and he lets out a small laugh

“well i have a few questions actually” he says with a nervous laugh

“okay” i reply confused..we didn’t really know each other and i can’t imagine what he would need to ask me.

“did anything happened between you and Luke last weekend at the party?” he asked first surprising me.

“why?” i say trying to avoid answering

“Luke has been a little weird since Saturday and I’m just trying to figure out the reason why.” he tells me

“whats do you mean by weird?”

“he just has been keeping to himself more then usual..i mean he is the most private guy i know..but he has been even more recently. he hasn’t wanted to go out with us all week..which is weird for him. he even said he wasn’t in the mood for a party this weekend. that’s when i knew this was serious” he says laughing a little at the last part

“and why do you think I’m connected to this?”

“well yesterday Michael said something about you to him and Luke freaked out. he like threw a glass and it broke and yelled at Michael and that’s not usually how he acts..especially not with us” he explains to me.

“sorry but i don’t know what his problem is… besides the fact that he is a huge asshole” i tell him

“yeah… he can be” Calum says laughing

“Cal!” we hear off in the distance as Ashton comes running over..he is another boy that lives in the c dorm..i think he might of been apart of the truth or dare game… but i cant remember.

“what?” Calum asks looking up at the boy standing in the distance

“Michael told me to come find you.. some issue back at the house that he needs your help with”

“shit…okay” Calum says while standing up

“nice seeing you Lucy. i better see you at the party tomorrow night” he tells me with a smile

“yeah you too” i say as they walk off

i don’t know what Luke’s issue is..we don’t get along very well so i don’t know why they assume i know. i saw a side of Luke that i could get along with..when i was sick and he held my hair and carried me to the bed. that was nice of him. he even offered to get me water i remembered. that Luke is someone i could possibly like..but 90% of the time he seems to be the Luke that was in my dorm room Saturday afternoon and that Luke was someone i never want to see again.


A/N- hello lovely people! here is chapter 7! thanks for all the requests and messages! if you want the next chapter please let me know (i know this is annoying that i make you request every chapter… but i shows me that people like my writing and motivates me to keep writing this)


I just need someone to hug me and kiss me gently and tell me I’m not as shitty of a person as I’m pretty sure I’ve turned out to be.

EXO dorm, day 8.
  • Kris:Nope
  • Kris:Take a chill pill, momma
  • Xiumin:Whoa whoa whoa
  • Xiumin:What's going on in here
  • Suho:SOMEONE told Tao that he can release the solo album
  • Xiumin:Wait, WHAT?
  • Suho:You're spoiling this kid, Kris!
  • Kris:I don't get why you're so upset, it's not even such a big deal
  • Suho:NOT A BIG DEAL?! are you fucking kidding me~
  • Xiumin:Guys, please. Stop fighting.
  • Suho:But~
  • Xiumin:Don't make me use my secret weapon, Suho.
  • Suho:BUT~~
  • Xiumin:Fine, you're giving me no choice.
  • Xiumin:*ripping his shirt off*
  • Suho:...
  • Kris:...
  • Suho:dear lord
  • Luhan:*in the distance* MINSEOOOOOOOOK~~~~
  • - sound of people running down the hallway -
  • Xiumin:Calm your tits, Lu-ge
  • Luhan:*covers Xiumin with his own body*
  • Lay:Don't be like this, Lu-ge~
  • Chanyeol:Just let us see the Xiuabs
  • Lay:And maybe touch it
  • Baekhyun:And lick it
  • Chen:Remember, Lu-ge: sharing is caring!
  • Luhan:Go away, you thirsty baboons!
  • Xiumin:We're in public, Lu-ge. Behave~
  • Luhan:Or what, you'll spank me?
  • Baekhyun:Oh my god.
  • Chen:You two go get a room
  • Suho:Guys!
  • Suho:There's something KRIS wants to tell you~
  • Baekhyun:Is this about the purple wig again?
  • Chanyeol:No matter what you say, Kris~ there's no way this is a new trend
  • Baekhyun:You won't make us wear that shit
  • Suho:No, guys. It's... it's about Tao
  • Lay:What about him?
  • Kris:He's releasing a solo album
  • Beagle line:whAT?!????!?
  • Kyungsoo:*mumbling* this should be me
  • Chanyeol:B-but he doesn't even compose~
  • Baekhyun:Yeah, I wonder what his album will be about
  • Chen:I bet at least one of the tracks will be called 'Give me that Gucci'
  • Lay:Sehun-ah! Do you know anything about this?
  • Sehun:duh, I'm featuring on his album
  • Baekhyun:WHAT!?!??
  • Chen:WHY YOU?!
  • Sehun:because I'm worth it
  • Kyungsoo:*mumbling* I feel the irresistible urge to punch a wall
  • Baekhyun:Calm down, Channie~
  • Chen:Oh my god
  • Baekyun:What are you going to do?
  • Kyungsoo:*whispering* kill him
  • Chen:Spicyyyyyy~
  • Kai:Did someone say spicy? Spicy chicken?
  • Chen:No, Jongin. It's... ahhh, nevermind.
Things I Don't Say

There is someone crying on the bus
that I want to make sure
gets home okay

I wanted to compliment them
on their proud lace bow
Tell them I liked how it was the
same cream shade as their shirt

But the tears on their cheeks
stopped me

I have cried on a bus
many times
Each time I have caught sight
of my reflection in the window
and looked blankly into my own eyes
Hoping for a clue as to where
I was going

There is someone crying on my bus
and I want them to be okay
I want them to be safe
I want them to know that
their hair looks great
pulled back with lace

People will get mad if someone wears a shirt of the flag of slavery and racism and secession

but won’t get offended if I wear a shirt of the flag of an empire that ruled most of the world and oppressed countless nations and people.

or if I have a patch of a flag that stood for the internment of the Japanese, overthrowing of governments and installing dictators, and tons of other horrible things

Maybe it’s just me, but that people are okay with the last two is incredibly telling that people are just mad over what the media and their friends tell them to be mad about, turning a blind eye to things that are equally as bad. While they pat themselves on the back for denouncing “the bad flag.”

Stay classy.

I planned on reoppening my storenvy webstore sometime this month, but I don’t think it’s happening so for the time being I’ll be uploading to society6 instead. I’ll upload new things onto it periodically throughout the next week. If there’s someone that I’ve drawn that you’d like as a print/phone case/shirt/bag etc, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to get that up as soon as possible.

You can check the store out here! List of current pieces up is here.

You Have a What? (Calum Hood)

Another submission by twinklelightning

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“Oh no,” I groaned, rolling out of the bed after looking at the clock. I was supposed to have left for my university lecture ten minutes ago.

I bumped and ran around my apartment, yanking on a shirt and accidentally pouring coffee all over my hand while trying to get it in a mug.

Pouring out swears, I slammed my apartment door open in time to see my neighbor across the hall stare at me with wide eyes before ushering something or someone back into his flat.

“Oh, uh, hello!” He laughed awkwardly, shutting his door behind him and rocking back and forth on his feet in front of me.

“Everything alright?” I inquired, an amused smile crossing my face.

“Totally! Everything is A-Okay, thanks for asking,” My dark-haired neighbor nodded quickly, his hand now on his doorknob. We were silent for a moment before he spoke again.

“Hey, Y/N, would you like to go out tonight?”

I grinned widely at him, ready to accept when I realized I was working late that night.

When I told him that, he pouted a little but promised to ask me out again some other time.

“You’re a weird guy, Calum, I hope you know that,” I shook my head as he shrugged as if to say ‘I know’.

As I got into the elevator, I saw him release a pent-up breath and open his door again while muttering a “sorry, buddy.”


I didn’t see Calum for the rest of the week because of my busy schedule, but I was dying to know what he was hiding in his apartment.

Clearly there was something or someone in there that he didn’t want me to find out about, but I couldn’t figure out what for the life of me.

That was how I ended up knocking on his door after my shift at work one day.

Instead of Calum answering, a pale, tattooed boy with an eyebrow piercing came to the door.

“Uh, hi?” I glanced at the door to make sure the number was correct before looking back at the man who was now leaning against the doorframe.

“What can I help you with?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Is Calum around? Or is this the wrong apartment?”

“Yeah, he’s here,” The boy nodded before turning his head to the side and yelling: “Cal! Your cute neighbor girl is looking for you!”

I snickered as I heard a happy shout come from somewhere in his apartment and soon a disheveled-looking Calum appeared at the door.

“Sorry about Michael, he’s a dick,” Calum pushed his friend back into his flat, taking his spot leaning on the doorframe, “What do you need?”

“I was just wondering if you, uh, if you had any –” I had absolutely no excuse as to why I came to his door, but thankfully as I was stumbling over my words two new teenage boys began shouting and racing around Calum’s apartment.

“Bud! Come back here! Buddy!” The curly-haired one was shouting, slipping on the floor a little as he rushed out of the living room and ran down the hall.

Instantly, I craned my neck around Calum’s shoulder to see what was going on in there, but he moved in front of me so I couldn’t.

Damn. So close.

“Uh, sorry Y/N but you’ll have to come back later, we’re a bit busy I suppose,” Calum choked out, shutting the door in my face.


I started to figure out what was going on later that night.

While turning off my TV so I could go to bed, I heard a cluster of loud barks from outside my room.

Sticking my head out into the hallway, I found that a few other people were peeking down towards the end or the hall where my and Calum’s rooms were.

I let out a loud gasp when I realized that the noises came from Calum’s apartment.

I stared at his door for a moment longer, listening to the thumps and muffled words leaking out of it before jumping across the hall and knocking on his door.

Suddenly, it sounded like time had stopped inside. I could hear the jingle of two pieces of metal hitting together and a clicking noise on his hardwood floors before Calum opened his door a few inches so he could see out.

“Calum, what is going on in there? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Y/N, thanks for asking,” Calum said, opening the door a little bit more.

“Are you sure? Cause it sounds like there’s a commotion going on.”

“It’s just Luke,” Calum was tapping on the door now, clearly anxious, “Sorry about that.”

“Oh. Well, sorry to bother you so late, then!”

Instead of replying, he shut the door and I heard the lock click into place.

A week and a half had passed since my last encounter with Calum. Sure, we said hello and smiled when we saw each other but we never had a real conversation.

I had become sort of stalker-ish in this time frame, not playing my music loud in an effort to hear if anything was going on across the hall and peeping out of my eyehole in my door every hour for a minute or so.

I watched Calum’s friends frequently filter through his apartment - sometimes Calum let them in and sometimes they used a key that was buried into the potted plant next to the dark-haired boy’s door. Once, Michael had a large paper bag that was seemingly heavy.

It was almost as if his three best friends came in shifts if Calum was away for the whole day or longer, which seemed rather suspicious to me. Why would he need his apartment checked up on at all hours of the day?

I had finally decided that the best way to get into his apartment was to ask the boy if he wanted to go out sometime and see if he would invite me back to his. It sounded incredibly dirty when I said it aloud, but it wasn’t like I didn’t like him. I mean, we had almost went on a date three weeks ago. This time, I would just be getting closure out of a dinner as well as the chance to date a cute boy.

So, I ambushed him.

I could hear loud noises and an occasional yip coming from his place, so I rapped on his door.

“Y/N!” Calum smiled when he came to the door, rubbing part of his forearm where there was three scratch marks.

“Calum, how would you like to go out tonight?”

“Tonight? Yeah, of course!” Calum nodded, clearly eager to close the door again, “I’ll be across the hall at 7, then?”

I had such a good time on our date that I almost forgot that I wanted to get back into his place until we were standing in front of our doors.

“We’re definitely going out again,” Calum grinned, lacing his fingers between mine.

“Definitely,” I smiled, staring at him for a moment before speaking. “Would it be alright if I came over to yours if you like me so much, then?”

It was a loaded question and Calum knew it, but I figured he was starting to realize I was catching on to what was happening in his apartment.

“I don’t think tonight would be a good night, I think Ashton is inside,” Calum laughed, “He’d try and flirt with you for me the whole time and I’d rather avoid that.”

I laughed and said goodnight after he kissed me on the cheek, but internally I was fuming.

Why couldn’t I go inside his apartment?

More importantly, what was in there?

The next day, I rolled out of bed at 1 PM and camped at my door’s peephole.

I only left to pee and get snacks, resulting in me standing at my door in my pajamas for 6 hours.

At 7, Calum exited his apartment and locked it behind him, clearly dressed to go out. I knew he mentioned going out with ‘the lads’ yesterday, so I knew I could get into his home without being interrupted.

When the elevator doors shut, I opened my door and began digging my fingers into the potted plant next to Calum’s door, extracting a dirty key. I hardly noticed that I left his door unlocked as I entered.

I smiled at the band posters and pictures he had on his wall, and spent a few minutes studying the framed pictures of him, his family, and his bandmates in his living room. Clearly he loved them all very much.

Then, I began to look around. Nothing seemed odd to me (well, the ninja turtle boxers on his kitchen island classified as odd, but not the right odd I was looking for) until I hit the hallway.

There were a few claw-like scratch marks rutted into the floor and some long, white hairs were scattered by his slightly ajar bedroom door.

I had just entered the room when I was assaulted by two large balls of fur that knocked me over were ferociously licking my face.

“Holy shit, no way! I knew it!” I shrieked, realizing that Calum had two dogs hidden in his apartment.

Anyone with any common sense knew that having big dogs in an apartment was illogical and they weren’t allowed anyways, but it seemed as though my neighbor thought he could get away with it anyways.

When Calum came home four hours later to me watching cartoons in his living room with his two dogs on my lap, he was a little surprised to say the least.

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lou can you make short spam for me about kaisoo 2015 or their most recent sweet moment? cause there are so many crappy things going in the tag rn :(

yes my lovely here is a short spam for you lets get some good happy kaisoo in there :)

this is really cute

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I can deduce from watching this trailer over and over that I have an unhealthy obsession with Minho going full rage on someone and I worry about my sanity but I am SO STOKED TO SEE HIM ABSOLUTELY SMACK THE EVERLIVING SHIT OUT OF ANYONE WHO GETS IN HIS WAY OR EVEN TOUCHES ONE OF HIS BOYS DO YOU FEEL ME FRIENDS *rips shirt apart and screams into the abyss*


Awee yeah, lets get this up too! This started out as a little sketch commission  from the wonderful thelonebamf! But they graciously let me turn it into a colored print. We’re gonna get it on shirts and wear it to the premiere! You can get is as a shirt too(and almost anything else*), on my redbubble here! 
Thanks so much for the commission of someone I ADORE and can’t wait to see how his new look fares in Apocalypse! 

I don’t know.
I want to live in a pretty house, one that has at least three bedrooms. I want to have a kid, because I absolutely ADORE kids. I’ll ether adopt or have my own, really depends tbh.
I want to live with someone who would tickle me senseless because we were okay arguing and I want someone to cuddle with me.
I want to make up to feel their head laid upon my stomach, and their arms tightly wrapped around my waist. I’ll get out of bed only wearing a shirt and underwear, and make pancakes for them, or they will for me. I won’t be too clingy but I want someone who will questions everyone’s presence and make SURE that they know I’m his/hers. I want to be able to trust. I want to have to argue who will calm the baby who’s crying at 5am.
I want kissing.
I want crying
I want love.
One who will wake me up I the middle of the night, when they can’t sleep, just to make sure I’m not going anywhere and make me say “I love you” before smiling cheekily then falling to sleep.
I will show them off to everyone, and make sure my family likes them and make sure I feel like family with theirs, no matter if their family is all fucked up.
I want to live with someone who makes me not only love myself, but whom makes me happy
—  I want you in my future
Cutest Couple

Fandom- Teen Wolf
Pairing- Stiles x reader
Plot- Stiles and reader get protective of each other at a lacrosse game, all while trying to prove they are the cutest couple.
Warnings- A tiny bit of cursing, fights

“Hey there cutie,” a deep voice whispered in my ear, “You know what this shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”
I rolled my eyes, “Stiles stop trying to use pick up lines on me, we are already dating.”
He sat down in the desk next to me, “Oh ya, sometimes I forget someone like me could possibly get a super hot girl like you.” He said, using his regular voice and winking. Scott fake barfed from the other side of me and rolled his eyes.
In the beginning of the year, the teacher had placed me between Scott and Stiles to try and get them to stop talking. Little did he know that the plan would backfire and cause me and Stiles to start dating. So in a way, we have him to thank for our relationship.
Stiles threw his arm around me and kissed my cheek, “Your just jealous because we are the cutest couple in the school.”
Scott laughed, “Ya sure, Stiles whatever makes you feel better.”
“What’s that supposed to mean? We are the cutest and I’ll prove it. Which reminds me, (Y/n),” Stiles said, turning to pull something out of his backpack, “I brought you this to wear for the game tonight!”
He held his lacrosse jersey and looked at me with an exited smile. I laughed at his eagerness and took it from him. He was always excited to show off the fact that we were dating.
“If course I’ll wear it.” I said. He fist pumped like though he thought I would reject him and I tucked the jersey away as class started.
The day dragged by slowly and I nearly cheered when the final bell rang. I met Malia, Kira and Lydia by my locker and we all left to watch the short practice before the game.
Stiles broke out in a huge smile when he saw me in his jersey, only to get hit in the head from coach.
“Eyes upfront Stilinski.” He yelled.
We sat down on the bleachers and talked about this and that as people began to make their way onto the field.
“You and Stiles are so cute together. I wish Scott would give me his jersey to wear.” Kira said.
“Why don’t you just ask for it?” Malia asked and Lydia nodded.
“Ya if anything he should be begging you to wear his jersey.”
She went to respond but we all stopped talking when we saw the other team walking by. To say they were gorgeous would be a huge understatement.
“Oh I know what I’m doing tonight.” Lydia purred waving at one of the players.
One if the players winked at me and my eyes widened while the girls ‘ooohed’.
I felt eyes on me and I turned to see Stiles looking at us looking at the other team. He quickly looked away when he saw me looking but I could already tell he was jealous. He was always a bit insecure and convinced that I could do better. I always said even if I could, which I couldn’t, I didn’t want anyone else.
“Whoops…” Kira muttered, seeing the exchange between Stiles and I.
“Ya… Whoops.”
The game stared and throughout the whole thing Stiles was targeting the guy who had winked at me. At one point he even caught the ball only to turn around as throw it hard at the guy. He defended himself, saying he didn’t know that guy was behind him.
But after a while the guy started fighting back. Shoving him a a little to hard for no reason, tripping him, but that didn’t stop Stiles in the least in fact it made home more aggressive, like he had something to prove.
I was mentally beating myself for staring at the other guys and Stiles for getting so jealous. I watched on the edge of my seat as Stiles swung back his stick, as if we were trying to catch the ball, only to 'accidentally’ hit the guy in the face. This seemed to be the last straw for him and the threw down the stick and tackled Stiles. The referees pulled the two apart before too much damage could be done but Stiles had a busted lip and the other guy had a bloody nose.
“Are you kidding me?!” I yelled standing up. The Referees didn’t even take the guy out, they just gave him a warning. I was about ready to use some very choice word when I heard a girl talking behind me.
“Can you believe number 24? He totally had that coming, they should’ve taken him out of the game.” I turned around placing my hands on my hips to show off the number 24 jersey you were wearing.
“Excuse me? That’s my boyfriend your talking about.” I growled.
She looked me up and down, “Makes since, ugly girl for an ugly guy.”
Oh hell no. She can insult me but no one insults Stiles. I lunged at her but Kira held me back.
“She’s not worth it, just sit back down.” She whispered while Malia sat on my other side whispering, “Kick her ass!”
I glared at the girl and sat back down. Crossing my arms. It was silent for a moment before she spoke up again.
“Such a shame, he’s ugly and he can’t play either.”
That’s it!
Before anyone had time to stop me, I turned around and lunged at her. Luckily we were close to the ground because we both went tumbling down onto the grass. She managed to land in top and boy did she fight dirty. She pulled my hair and scratched at me while I swung at her. She moved so much so I couldn’t get a good hit on her untill I finally got hard uppercut right to her chin, knocking her back off of me. I growled and tacked her again, punching her over and over while she yanked at my hair and screamed for someone to get me off of her.
Arms suddenly looped around my waist and pulled my up off my feet. I squirmed and kicked trying to escape their arms untill I heard the familiar sound of Stiles voice telling me to calm down. I sighed and fell limp but Stiles kept me off the ground, like he though I would run and attack her again if he put me down. And who says I wouldn’t.
The crowd was silent and the game had been paused to break up the cat fight.
Malia looked like she was having the time of her life while Lydia and Kira were trying hard not to laugh.
The girls boyfriend, who was the guy who winked at me, inspected her bloodied up face and helped her up. The school nurse had come out and was walking her back into the building.
Stiles set me down as soon as she was out of sight and her boyfriend turned to me.
“This your boyfriend?” He asked and I nodded glaring at him.
He looked him up and down before doing the same to me. “You could do a lot better.” The words barely left his mouth before Stiles jumped forward and punched him in the face. He groaned, caught off guard and stumbled back. Stiles let out a moan and held his hand tightly.
“Oh that enough!” Coach said. He began to lead us both back into he school but I stopped and kicked the guy in his manly parts, causing him to let out a high pitched moan and fall over.
Then I joined Stiles and we walked back into the school. With his hand in mine, I lifted them up and the crowd let out a loud cheer.
“Defiantly the cutest couple in school.” I smirked at Stiles and he laughed.
Half an hour later, we both sat in plastic chairs outside the office. I was suspended for the rest of the week since technically I started the fight and both Stiles and I were banned from the next two games. We were waiting for Sherriff Stilinski to come pick us up, as my parents were currently out of town.
When he came walking in, at first he looked angry, but when he saw us his eyes widened. I realized we must’ve been a sight to see.
On one side there was me. My (h/c) hair was a frizzy mess, my make up was smeared all around my eyes, and there were multiple scratches on my face from that girls fake nails. Grass stains covered my knees and Stiles oversized jersey had a rip on the shoulder.
On the other side was Stiles, he had a busted lip and a black eye was starting to form. Bandages were wrapped around around his hand and he too had smeared face paint all over himself.
“You should see the other guys.” I said cause both to crack a smile.
Sheriff Stilinski dragged us into his police car, ignoring Stiles’ complaining about his jeep.
He made us sit in the back and yelled at us the whole ride to his house.
“What were you two thinking? I’d expect this from you Stiles, but I thought you were better, (Y/n)!” Stiles looked offended and I had to cover my mouth so his dad didn’t here me laughing.
He dropped us off at his house saying he had to go back to work but this was not over. He left us standing outside and it was a good thing Stiles hadn’t left his keys for Scott or we would’ve been locked out.
We stumbled into the room and fell down into the couch, neither of us talking.
Finally, after a few minutes, Stiles spoke up, “You looked so hot fighting that girl.”
We locked eyes before both breaking out in laughter. In that moment I don’t think I’d ever laughed harder in my life. After what seem like hours but was probably only minutes, we calmed down. I laid down on Stiles lap and he tried to tame my wild hair.
“I’m sorry for checking out that guy earlier.” I mumbled and he just laughed.
“Don’t apologize babe, I just get jealous too easily. I check out other girls all the time.” He said. Seeing my glare he babbled on, “I mean, not all the time of course! And you are still the most beautiful girl I’ve ever-”
I cut him off by pulling him down and pressing my lips to his. Pulling away he smiled and I laid myself back down and flashed him a wide smile.
“As long as we remember who we love most, then it doesn’t matter who we checkout.”
“Deal.” He said, “As long as you don’t checkout anyone better looking than me, or stronger than me, or taller than me, or a male.” He said, crossing his arms.
I scoffed, “Really? So you don’t care if I check out other girls?”
“Don’t even, Stilinski.” I laughed, sitting up.
I walked up to the bathroom to wash the dirt and makeup off my face when I saw it was raining. Who needs showers?
I ran down the stairs and past Stiles who was still sitting on the couch. He watched me run by and out the door. “Where are you doing?” He asked.
I ignored him and ran out into the street, letting the rain wash off the mess that resided on my face. I spun around with my arms out and laughed. The cool, water felt amazing.
“What are you doing?” Stiles asked me from the doorway.
I spun around and faced him, water dripping down my face, “Dance with me Stiles, dance the dance of life!” I yelled.
He laughed, “Did you just quote Family Guy? Ok just because of that I’ll dance with you!” He ran out into the rain and I took his hands in mine and spun us around. He placed his hand on my waist and danced around the yard with me.
I pulled him close and rested my forehead on his. Stiles smiled and pushed some if the wet locks of (h/c) hair out of my face.
“You look beautiful.” He whispered
I blushed and he leaned down and kissed me passionately, rubbing his hands around my back before placing them a little too low on my waist. I smiled into the kiss and ran my fingers through his hair, tugging a bit like I knew he liked. He bit on my lip and I opened my mouth letting in his his tongue. We fought for dominance and I letting him win after a few moments, knowing he wouldn’t stop until he won. We pulled apart slowly for air and he gave me a wide smile.
“Defiantly the cutest couple.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think Kylie's turned into a slut ? For example she wore a shirt that said 'eat-me-out'

Dude literally do not get me started on slut shaming. If the word slut is in your usual vocabulary then unfollow me. I couldnt give two fucks if someone sucks 1000 dicks. No one will ever be a slut to me. So what, you enjoy having sex, sucking dick, etc. And? How is that anyone elses problem? Why put someone down for enjoying sexual activities and being comfortable with their sexuality. Fuck it! Suck dick! Eat pussy! Do not talk to me if you slut shame women for enjoying their body and having consensual sex and sexual activities with someone. To answer your question…Lol. No. I just think Kylie’s grown up and realised how good orgasms and dicks are. Bye!

I’m on board with butch when it is defined as lesbians who are gender non-conforming in appearance, who possibly get mistaken for men but also exist as highly visible lesbians when they are recognised as female 

As soon as someone adds in ‘male energy’ or taking the lead or being tough and basically makes a link between someones style of shirt and who they are as a person wow you have lost me entirely 

Show Me the Money 4 Pt. 4 (You X ???)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

“You should never knock down a lady.” Snoop Dogg said, after helping you up. “Thank you, at least someone cares.” You said in English, straightening your shirt that riled up when you got knocked down. “I’ll be fine, you can go sit down.” You said before you left to try and grab the mic.

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So funny story. While I was at work, someone spilled something in the aisle, so I went to get the mop and bucket. I put the hose in the bucket, not knowing how powerful the hose is, and turned it on. Well it went everywhere. Like in the movies where it snakes up into the air and all that shit. It was great. It sprayed me right in the crotch and I looked like I full on peed my pants. Lovely. I was soaked, my glasses, my shirt, my arms. Everything. Even the closet was covered in water. I went back to my coworker and looked at him and said. “The hose attacked me”
I laughed at myself pretty hard to be honest.