i have a transgender male coworker who uses the women’s locker rooms because HR won’t let him use the men’s locker room until he gets his papers changed to say so (which is shitty but it doesn’t really bother him that much i guess)? but like most of our coworkers who have been there a long time know that he’s trans (he started testosterone like a year ago, he’s been there for five) and he’s out but because he’s passing no one ever asks him about it so he usually doesn’t talk about it and today he said hi to me in the locker room and i just said hi back and one of our other female coworkers was in there and when she saw him say hi to me she screamed because there was a man in there and all he said was “shut the fuck up you talk too much i don’t have time for this” and i was like “amy… nick is trans please don’t scream, they won’t let him in the men’s locker room” and she ran up to him and like apologized profusely anyway he was like “thanks bao for telling her because i don’t have time for this shit from anyone!!!!!” and now he calls me his security guard l o l

Third wheels

Taehyung fluff
Summary: You didn’t think third-wheeling could be fun until you got to endure it with someone else. 
Warnings: None
A/N: I started doing a different request because the last one kind of failed and my laptop switched off how rude. hope u like it anon - Admin Mala

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When your best friend asked you to spend the day with her and her boyfriend, plus a mutual friend and her boyfriend, your mind immediately screamed third-wheel. You knew too well how awkward it was when you were sitting beside your best friend eating popcorn in the cinema whilst she and her boyfriend giggled and cooed. Doing that with two different couples was definitely not your idea of a fun time. But the promise of food was more than enough to coax you out of your house. 

Although, walking behind the pair on the suddenly too-small pavement made you realize what the day was going to be like. You begrudgingly went along with them anyway, you could put up with it for at least half a day. 

Finally, you arrived at the meeting location, which was a park with a large expanse of grass and a playground, surrounded by trees that blocked out the busy streets on every side. You nearly bumped into your best friend, Hye-jin’s back when she stopped in front of you, and you awkwardly move to stand by her side instead. You’d arrived at the small playground in the park’s corner, and your mutual friend Eun-ji and her boyfriend already deep in conversation with the other two. It took a while for you to notice the boy sitting on the swing behind them, and you weren’t really sure if he was with them, or just being a little bit creepy behind them. He flashed you a bright smile anyway, standing up from the swing and moving to Eun-ji’s side. Only then did she seem to remember the boy existed, as well as you. 

“Oh! Sorry, I forgot to introduce you. This is Taehyung, he decided to tag along today as well.” she explains.

The boy scoffs, raising an eyebrow. “Decided to tag along? You invited me,” he says, to which he gets ignored. You give him an apologetic look, as he was obviously in the same position as you. Unfazed, he just grins at you again, looking at the group before walking over to you. Immediately, he pinches the material of your sweatshirt, staring at it in awe for a moment. “This is cute!” he comments, unabashed. You snort at his forwardness, looking down at it yourself. 

“I wouldn’t have worn it if I thought otherwise.” you reply, earning a lighthearted giggle from Taehyung that had your heart melting. If he was going to be your third wheel buddy for the rest of the day, you couldn’t say you would mind.

3 hours later

As the hours ticked by, you and Taehyung had stuck together, throwing each other fed-up looks each time you would get ignored or blocked out. You’d ended up at the cheap amusement park at the other end of town, and you and Taehyung got lost constantly. One minute spent discussing your music tastes was enough for them to have moved on and did something else. Eventually, you were both fed up of looking for them, after spamming each person with multiple texts and snapchats. 

Taehyung sits down on an unoccupied bench, patting the space next to him with a sigh. You plop down next to him, slouching and turning your head to him. “Do you want an ice cream?” he asks out of nowhere, fishing in his pocket for his wallet. You laugh at the sudden question, closing your eyes and leaning your head back. 

“Sure, but you don’t have to p-”

“I’m paying.” he interrupts, hopping off of the bench. “What flavour?” 

You sigh, thinking for a moment. “Surprise me.”
A few minutes later, Taehyung came back, with one ice cream, and a hand behind his back. 

“Close your eyes,” he says with a chuckle, sitting down next to you. You frown at him, before obliging. “And stick your tongue out.” You hesitate, before poking your tongue out. You nearly laughed at how weird you must look to anyone else, but Taehyung didn’t seem to mind. You nearly jumped when you felt something cold on your tongue, but tentatively licked at the ice cream to get a better taste. “Okay, open.” You open your eyes, looking over at him. “Can you guess what flavour it is?” You lick your bottom lip, as you’d nearly forgotten what it had tasted like. Instead, you lean forwards and taste it again, so Taehyung moves it away with a laugh. “No, that’s all you get until you guess what flavour it is.” he scolds, looking at you expectantly. 

“It’s cookie, right?” you hum. 

“My friend is called Kookie. But yeah, you’re right!” he says, handing you the ice cream and licking the side of his hand where it had melted. You raise your eyebrow at the ‘Kookie’ part, but don’t question it. 

You spend the rest of the day together, totally forgetting your mission to find your other friends. You’d concluded that you’d rather spend it with Taehyung, who seemed to understand the struggle of being a third wheel, so you decided to do just that. At one point the both of you thought you might have spotted your friends standing in a queue, but rather than call out to them, Taehyung quickly pulled you away by your hand. “What’s the point of hanging out with them now? We’re having plenty of fun anyway.” he smirks at you, dragging you through the crowd.  

It’d been an hour and a half since you’d lost your friends, and the sky was getting darker. You didn’t know if Taehyung had noticed it’d gotten pretty late, but you didn’t want to bring it up either. 

“Is there anything we haven’t been on yet?” he asks, breaking the silence as he looks around them at the slowly emptying amusement park. You shrug, leaning your forehead against his shoulder and yawning. Only then did he notice how late it had gotten, tapping your chin to get your attention. “Ah, I didn’t realize how long we’ve been out here. Do you want me to take you home?” he asks, a small smile on his features. 

“No, you don’t need to walk me home, I live nearby.” you reply, lifting your head to look at him. He gives you a small frown, shaking his head.

“Still, it’s getting dark.” he counters.

“I’ll let you walk me home if you promise we can third-wheel together another time.” you smirk, raising an eyebrow. Taehyung let’s out a hearty chuckle, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping it around your shoulders.

“That can be arranged.”  

The Weeknd At The Club

One-shot Bechloe

Okay guys, I was bored at work and couldn’t get this scenario out of my head so I wrote it out quickly.  It wasn’t proofread by anyone because, well, I’m at work :/ and THIS IS ALL NEW TO ME PLEASE BE GENTLE I HOPE YOU LIKE OMG OK BYE

*runs away screaming, waving arms wildly in the air*

Beca is not what you would call a “club” kind of person.  In fact, she is not even an “interacting with people socially for fun” kind of person, to be honest.  But here she is at a club on a Saturday night, surrounded by strangers and too loud music that she has better mixed versions of at home all because the Bellas wanted to celebrate their graduation and win at Worlds.  They wanted to have one last night on the town as Bellas.

She couldn’t fault them for wanting to spend a night together in celebration and memory of their time together, it’s just that she would have chosen something less…well, just less. But they are her “sisters” and all that jazz and so, there you have it.  

Leaning back against the bar, drink in her hand, she surveys the crowd seeking out her friends. She spots Fat Amy and Bumper tangled together in such a way that she isn’t sure if they are wrestling or dancing but knowing those two, it could be both, at the same time. Stacie seems to be surrounded by half of the men there and every time she levels one of the unsuspecting men with her chiseled features and perfectly sculpted eyebrows you could almost see them sway on the spot.

Over to one side of the bar see could see Emily and Benji sharing their shy smiles and awkward laughs. They were standing with Aubrey and Jesse who were clearly engaged in their own conversation and boy, was that a pairing she did not see coming.  However, when she stops to think about it she finds she is really not that surprised. They compliment each other well, she thinks, finding that Aubrey seemed a lot tamer with him at her side and she hadn’t seen Jesse that giddy in years. They were good for each other and she was truly happy for them.

Laughter carried over the dancing throngs and brought her attention to the middle of the crowd to find the rest of the Bellas smiling and having, what looked to be, a great time. She smiled to herself as she watched her friends all throughout the club enjoying themselves in each other’s company. Though she isn’t one to get sappy and all that nonsense, she did have to admit that she really was going to miss this group of people.  These last 4 years were undoubtedly the best years of her life. However she would deny such a thing if asked directly as she could not have everyone just knowing these things about her. She had a reputation to protect, of course.

She was pulled out of her musings by a strong voice at her shoulder, making her jump and nearly spilling her drink. “Hey beautiful.”

“Jesus,” she mumbled, looking down to see if she had in fact spilled any of her drink and turned to the man leaning unnecessarily close to her right. “Hi,” she answered, trying her best to keep the annoyance from her face.

“So, I haven’t seen you around here before.  You come here often?” she could feel his hot breath near her face, could smell the cheap whiskey. Closing her eyes for a moment against the assault on her senses, she tries not to visibly cringe.  

“Seriously, dude? That’s what you’re going with? Wow, okay.” and she couldn’t help the eye roll that followed as she turned her head away from his roaming gaze.

She closed her eyes and released a heavy sigh when she heard him start to speak again but opened them quickly when she heard him cut off by a familiar voice. “Hey babe!”

Chloe was standing in front of her, skin slightly flushed from dancing and she was leaning into Beca, her hand on the bar behind her, pressing her body into Beca’s side.  Taken aback by the sudden appearance and close proximity of her friend, she found herself just blinking at the red-head before her.

Looking between Beca and the looming figure next to her, Chloe raised her eyebrows and smiled wide, “Everything okay, babe?”

The feel of Chloe’s chest pressed against her arm distracts her momentarily but she soon finds her voice. “Ugh, yeah…No, um…This guy here was just trying to hit on me using some pickup lines he found on the internet,” nodding towards the man next to her.

“Mmmm, well we can’t have that now, can we honey?” says Chloe, leaning a little more into Beca at the last word.  

Beca was thoroughly confused. Why was Chloe calling her honey and why was she leaning all over her? She looks from her friend to the man next to her and notices his ogling has intensified and it is directed solely at Chloe. Brow furrowed, she turns back to Chloe who was looking at her expectantly. And like someone had flicked a light-switch on, everything finally clicked. “Oh. Oh!”

Chloe smiled down at her, running her hand down Beca’s arm to take the drink out of the hand between them, moving it to the other so she could slide Beca’s arm around her waist, pulling them closer together. Beca watches it all play out in what feels like slow-motion.

“Oh, so you guys are together? Nice. That’s hot,” came the slurred voice of the man.

“Gee, thanks. That’s exactly what we were going for,” she responded in monotone, turning a slack face to look at him and she heard Chloe giggle beside her.

“You guys ever thought about a threesome? I mean, I’m totally down if you are!” he exclaims drunkenly.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” she grumbled loudly as she stood quickly, the action bringing her body closer to Chloe’s.

Placing her drink on the bar she reaches for Chloe’s hand and starts to move away from the man when he reaches out to grab her arm, “Where you goin’?”

Wrenching her arm from his grasp, she grips tighter to Chloe’s hand as she makes her way towards the dance floor, shouting over her shoulder without a backward glance, “I’m going to dance with my lesbian girlfriend. Alone!”  

In her anger at the man’s blatant idiocy she hadn’t thought past storming off so when she reached the edge of the dance floor she came to an abrupt halt that caused Chloe to crash into the back of her.

Moving to stand in front of her, Chloe raises her eyebrows in question, “What’s wrong? I thought we were going to dance!”

Beca stood there with her arms crossed and could feel the annoyance still painting her face as she stared out at the dancing crowd. “I only said that to get us away from that dumbass,” she growls.

Chloe glances over Beca’s shoulder, “Well, he’s still watching. In fact,” she added, leaning in, “I think he is about to try and join us.”  

Her stomach drops and she can feel her ire building at the thought of another encounter with the man. Just as she made to look behind her to locate the jerk Chloe’s hands went to either side of her face, bringing it back around to within inches of her own. “Don’t look, silly! Come on, guess this means we are going to have to dance after all,” with a slow wink and smile she take Beca’s hand, pulling them out onto the dance floor to the middle of the crowd.

Beca is many things but a dancer is not one she would write on her list. Yes, she can learn a routine for their performances but they are just that, routines. She does not enjoy dancing and as a rule, makes a point to avoid it at all costs if it is not mandatory and very well-rehearsed. But all her protests fall on deaf ears as she is dragged further into the crowd before Chloe finally stops, turning quickly. Beca can’t help running into her at the sudden change and reaches out to grab Chloe’s arms to keep from knocking her over. “Jesus, Chlo!”

She now finds herself face to face with Chloe who is very much at ease with the idea of dancing, as she should since it is her area of expertise, so to speak. And Chloe isn’t just good at dancing, she is an excellent dancer. On more than one occasion she has caught herself admiring just how well the girl can move her body seamlessly to any rhythm. Chloe must have read the panic in her face because she took her wrists, pulling her closer and leaning in, “You’re going to do fine, Becs. Don’t worry, you won’t really even have to move, I’ll just dance on you okay? Just follow my lead, babe.”

Oh yes, because the idea of Chloe moving her body against hers is such a calming thought. Not. She tries one more time to get out of this, “Are you sure he’s still watching?”

Chloe doesn’t break eye contact but just lets a slow smirk play across her lips, “He’s still watching.” And that should have been Beca’s first clue. But as the music changed from a fast-paced song to that of a more sensual nature, she found herself far too preoccupied for clues.

The first few notes hit the air as Chloe rests her arms on Beca’s shoulders and begins to move her hips to the rhythm. Beca recognizes the song now and finds that her mouth is suddenly very dry. She swallows as The Weeknd’s voice cuts the air.

You make it look like it’s magic (oh yeah)

‘Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you


Chloe let’s her arms slide slowly down Beca’s shoulders to her elbows and pulls their bodies flush together, “Becs you’re gonna have to do better than that if we’re going to convince him you want me.” And the smile she gives her seems downright devious, but she is powerless to fight it as she brings Beca’s hands around to place them firmly on her swaying hips.

This shouldn’t be too hard. She could hold Chloe’s rolling hips for one song, right? No sooner had she thought this then she felt Chloe’s hands trail slowly up her arms before turning her body around and backing up into Beca, lifting her arms to rest around Beca’s neck, hands in her hair, never stopping the movement of her hips.

It was a though someone had struck a match inside of her, the fire spreading through her veins like gasoline. She could hear nothing but the music. Feel nothing but Chloe. And every word of the song was sung in the rolling of Chloe’s body against hers.

So I'ma care for you, you, you

I'ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah


‘Cause, girl, you’re perfect

You’re always worth it

And you deserve it

The way you work it

'Cause, girl, you earned it (shit)

Girl, you earned it, yeah


Rocking her hips back into her, Chloe moves a hand to the back of Beca’s neck, pulling her face down to rest against her own and runs one hand slowly down her own body. Beca watches the decent with rapt attention, lips slightly parted as she tries to remember to keep breathing but finding she can’t quite recall how to do that at the moment. She feels Chloe’s hand cover her own at her hip, taking it with her as she trails it slowly up across her stomach, between breasts to her chest.

“Fuck,” she heard herself breathe out in Chloe’s ear. “Ugh… So… So I think… that..,” she closes her eyes, clears her throat and tries again. “I think the guy probably gets it now, maybe?”

She found her voice trailing off when Chloe began to guide Beca’s hand further up her chest to her throat, letting her head fall back, pressing her lips in the shell of her ear and purrs, “There’s really only one way to be sure.”

On that lonely night

We said it wouldn’t be love

But we felt the rush

It made us believe it was only us (only us)

Convinced we were broken inside (shit), inside (shit)


Turning in her arms she makes sure Beca’s hand trails down her body as she does and places her hands just above Beca’s breasts, searching her face. She feels Chloe’s hand slide up her chest, along her neck and into hair to the back of her head, pulling it forward, and leans to just a breath away from her lips.

It was as though every single nerve-ending in Beca’s body was supercharged. Every caress, every press of Chloe’s ass into her as she rolled her hips to the beat was sending a charge of electricity through her and making her brain tingle. Her fingers twitch at Chloe’s hips and she licks her lip as her gaze found crystal blue eyes whose pupils were currently shot as they stared at Beca’s parted lips.

Allowing herself to react on instinct and ignore the anxiety littering her thoughts, she grips at Chloe’s hip and pulls her tight against her, a small gasp leaving Chloe’s lips to brush across her face. Her heart is racing faster than she thought was humanly possible and briefly closes her eyes to try and steady it, but to no avail.  When she opens her eyes she finds Chloe looking at her, skin flushed and breathing shallow.

For a moment they just stare into each other’s eyes as they sway to the music, the noise of the crowd completely drown out around them. Beca covers the short distance between them to lightly capture Chloe’s lips with her own and she hears Chloe’s breath hitch, fueling her on.  She deepens the kiss, tentatively at first, and then feeling Chloe lean into the kiss she swipes her tongue against soft lips. Chloe’s sharp intake of breath coupled with her responding with a sweep of her tongue to meet Beca’s sends a rush like lava through her to pool low in her gut, pushing her to slide her hands under the hem of Chloe’s shirt and run trembling fingers against warm skin, causing the hand in her hair to fist briefly before it moves to cup her jaw.

As the music wound down and faded out Chloe pulled back from the kiss, resting her forehead against Beca’s. Both stayed there for a moment with their eyes still closed as they tried to steady their breathing.  Chloe was the first to speak, and Beca slowly opened her own eyes to meet the bright blues staring heavy-lidded back at her, “Shit.”

Beca couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her at that, “I think that’s the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing you cuss, Chlo!”

Still recovering from the moment, Chloe smiled weakly, eyes never leaving her lips even as Beca had thrown her head back to laugh.  She traces her fingers across Beca’s lips while pulling her own bottom lip between her teeth. “Well you earned it,” she answered breathlessly.


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So I was wondering, how do you think the underswap crew would dance?


Since everything’s swapped, well, let’s match dances according to their personalities, shall we?

Pap: Hip hop (This was a given.)
Sans: He’s so cute in this one, I feel like he could be latin too, but I’m getting another vibe. I’m going with several ballroom dances: Jive, Swing, Foxtrot, and Chacha. I can imagine him doing the cossack dance too, if that isn’t enough already, haha.
Undyne: Dances to JPOP/KPOP vids
Alphys: Something…stompy. Perhaps stepping/step dancing.
Mettaton: Swing
Napstabot: He screams hip hop. I think he loves to break dance more than anything.
Muffet: Can dance with her roller skates. She also does something elegant, like ribbon dancing.
Grillby: First thought: tapdancing. He could also do something like the Jive, or quickstep. Anything with fast leg movements.
Burgerpants: Jive, but I’m getting a line dancing vibe??
Nicecream guy: Yup, still interpretive dance.
Royal family is still waltz.
Ghosts are still swing.

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((This is a weird question, but why don't you like that girl on okcupid?))

That is @killaidanturner and we are irl friends. We are friends whose relationship is built on trashing each other constantly both online and irl. It’s pretty beautiful and freeing actually and I 1000% recommend everyone get a buddy where you two mutually drag each other for filth in the most affectionate manner. It helps when you know where the line is with friends. Alaina and I don’t seem to have one tho. It’s great.

She is rpf shipper trash with shit shipping opinions who screams too much and yelled at a theater that we were dating. Also she’s a legit sweet person who lowkey wants all her friends to be happy.

But also she said she’s gonna name a roach after me so tbh she can choke and die on a phallic object of her choosing.

I really hope no one gets mad at Jaune

If I heard someone close to me, screaming out like that….I would turn around see what was going on too. Not only that, but Cinder is kinda overpowered (one half of a maiden at that point) and there was really no way he could have stopped her even if he was looking. She would have simply shot him with an arrow and took aim at Amber before he could even get the word out most likely. 

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Yo! Love this blog and your sassiness. Love that you tore that anon a new one for talking shit about your friend, theredvelvetheart! Love that she reblogged it and I like that you guys spaz about Spaleb with your back and forth. I went through this blog like a creeper and I just love this blog! Gotta say, kinda shippin' you and Tumblr user theredvelvetheart. I've gone through her blog a lot too, and both of you are sassy AF



we can reach the constellations | jessika pava/rey; 3k

“What’s he like?” Jess asks. The question is rushed, frantic. “What’s Luke Skywalker like?”

Rey does a double take. A TIE fighter screams overhead while a platoon of stormtroopers advance on their position in the rock quarry, and the question posed is not one she’s expecting. Who would care about Luke Skywalker’s disposition in the middle of a firefight? “Fine,” she blurts out, mostly because she’s at a loss on what else to say. “He’s – great.”


Jess, Rey, and a mission that draws them inexplicably together.

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You know what one of the most heartbreaking things about this episode was? How Sabine blamed herself for Hera getting hurt. Sabine probably went over and over in her head how things could have been different. And it shows how Sabine really cares and trusts her space parents now too. Like holding Hera's hands for example. We've never seen Sabine do that before. But she did it twice in this episode.

sabine seeing hera’s limp body in what was left of her ship and screaming for help absolutely killed me

but I love seeing an entirely different side of her come out when her family is in danger, that girl’s got passion and it’s not just for bright colors and badass explosions



Watching “Recovery Road” right now...

It actually looks like it will be pretty good. It’s on Monday nights so I’m watching the first episode now and the next aired tonight.  It’s on the channel formerly known as ABC family, now Freeform.

Features a biracial black girl, Maddie who who has to go to rehab for 90 days for alcoholism.  

The imdb description is: Centers on Maddie, a party girl and a highly functioning addict who makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a rehab facility, while facing the daily pressures of her teenage life. 

There are some familiar faces in the cast too. Sharon Leal as Maddie’s Mom.I like how Sharon is playing her mom because she’s not a stereotypical screaming verbally abusive black mom. Kyla Pratt (from One-on-One) and Daniel Franzese (From Mean Girls) as fellow patients in rehab. 

She has a boyfriend on the outside but also a love interest on the inside in recovery as well. 

I’m going to stick with it for a few episodes and see how it goes.  Check it out!

I have a headcanon that Stars a lil forgetful..

Marcos always gotta check if she’s eaten or not sometimes because she’ll even forget 2 do that if she gets too distracted w/ magic and whatnot 

He screams one day and is like “WHY IS THE kITCHEN ON FIRE??”

“Oh yeah…I left a food in the oven a couple of hours ago! Haha”

I wanted to compare her to a rose; it just seemed like the right thing to do. But she was more than that; I think she knew it too.
She was sneaking out late nights in her daddy’s car,
2 AM at the beach, drunk and had drove too far.
She was tattoos and bad boys and always skipping class,
She was getting high, breaking rules, & screaming kiss my ass.
She was pale skin, black hair, and a crazy smile,
She was apologetic, confused, and can I stay a while?
She was piercings, loud music, and one more time,
She was stubborn, sly, tequila and lime.
She was sleepless, wild, and one more shot,
She was living fast so she would not rot.
I had a thing for girls like her,
They seemed to spin in an endless twirl.
She was a mystery I could not decipher,
She belonged to no one, and that’s why I loved her.


[here’s to the rebel in all of us]

I’ve been thinking…so you know how Miriel at a certain point wanted to leave Mandos and go back to Valinor, and Finwë had to forfeit all rights to rebirth so that she could return? Because he can’t be alive at the same time as two wives?

Well this started to sound like a too-complicated game of musical chairs, so I was thinking…what if while Miriel was out and about, she found herself another dashing elf man Glorfindel and married him, since her husband is dead forever and obviously it’s allowed.

Then somehow they all end up back in Mandos, and the Valar are just mind-boggled and they have no clue what to do with this foursome that has arisen. So they just shrug and are like “whatever guys, just…just do what you want…” and it becomes one big polyamorous relationship.

And you have Fëanor screaming in the background like “I DON’T WANT TO BE PART OF THIS FAMILY ANYMORE URGH”

Wouldn’t that be fun


(click for captions)

So YanDev says that by joining a club, you obtain an accessory that shows that you’re part of the club. So I ran around joining all the clubs that were available, 

So far, only three of them have visible ones, it seems: Photography, Martial Arts and Occult Club.

Also bonus Insane!Ayano because YanDev updated her too:

(looks like she’s rocking some killer eyeliner imo)